Monday, December 10, 2007

Dont Ever bet against Floyd...Ever

A really good friend of mind who considers himself a pugilist analyst told me that the "SMART BET" was Ricky Hatton for the decision. He told me that when you look at the overall quality of work, you see 2 fighter's that on paper could be about as even as possible. Vegas will lean on Floyd, so if youre "SMART" you'll bet Hatton. No one will see it coming, Vegas is expecting the Floyd betters, and though there will be some from oversees rooting , and slamming down pounds for Hatton, buy and large the real money is with Floyd and a round.

You pick Hatton, youre golden. Period. Especially if you pick around. (Though Floyd has never hit the deck.) So my boxing buddy say's pick Hatton and the Decisison..I didnt do it fam. Largely because I didn plan on paying for the fight. The last 3 ppv's i've paid for did NOT hold up to expectaion. So I like many of you watched something else. My younger brother, who was at a fight party was to act as my offficial score keeper. ..He did a great job up until the KNOCKOUT.. Yep you guessed it, the KNOCKOUT..When I heard Hatton was kissing the canvas, it didnt come from my brother, it came from that budy who said "The smart Bet was to bet Hatton" ..Oh, and if youre wandering he BET 300 on Hatton. Cat was heated!!!! I was a little upest to, mostly b/c I didnt get to see it when it happened. Soon, my borther would call after the hype settled down from his fight party. It sounds like I missed a doozy!

I did learn a valuable lesson though, never ever bet against Floyd. I personally never have, and the 2 times I bet in his favor, he's cashed in to the tune of 3 free haricuts, and 100 bucks. My buddy who I ASKED to guess blog only had this to say " When everybody's betting for red, I always go the other way" . Dont get me wrong , when people bet that way, typically the payout is huge when it works. The problem is, there's a reason why the sure thing is well the sure thing. Theyt expect the suckers to bet more on the little guy. And that is where people like my bud in ____ get jobbed every time.


At 12:44 PM , Blogger P said...

Floyd is DA man. He just threw some money shots.

PS: I was in Chi-Town all last week being held hostage on businees/dinner meetings. But I'm back in full effect.

At 8:16 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

good to here from ya!

i got good people out in the chi..
really good fam and friends...Yeah floyd, is pound for pound the best cat punchin peoples face in right now...

At 5:34 PM , Blogger P said...

Chi is beautiful. Beautiful brick homes and food and the snow is beautiful


I'm a cali girl and I was colder than a witch's tit on Valentines Day.

That snow does NOTHING for my press and curl, and for me, I consider it a wasted visit because I didn't see.

- Jerry
- Oprah
- RKelly or any steppers
- MJ

That probably sounds like a stereotypical tourist but it's not different from folks asking me do I see Snoop Do Double G or any type of Drive By's.


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