Monday, January 21, 2008

The Roundup MLK, Congats to the Giants and Random.

Happy MLK day!

On today, we remember the importance of patience, peace and equality amongst all men. Today we take time to acknowledge that all of us are children of God. With that said, I want to pledge to my people who read that MLK day will not be a day thrown aside as a regular holiday to me. Its a day off to reflect, not to sober up....


Giants fan, well I emailed most of yall yesterday sending my congrats, and I cant say it enough. Yall went out there and did yall thang. Probably doesnt mean much with whom yall a be facing, but for now, you guys own NY. From a fan standpoint I couldnt ask for a better Superbowl. Giants Patriots may have been the game of the year in the regular season, so I expect much of the same for the Superbowl.


Sometimes the trut hurts, so allow me to serve as the 9 inch Syringe that plunges directly into the spine of the Obama Clinton communities. Right now, right at this very moment, yall are bickering about race in a race that means nothing.


You are as hot as one can possibly be. You lose, yet you still win delegates. Your people throwin the race card, and letting this fester well into MLK day make you look like and sound like angry black guy. Keep ya head low bruh, youre 10 times better then the fodder created by this fluff. Now get ya focus on, and get ya people out there on the street, and maybe you can reclaim the Cack-a-lack. Vegas , fugetaboutit!


Just Lay Low. Look, your ace in the hole (Bill) is doing everything he can to campaign for you. Frankly all you should be doing is showing up , poppin off 5 liones or so, and letting your theme music hit. Thats it. Youve got enough loyalty in the black community that many of us support you even though its YOU and not Bill who will be sitting in the Big Chair.

I chose to speak to both of yall together b/c one of you 2 will lead the new world. In a perfect scenario both of yall mergin yall strengths will stop this STRAIGHT TALK NONSENSE. Yall already know who im talkin about to.


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