Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pacman Let it Go!

Look Bruh,

I like any red blooded man can appreciate Gods creations..All of them. But, when your career is at stake, simply b/c you cant stay out of the Bucky-Nakeds then you my friend need help. Look, on its face, you have squandered at my very unofficial count 13-14 million dollars for your failure to adress this problem.. 13-14 MILLION........Can you in life name 13 to 14 of anything that you can let go of that you wont miss, let alone Millions of dollars?

I cant homie, and frankly if we were man to man, here's a couple of things as a friend i'd tell you.

1. You are Adam Pacman Jones...Starting NFL Athlete. Do you honestly need this form of entertainment? Cant we scrap up some jock sniffers from the bar and call it a night? Dont tell me this doesnt happen, there are some oout there, who can tell you the hotel, club and food you eat every time you hit town

2. Why we cant just install a pole in the crib and have the ladies come to you? "Entertainers" as there affectionatly called are posted all in the phonebook and im sure there private show's dont end up in us gettin himmed up. You can make it rain in the crib and the only person that'll scatter for it is you and the entourage (us)

3. Travel. Bruh, it takes 56 day's to get a pssport. Thats it. Heed overseas , and get your thug dizzle own. Here's whats cool about that. No one knows you, (football athlete's arent very popular outside this country.) The women are more willing and sluttier, and frankly, while the dollar is still fighting, you can get a bargain on a lot of strip joints.

4th. Let that entourage go. Mike Vick think those dude's are no good and are holdin you back. If you payin them, fire them all, if they hangin on for free, cut bait. They have done nothing but hold you back.

Thats me coming up with idea's on 5 minutes notice. Im sure some of them catz in your circle, have came up with better ideas with more time. Here's what we dont need, you locally breaknekkin strippers, lawyers, and random women b/c youre Pacman

Fwiw Pacman,

They got you for Spittin on a broad outside of the club, Makin it rain then causing a riot in Vegas, and now punchin a female lawyer in the face. It would be one thing if one of these incidents involved a dude, but all of them involved sisters. Not only are you going punk by hittin gal's but sistahs no less. (For the record hittin any women is considered a punk move)

You lookin mroe and more like that guy who will get his ass beat by a dude, but will take his frustrations out on women.


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