Friday, January 04, 2008

Beyonce, J-Hud, and Whitney, Meet Charice....

Can you imagine walkin up in Church bowin your head, hearing this voice, lookin up and seeing this????? Gooooood Night! People for those of you slow on this like me, meet Charice Pempengco

Now before my head is cut off , and carried down Main Street and piked in Central Square, LISTEN to this little girls rendition of I am Telling You, then when youre done, Directly below this post check out her remake of Listen....If you need further proof of her gangsta, Youtube her name Charice Pempengco and check out some more of her gully..After youve done all that and LISTENED, tell me that im not the only one who just witnessed what my ears cant speak the truth to say....Oh, and she's barely 12..My goodness...Flip world, stand up....Rep ya gal....

If ya ask me, her doing Whitney Is probably the best of the bunch, but what do i know...


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