Monday, January 07, 2008

Dude' Fillet's Wife, Obama Leads, and The Roundup


Apparently my wife wasnt the only one who thought Rihanna got jobbed on my annual awards. Umbrella was a chart topping track, that im sure would give this current A. Key's track a solid run. Its just when put up against Upgrade Ya' I dont know. And Rehab, dont even get me started ..Still Ri, did her thang...

If you need further proof that crazy has no Color, peep the BRUTHA WHO KILLED his girlfriend in Tyler Texas, then decided he was going to start eating her..Literally...Dude apparently started to Fillet her and started boling body parts on the stove. Its waaayy to early for man of the year, but welcome to the canidate section homie...

If you caught the debate over the weekend, you saw Hillary do her best mud slinging in quite a while. I personally am not a fan of it, but you gotta do what you gotta do when youre trailing. To quote, John Edwards, "when you (Hillary) was in the lead, it was about the politics and not personal attacks. Now, that youre trailing, its about the mud."


Jamie Lynn, im guessing you dont want Big Sis to be the God mother to your baby huh? Big sis was at it again on Thursday getting her kid's snatched up from her and being rushed to the ER, for what looks like an incident involving alcohol. Damn, there went the shared baby photo.

The Wire made its Season Premiere last night, and damn if I spoil it for you. Lemme just give you the tone of the show. It appears city hall is broke. DEAD BROKE, so much so that they are cutting cost everywhere in the Police Dept. Baltimore Police Dept. (BPD) is the most undermanned and overworked in the country, and now there not earning OT, so tensions are high. Mayor Carcetti will not deal with the feds to shave spending, and Im willing to bet you all that soon Dirt will appear on alot of the BPD's hands. Hey, we all gotta eat. As far as the streets go, Marlow is at it again. The east side is open for grabs, and Marlow does not seem intersted in sitting on his hands and letting old skool types come up on a very popular B-more area.
I almost forgot, the Lie Detector at the begining, laugh if you wanna, but Cops do indeed do that, and brutha's fall for it every single time.
4 Star Premiere. (based on 5 pt. scale)

Desperate Housewives was back as well from the holidays, and I dont intend to spoil it for you either. Here's my very naked rundown. The tornado didnt take as many lives as we thought, Carlos may be seeing things alot more differently then he use to, and someone's on the move off Wysteria Lane.

Roider was apparently a guest of Wallaces on 60 minutes last night. I caught none of it. Its simple to me,
when your Best Friends admits to it, the guy who started all this say's he's had open conversations with you about it, and your trainer who admits he doped up all the people Radmonski, and Bonds Trainer didnt get to, well that to me spells guilt.

Video Games
Simple John Madden question, If the Patriots run the table, on the 09 Madden should he lock them up? I mean running the table should g et you a 100 rating right? The last team to do so is locked, and can only be unlocked with a special code. It would only be fair John


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