Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Roundup

Welcome back Peepz! What a weekend. First, I wanna say welcome to all my new readers and those who are benefitting from the black friday sales. Man, 42 inch hd flat screens going for 600 are worth 4am wakeups. (Im just sayin)

Anyway, for the football fan in you, Here's my 10 College and Pro things I learned in regards to that sport.

10. Darren Mc Fadden Is a Football Beast. That guy is pro ready, and man I wish the Texans would tank the season to get him. He anialated the LSU Defense all by himself.

9. Vince may wanna figure out a pass attack. People are talkin, and more then Hodge. Young will be many things, but if he cant figure out how to pass downfield, he will NOT be a NFL QB to much longer.

8. My barber has me convinced the Mizzou Tigers are for real. I didnt Dawanna believe him a first, but now, im starting to believe it. Oh, I 'll be a the big-12 Championship game, you can count on it

7. Dallas is playing the best football not named NE out there. To bad so many of us wont get to see them cdarve up Greenbay b/c the NFL want let Time Warner air the Cowboys Packers game.

6. 3-8 way to go Charlie Weis. The fighting Irish are definetly the hottest team in CFB now. 2 Straight wins vs. Duke and Stanford, watchout, this team is on the war path. Whats that, theyre not going to a bowl game, its a sham..

5. Memo to Bronco Special Team Coach, if a guy is known as a threat every time he touches the ball, you might not wanna kick to that guy. Check your John Madden, this guy is a 100 rated player. Duh...

4. Ding Dong Franchione's gone! And in his place it appears to be Texans OC and former GB Packers Head Coach Mike Sherman. Now, in Shermans defense, before Brett's demise errrr I mean talent drop off, he was money with him. Now he gets his chance to do it again.

3. Raven fan, its over. No more bus left for Ray Ray to throw people under. No more games where the d picks up the slack. Hang it up. Go out get a New Head Coach, Qb, and Left Tackle.

2. I hate Ohio St. Lemme get this straight. They dont have to play ANYBODY, and they can just creep into the big game assuming a Mizzou loss. How unfair is that? Its like your company promoting the guy who doesnt deserve it b/c they had to promote someone, and even though there was a guy qualified, he had a blip in his summary report, thus it nixed him from contention.

1. Giant fan, say it with me, Eli is David Carr. Dont kid yourself, it only makes you look dumb. I actually call him David-Eli Grossman. or Rex-Eli Carr.

On to Television

Anybody Catch Dexter? Im not even gonna spoil it for you, but know this, I say this alot, and often I know I tend to exaggerate, but DEXTER is whats hot right now. I dont even know where to begin, just know that Dexter, and SGT. Doakes are at the pennacle of there friendship now.

On to Food

Tksgiving gave to me fam. Dressing, Peach Cobbler, Ham, Turkey, and Pound Cake. I ate more, but those are some of the more prominent hilights. I gotta admit, I didnt eat as much as I normally would, but I tore down.

5 NBA Quick Shots.

5. The Celtics have are 11-1. You tell me the NBA isnt talent driven, I tell you, you need your glasses checked, and your head examined. The more talent you have, the better your chances are of winning. Doc aint changed nothing in his scheme. I can assure you that.

4. The Bulls are killin my boym E over at the boom. Talk about an overrated bunch of also rants. Its not looking good for coach Skyles. Memo to John Paxon, make the Koby deal. Do what ya gotta do, and make the deal. No ones untouchable.

3. Rocket fan, If ive said it before, I'll say it again and again, Trade Yao or go no where. A running offense, can do nothing with a non agile Big Man

2. D-Wade's back. Uh Oh...People, the one man wreckin crew is gonna figure it out, and when he does the East is gonna get served.

1. Dont look now, but the Spurs are playing Spurs ball. Tim Tony and Manu combine for 60+ a night. The only other team with 3 guys acting so freakish resides in Boston.


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