Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday APB's

Today, I plan to unviel a new segment on the show family APB'S..In this segment, I ask the question where in the Hell has this person hidden on the Earth since we last heard from them in so and so ....Now, there are tons of people I can start this segment off with. And in time, Im pretty sure I will get tons of request, but today, Ive started with TWEET, and Blu Cantrell.

Momma Named Her : Charlene Keys
Occupation :Singer
Best known for : Her Lips..I cant lie, her singing was suspect, but Im willing to bet you she coulda gave Angelina a great run for her money in the Lips Department. Her Signature track Oops Oh my was a instant hood classic, and it elevated her to BET number one atleast 3 weeks to my count.
Why There's an APB on TWEET
Well, at one time her career seemed to be on the path to instant sucess, and all of a sudden, poof she's gone, no more show's no more concerts nothin. Wilki said she's livin in the A, but thats really about it. If there's any information regarding the whereabouts of one TWEET aka Charlene Keys let her know that we miss the lips..

Blu Cantrell
Momma Named Her :Tiffany Cobb
Occupation: Singer/Model
Best Known For: Scantily clad photos and her hit single Hit em Up Style. Ive personally alway's thought Highly of Blu. Her beauty is unmatched in the R &B WORLD, and her soultry flow provided a soothing flow and relaxing comfort to those trytin to get away from the fast paced. Frankly she's one of the pioneers of Neo-Soul.

Why there's an APB on Her.
We think she's much more then a one hit wonder. Her looks, style and grace could bring a sure fire charge back into the now quiet and underground Neo Soul movement. If youve seen Tiffany Cobb aka Blu, tell her the peepz forgot all bout the pics, and just wanna hear the music.


At 2:18 PM , Anonymous Mel said...

you a fool for this one

At 6:17 AM , Anonymous smooth said...


yeah bruh, they been gone for a while, i just want them back!


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