Friday, December 07, 2007

Sick as a Dog, But Here for you NFL and Random Thoughts

Peepz, I was so sick yesterday I couldnt even roll out of the bed. I dont know how to tell you the sickness that was in me, but I can tell you this much, it orignated in my kids daycare. I was told it was a Sinus (sic) Infection and these are common amongst kids and spread easily through them. Its when it gets to there parents is when you see the real problems. Fam, I love my son to death, but I wanted to makle him tap out for giving me this ish. I was useless yesterday.

Anyhow, Im a little better now. Well enough to go into a little random thought. I dont know if any of yall caugfht this story, but a 7 yr old little girld in Detroit Michigan, Alexia Parker, is my new hero. Get this, she took 7 shots in protection of her mom and is listed in stable condition. Apparently mommies exboyfriend decided he was tired of mommy, Alexia put her life on the line to ensure her mom would live. Incredible doesnt even begin to describe it. Im 29 and terrified of the concept of being shot. I will take a bullet for anyone in my family, but I cant tell you that at 7 I would still say the same. I may never meet Alexia, but if anyone of my Detroit people are reading this, let her know she has a big fan in San Antonio.

On to my NFL Picks..

Cin over Stl
On Turf Chad may have the Biggest numbers on Sunday

Tampa over Hou
Tampa Needs the Win. Hou cant play Spoiler. There to banged up

Dal over Detroit
Dal needs to shut up and play this game bad. Evidently Kitna said some "things" that were pointed at Brady james and Newman, now they want revenge.

Ten over SD
Its in Ten and they are pretty good at home. They crush the run and Phillip much like VY will be asked to beat you with his arm. Not good against this D.

Buff over Mia
I really want to go the other way on this one. But I did last week. I gotta beileve Buff doesnt want to be the 1 team that this team beats.

Jac over Car
Jac had the best running game out there. Garrard makes no mistakes and Car has under performed.

Sea over Ari
The Cardinals arent about to go into Seattle and win at one of the loudest places in the bizness.

Min over SF
No one wants to play Min. You'll see why come Sunday.

Cle over NYJ
This would be a trap game for CLE, but CLE needs to win to reamin eligible for the playoffs.

GB over Oak
If Brett starts or not, the D. of GB should hold the Raiders down

Den over KC
Den needs the win, and Herm cant beat this team.

Bal over Indy
Yep I called it. Bal over Indy. They are still fuming from Monday. Indy gets to feel the pain of that.

NO over ATL
Who cares , no one is going to watch, but fwiw, Chris Redman gets his chance.

BIG GAME of the Week
NE over Pit
NE played the game of there lives on Monday. They'll repeat that performance again. Pit loves to mix up the Blitz but that gaurentee is gonna kill them. The Pats are the WRONG team to guarentee anything on..Unless its a loss. (Remember the popcorn with TO..Thats all im sayin)

This is probably not safe for work, but this is my favorite hook from PIMP-C Ever..Sippin on some Sizzurp with his patna in crime Bun, wrecked. 3-6 Maffia I know had to be on some different ish when the reheard this track with James Jones and Bun on it.
Pimp has the very first verse and sets the tone for the entire track. Thats pretty much how he rolled. "I eat so much shrimp I got idine posinin"


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