Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fallin Star

Im Late to the party, but here no less....Cowboy fan, what went wrong in this game??

Ya know what, let me explain it to you, BIG HEADZ....From TO tellin catz to get they popcorn ready, Patrick Crayton TELLIN peepz that we'll see the Patriots again, and Romo takin the playbook and suntan lotion to Cancun, no one decided it would be a good idea to FOCUS!!!

Yes i SAID IT focus..From Jerry's plastic face confidence that he can hire ANYBODY TO REPLACE TUNA, to Garrett, flying back and forth interviewing for other jobz, (you to Spurrano) no one on this team, staff, or organization decided it would be a good idea to take the Giants seriously. Now you get to reap the benefits of watching the Superbowl. Many of yall headed to Honolulu need to give them tickets up. 12 at my count..You dont deserve it. How do you go 13-3 dominate a team twice and lose to them at HOME when it matters most? How do you hang the entire hope of your team's future on a secondary that to put it frankly gets burned more then sailors dockin in on a Thailand peer run.

Its just sad. Despicable, unacceptable and pathetic. Now, b/c of your petulance, I get to watch and listen to the Brett Favre Love that will spew all over the sports world. Its not like we dont get enough of that. Since Monday (when i got back , ive heard that catz name 10 times on the radio) ..

Locally in San Antonio (or Lil Dallas) the guy one the 3-6 spot keep tellin yall just focus on the game in front of you..No one listened. All of yall thought beyond the Giants...Well well #@$^@#%^ well.... Now I get to reply to hundreds of Giants fan's smackin me from everywhere.

Tell ya what, TO, ROMO, CRAYTON, AND Jerry, I dont want to here nada this entire summer. Nothin. Unless yall talkin bout winnin, the rest is just trash to me.

I got my popcorn ready, somebody tell me why??


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