Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year Run Down!

Happy New Year !

Peepz welcome back to the Big Blog! Kiddin, seriously, I cant begin to tell yall how much Ive been looking forward to bloggin for yall. New Years, I was pretty much clamped down on my couch watching TV, and I had a couple of deadlines I had to stay ahead of at work. Done with those peepz.
For the Fellas, Above is a photo of Christina Millian recently finishing a photoshoot in MIA..For the ladies, dont worry, i plan on postin the male equivillant soon....Im fair.....

Here's the Rundown for yall..

It appears Ya boy was Dead on about the celtics 27-3, yeah thats Gangsta! Oh and Rocket fan, I said this before, and I 'll say it again, Trade Yao or TMAC or go no where..

College Football
Hawaii, until you can schedule grown men, you get to remain at the Kiddy table. No big piece of chicken for you, thats for daddy. You get the drumstick.


The Wire
Only 4 More days till The Wire. I cant stress it enough, the best show on TV.

Law and Order and SVU
Both made there returns, and both are suffering from the Writers Strike Bad! They made me really appreciate the Bowl season.


Caught I am Legend. Here's the rundown, It starts off about as suspensful as any movie ive seen, but ut fizzles out towards the end, and the finale is way to predictable. Will Smith stars as a Scientist who is the only Human remaining from an outbreak of rabies that takes 80% humanity.
Unfortunatly, he's hunted by zombies who want his healthy blood.
3 out of 5 stars.


At 5:22 PM , Blogger P said...

NOT HATIN. . .That's a great picture for her and I'm sure will cause many of tents in the beds of men.

Anyway, just wanted to say hey and happy new year. I haven't been commenting because the CSS (corporate slave ship) has blocked blogger at my job. Who do they think they are! LOL. No worries, I'm trying to jam from that place real soon. Missing your posts very much.

I'll be black, and don't call it a comeback!

At 6:53 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

Happy new year!
same here believe it or not..With my laptop in the shop, and my home pc on its last breathe, I gotta do a majority of bloggin at work..They "TRY" to suspend access to here, yahoo, and hotmail, so I sneak in and blog there..

Dont worry, i'll be bloggin on a constant soon..P, law and order and SVU are really letting me down this year... :(


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