Friday, December 21, 2007

Jamie Lynn's Not That Innocent...

Oops a Spears is pregnant again. This time though, its NOT Britney. Jaime Lynn (16) the younger sister of Britney Spears and Star of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101 apparently was walking down the street tripped and stood up pregnant.

It happens I guess. Teen pregnancy is a big problem in this country..HUGE. As a parent, one of my biggest fears is to have my son come home one day and tell me that he infact got someone knocked up. So getting the obligatory public service announcement out of the way, here's my question what happens next to the future teen mom?? Can we safely assume that her career at Nickelodeon is over? Nothing beats having the star of your favorite kid show expecting.

Now to be fair to Jamie Lynn, its life, and at 16 I WAS very much "active." Kids are kids. It would be way to naive to assume that teenagers arent involved someway in sex. I guess the real issue know is how does she plan to embrace motherhood. Big sis has already LOST custody of her crumb snatchers, we can only hope that JL is a little more responsible.


At 5:30 PM , Blogger P said...

I think the bigger issue that needs to be address is exactly where was the parental control in all of this. That doesn't mean to say that parental control won't cause some type of teenage pregnancy. That only means that I believe that she lived with this guy, and because she became the primary breadwinner after Britney started being all weird, I think that her mother gave her way more rope than she should have.

I say her mom because I heard that her dad was vehemently against his namesake living with a dude.

Mistakes can happen. I mean, how many guys and girls can we remember in high school who got caught up in this mess.

I could go on and on with this, because I look at these celebrities, and the children of celebrities, and with the exception of a few (Donald Trump's) children, for one, they seem to have no boundaries, and thirst for more and more. And with an abundance of finances at their disposal, They are idle, with nothing to do but drink and screw.

At 7:05 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

you know whats really sad, is know were finding out that dude apparently isnt the real dad..Evidently the Baby dad is a grown as producer on the show...(mid to late 20's)

gotta really bite at mom...I think Lynn spears will never get that parenting book published...It would be like Paris's mom puttin out a book...


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