Friday, December 21, 2007

My Yearly Awards Continued..

Without Further Adieu, here's all of my Yearly Awards for 2008

Female Artist of the Year
Hard to argue against her. Mary J and A Keyes were a verrry close second. As to was Kiesha Cole.

Male Artist of the Year
Justin Timberlake.
Yeah say what you want to about the guy, but this year he not only brought sexy back, but you saw him with 50, TI and everybody else. Akon, and T-pain are a respectul second and third.

Rapper Of The Year
It was tough for me to go against Kanye and 50, but in the end I chose the guy who showed you that no matter what, a hot CD can come through anytime he wants to. Kanye wouldve got this award, but J was much more stronger in my opinion. 50 didnt wow me.

Song Of the Year
T-Pain feat Young Joc
Buy you a Drank
Its a pretty hot effin track. Number 2 Bartender T-pain feat Akon

Athlete of the Year
Roger Federer
Dude is the Michael Jordan of Tennis. 3 Grand Slam titles warrants that. Its like winning 3 Super Bowls. Oh and Good luck catching this guy on Clay. He can go into it blindfolded with one hand, and as long as its on a hard surface, he's crushing you.

Runner Up
LeBron James. He only took a no nothing Team to the NBA Finals. Take him off that team, and there a lottery picker.

Team of the Year
Florida Gators Basketball Team.
This team simply dominated every one they played in the March Madness classic. They had the ability to beat you from every asset. Speed, 3 pointers, defense and Downlow pressence.

Runner Up
2007 Boston Redsox. Down 3-1 to Cleveland they came back AGAIN, and won.

Salty Dog of the Year
Michael Vick.

Yes all he did was fight dogs. But in doing so he hurt his team by being suspended the entire year. His suspension lead to the coaches resignation, and the and the owner scrambling around to replace him with whoever. Vick though he probably got unjustly prosecuted, killed his team with this selfish act.

Runner Up
Any and everyone included on the Mitchell Report.

TV actor of the Year Drama
Michael C.Hall Dexter
Im'a just say this, if you havent seen Dexter by now, then go TIVO, ON DEMAND, or whatever you have to do go watch this. He makes serial Killing seem ok.

Runner Up
Bill Paxton Big Love.
THIS SHOW gets no love b/c it comes on in the Summer against Sorprano's. Regardless of that he makes polygamy tolerable.

Female Actor of the Year
Emily Procter CSI Miami
She's very underrated in this Dept. The Mariska Hartigay award should go to her b/c on that show, outside of the lead detective, she's the most recognizable charater.

Runner Up
N/A...This is a very week list.

Comedy Male
Steve Carell The Office.
This guy steps his game up every year.

Runner UP
Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan 30 Rock

Comedy Female
Tina Fey 30 Rock
Its kinda unfair to give this award to her, b/c the entire cast should win it. Despite all that, she is the glue that makes the show work. Her witt and ability to make any situation in the show side splitting, has made this a must watch. If you ever get a chance catch the Halloween Party episode. Her best work.

Runner Up
Mary Louise Parker WEEDS.
If you count the U-Turn Drama and her kid thinking his very dead dad is alive, all in shes handling things quite nicely.

Comedy of the Year
30 Rock
Best cast out there. They make Team work fun.

The Wire

Best Place I visited this Year
Uh...Vegas....People if youve never been there, what the hell is your excuse?? Gully has a name, and thy name is Las Vegas.

Well thats my condensed list for the year. Im sure some of you might disagree, and some of you might think im slice bread. All and all, I think the selections were more then fair.


At 12:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats up homey? this is Demetrio man I know its a late entry but that new scarface has that american gangsta beat hands down go get that for all who haven't heard it

At 8:57 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

its never to late..i peeped some of the new face..I like it..But if im being fare, to the untrained Face ear, they wont know that it sounds alot like some face of old.

I give the joint a 4 (keep in mind my biased) out of 5.

man, how are you and the fam?

At 5:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

and Boom goes the dynamite!

At 5:25 PM , Blogger P said...

See you'z my boy but I gots to bang on you real quick.

Justin Timberfake: Whatever. Prince said he didn't know sexy went away. Plus, he lost his black card and YOU KNOW WHEN.

CSI: Bootleg show. You usually be on POINT with your STUFF. Do you have to lose some cool points, smoothie. Watch a REAL crime show with no special effects, mkay?

That is all. I'm BLACK!

At 6:58 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


I didnt give CSI Miami any props..Just the Lead female actress..She was good this year..And as far as Non comedies go, I honestly couldnt find a woman in a lead role doin it any better..

As far as J Timberlake. Same problem// T-Pain probably shoulda won..I know its eassssy to hate J-Tim, but I gotta give him props...

You know how I feel about Beyonce, trust me, that wasnt easy...


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