Friday, November 30, 2007

Old Skool Friday and My picks

Part of Me wanders if this Mariah and the Current Marih would be good friends?
This Mariah, was my teenage obsession. I still cant tell you her race, nor can I tell you if the outfit is a one piece stretchy thing or a shirt pants combo, but I can tell you this much, it worked for a tweeny named E back in the day.

College Picks

Karl Dorell needs the win, but USC going to the Rosebowl.

Navy over Army
Navy always has and always will OWN Army

Tenn Over LSU
Dont be surpprised if this happens. LSU is snakebit

Va Tech over BC
Matt Ryan may get exposed this game. These boys want payback!

Mizzou OVER Oklahoma

Mizzou shouldve won the first meeting. On a neutral field they should win. I'll be at this game. No fam, you wont be able to see me. (Im in the section where if you sneeze, you might faint)


Tenn over Hou
The Titans are in desperation mode. The Texans are now that team no one wants to play.

Car over SF
To bad teams, but SF has Alex Smith. He sucks

SD over KC
SD is stalling. This game they stop playing around and beat up KC

PHI over SEA
its in Philly SEA is a horrible road team

Miami OVER the Jets
I sure hope this doesnt happen, but Mia needs a win, and if they dont get it here, they wont get it anywhere.

CHI over NYG
Rule 1 dont kick to Hester. Rule 2 Dont let Eli slump. One of these is guarenteed to happen, and b/c of that, they will lose.

JAC over IND
Indy way to banged up to eak this one out. If Jac stays on there plan of run run run, they should control the clock and beat the colts

Cle over Ari
Cle is pushing for the playoffs . You gotta beat teams like this one along the way.

Min over Det.
He's Back. And he's gonna run all over that defense

Den over Oak
This rivalry use to highlight monday night. Now it just plain ole' sucks. Go with the Broncos.

STL over ATl
STL should destroy them

Buff Over Was
Skins will have heavy hearts and take there frustrations out on a depleted Bills team.

Pitt over Cin
Cin sucks on D . Pitt seems to own Cin. Esp at Hines field

NE over Bal.
Probably the LAST chance there is to stop the Undefeated record is this one. Expect it to be a blowout by halftime.


At 12:32 PM , Blogger tim said...

Stumbled across the blog and noticed your Buffalo pick didn't really reflect the statement. Did you mean Was over Buff?

Nice blog though. Check mine out at

At 12:15 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

I screwed that up, It should have been Skins over Buff. Tim, welcome and thanks for the catch ..Caught the blog, Lemme guess, youre a skins fan. (or Sean Taylor Fan) I really liked Sean, so much so, that weekly I would mention how I think he had every intention on crushing someone. As far as the team goes, Until they let the handcuffs go on JC, they wont go anywhere.


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