Monday, November 19, 2007

Hannah Montanna Tickets...Good Effin Luck

Ok, so my coworker has a 7 yr old little girl. Were online lookin for tickets to go see Hannah Montanna and people I sh!+ you not, these tickets are STARTING at 250 AND thats in the CHEAP SEATS...Im'a say that again, 250+ and thats in the cheap seats.

Now, I've watched the show with my nieces, and people I dont get the hype. Im not sayin ol' gal isnt worthy of it, (I Just left Vegas and happen to know for a fact some of them catz are over charging) but , she getting ticket prices up there wit the big boyz. Now, I'd pay 250+ for MJ, R-Kellz, Usher, Beyonce, Maroon-5(dont laugh) Justin, Janet, Jigga, and thats the list. But Hannah? Wow..

And peepz if you dont believe ol' gal aint pullin, Google search her name and ticket. After you pick your jaw up from off the ground, I'll still be here.. Incredible right? Somebody tell me what im missin.
You know whats funny about this, Billy Ray probably somewhere laughin his way all the way to the bank..Achy breaky was a one hit wander huh?? Yall all will see...


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