Friday, December 21, 2007

People One Word A million Meanings VOTE!!!!

I planned on taking a survey as far as what the issue of the year is. Then I thought, you know what, its your blog, you dictate this issue and go with it. Without further adieu I give you all my serious issue of the year. VOTING.


Next year signifies the end of an era. An era that saw A US Battleship get attacked, NY DC, and to a lesser extent PA get terrorized, An entire City get submerged underwater and fail to recieve the crititcal support it needed in a timely fashion, a war START in Afghanistan, and Continue into Iraq, The US Dollar Plummit, The Housing Market Crumble, The price of gas shoot up 60 cents, At my very unofficial count at least 10 top aides resign to include the Top Lawyer, and CIA agent, and finally, a war that seems to never end.

People this is what 8 yrs of Bush got you. And before you say, ah man that stuff woulda happened regardless, well think about this. In 2000 when W. won the first time, he did so while losing the Popular vote. (US the people wanted Gore) .It wasnt until a rigged (my words ) Florida election proved that W. indeed pull it off. In 2004 when he was up for President again, it appeared he was losing again and depending on who you ask, if a recount were instituted, he very well might have.

All, that aside people, geton the grid. (Some of you very well know what that means) Voting will not kill you. Not voting will. If you want your voice heard, and you want change, people you gotta get your opinion on who you want to lead expressed.

If youre someone who opposes the war, then vote that way. If youre someone who wants your money to stay in your pocket, and not go somewhere else b/c pf a tax hike, vote that way. Dont let this election go by next year without registering.

The canidate pool is strong on both sides. You have people on one side who want little to know change while staying the course. You have people one one side who have made plans to start implementing immeadiate changes. The Baskin Robbin style secection should cover almost anything you can imagine.

In 2008 I want all my peolpe out there voting. If we can do this, all the Jena-6's dog fighting, Va Tech Shootings, Knooses, Nappy Headed Ho's , Gay Bashing, Steroid taking, Confessed Cheating, and grotesque sexual misconduct in airports can somehow be affected and pushed to change. If not , then expect more of the same.



At 5:27 PM , Blogger P said...

I do think that whatever happens, everything happens in a sequential order.

White Folks
People of color.

With that said, I think that Hillary might get the democratic nod, but if she doesn't well, then I'll jump out of a cake. Depending on everybody's personal taste, it might either titillate or terrify you.

At 7:01 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

I honestly have no idea whom im voting for..I do know this though, Whoever the person I do place my vote for is, they will have a plan to get peepz home...Bush lost his mind..


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