Thursday, December 13, 2007

Roger Linked to Roids..Stand up For Barry Now..

My people..All my people..Today I ask that you call on your local sports radio, Sports Writers, Sports Reporters you name it to write there juciest, nastiest, straight from there gut article bashing Roger Clemens as the alleged Roided UP user he's been accused of being. It would only be fair to a certain 40 yr old smasher who set Baseball's homerun record this year and had all of that happen to him..

A simple Google of Barry Bonds will prove this..The time is now fam. The media has a way of buryin a story using the line "Im tired of hearing about this, or its old news" etc etc..However, the moment they can sink there teeth into one Barry Bonds, they all come of the top rope ready to crush him with there best shots. I want to see Rockets head on a pike right next to Barry's in the center of the Sports Time Square. He holds the alltime strikeout record, multiple winner of the cy-young award (the pitchers version of an MVP) and has world series rings he's earned while allegedly being under the inlfuence of the juice.

The judge and jury in the Court of Public Opinion have slammed the gavel on one Barry Bonds. I surely hope that when it comes to Mr. Clemens, the deliberation required to accuse this man of being a juicer last about as long as the flavor in a piece of Super Bubble..

Let the fire burn!


At 5:32 PM , Blogger P said...

Guess that's why he could still compete even with the bloody sock.

You won't dare hear as much about him as you do about Barry, though, just like you won't hear as much about the Tour De France guy as you will hear about Marion Jones.

You know the deal.

At 7:08 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

wrong cat with the bloody sock (even though in a bit of irony, bloody sock cat is givin nothin but hete to Roger

Roger, is gettin roasted in the Media, I suspect Barry somewhere lhao!


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