Friday, December 14, 2007

Picks, and The Steroid Aftermath,

I guess its about that time again fam to drop you all my NFL picks of the week...We got a minute before I get back into my college picks, bu dont worry, I'll break down all those sure fire a$$ Kickings soon...


Cin over SF

Im picking against SF the rest of the year

Ten over KC

Ten needs every single win they can find

Bal over Mia

This is Mia's only shot to win. Ray, Ed and Chris know that...Oh, and them catz from Mia on Bal always shine when the come home..

NE over NYJ

Snow is currently preventing this from becoming the blowout it should be..Nevertheless take the pats + the points...

Cle over Buf.

Cle is the new new team that no one expected to do anything.

Sea over Car

Whoever it is at QB for Car will not bold well against this D.

NO over ARI

When in doubt , chose the home team

TB over ATL

I could coach TB to a win over this sad bunch..Oh, and Bobby, good for you..I can promise you, if you were getting fired, all the people calling you out wouldnt be lining up to feed your family..

STL over GB

GB might get exposed in this one

PIT over JAC

PIT has to make someone pay for Pat embarrasment

IND over OAK

Peyton might not return to the game after the first in this one.

SD over DET

Phillip will look great vs. this secondary

Dal over Phi

Boy does TO love playin this bunch. Dont be surprised if he gets his eagle on a couple times in this game

NYG over WAS

Eli will win it in the forth is gettin old..expect a blowout

Min over Chi

AP needs redemption, who better then this sad group to rush for a grip against..

Day 2 of the Mitchell REPORT fallout and im still coming to grips with it all. Look, I wanna be clear to all of yall, if I was told, I could get a 100% Pay raise from my current salary, and all I had to do was take a pill, i'd jack you for your pills as I was chokin down mine. Just do me a favor be men about yours..Barry been gettin it from day one, and know that the bulb is on some of yall, its run and hide time..PULLLEAAZZZE.......
As im typin this, I just heard David Justice comeout, no lawer just him, and defend himself...Thats exactly what im talking about. Man up, dont hide . FP Santelo, big props to you for manning up ...

I dont wanna hear fomr attorney's, I want you out there defending your honor. Oh and if youre a member of the media..Give it up..We know yall dont wanna come down on Rocket, but he much like Barry is being acused and the smoking gun is about as absolute as one could have.


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