Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I sure Hope the Giants Go All The Way!!!

So like many people who go on vacation , I get back home to riffle through my 53 unread emails and as you might expect I got a couple of my regulars who may have had an issue with a prediction or two that I made on the blog. No more so then all the Giants fan's that came and obliterated my inbox.

Let me set the record straight..I have alway's thought the Cowboy's were the BEST of the worst in football. By that I mean it doesnt matter who the NFC trots out there, as long as the COLTS, CHARGERS , and that team in New England who by the way has YET TO LOSE A GAME reside in the AFC, odds are , the SUPERBOWL champ would have also captured the AFC. Lets face it, thats the REAL SUPERBOWL the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP....When's the last time an NFC Team won anything before and after Tampa? Yup you guessed it, gas face.....

But, thats all besides the point. Today, I wanna reach out to the 5 of yall catz who now wanna tell me that " That Patriots game yall wasnt even playin full speed, " and " you cant beat us twice " Well, Giants fan, I sure hope yall can cash that chip in. First, though let me remind yall of who yall catchin, and where yall catchin them at.

Giants vs. Packers Preview..

Typically, I'd hold such a preview off till Friday, or maybe even Saturday for my small amount of weekenders, but what the hell, why not today.


Eli vs. Brett


Its really not even close when you think about it. Brett will be at home on Lambeau with screamin fans watching him play his last home game. Expect him to take comeplete advantage of a Giants Secondary depleted with injury. Eli's deal with the devil is about to expire real soon when faced against not only the elements of freeze, but also the Tackle happy Linebacker corpz in GB...

Running Game

Adv. Giants..

I'll take Jacobs and Bradshaw right now over Grant and whomever. But, that doesnt mean it'll matter in the end. this figures to be a low scoring affair, and if the Giants are smart, they'd keep Jacobs out there until his feet fell off. Let him bruise and you might have a chance.

WR Game

Adv Packers

These guy's have the advantage of playing on the nastiest turf in the NFL 8 times a year . There' speed is already factored in, and oh by the way, it alway's helps to be facing 3rd stringers.



Both D's have overwhelming advantages that cancel out. The weather will help both D's look like the Ravens and its gonna boil down to who wants this one more and who can avoid punishment.

The Giants have a front four you wont stop if there blitzing an additional 2 with. The Packer's have the best LB'S left in the Playoffs. They can get out and cover if needed.

Final Score

Giants 13 GB 24

In the end the Giants will have to rely on ELI..I say again, if that's what Giant fan needs to win, I dont care if Dad , Big Bro , and Cooper are in his ear with the playbook and schemes..Dont expect Eli to pull off a miracle..He aint big enough...


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