Thursday, January 24, 2008

My thoughts on Race, Voting and The Race as I See It.

For all my people reading, Im so glad that this years vote is so crucial, that even a mere suggestion by CNN that a certain race/gender may be split on who to vote for, has outraged the masses to no end.

Lets be clear, Black Women, do have an obligation to vote, as do Evangelicals, Mormons, and any other special interest groups whom feel there needs are being met with a particaular person. What I think we need to learn from all of this is just voting in and of itself is what we need MORE of. Frankly, I dont care who it is YOU vote for, just so long as you have your voice heard. (I do care, but im not gonna sway people to either direction...B.OB.)
Since I do have a MAJORITY of Sistahs who read the Page though Im gonna touch on it a little bit. Here's the question youre essentially being asked, DO YOU STAND BY YOUR MAN, or fight for GIRL POWER? Let put the race out there first.
Black Folk and Crabs.
Never has a race hated to see each other succeed as much as black folk. If youre educated, youre hated on b/c you think youre smarter then everyone else. (at least thats what youre charged with) If you worked your way up the system and got a nice job, your own place (outta the hood) and pay your bills , youre looked at as a sellout for not keepin in the struggle. Essentially in the black community, the only way any in the majority will show love for a black man in a suit is if he's preachin, or currently on trial. Anything else, we question his blackness..(call me crazy..but its what i see) This is where GOOD SISTAHS COME IN. Sistahs who actually vote arent crabs tryin to hold us back. There in the know on issues, active in there faith, and have opionions on more then just who so and so out there sleepin with. Or the B*tch in the corner wearin the same top she is.
Sistahs know GOOD bruthas from scrubs. Now, there being asked if Barack's the guy who's gonna leave them for the white chick after being supported by them when times were rough. They (the media ) are making it alot tougher with crabs such as Bob Johnson who go out and bash Barack b/c of a past history of drug use.

Girl Power Arguement.
Much like black folk in general HATE to see us become successful, the same can be said for women. I not only have 3 sisters, but ive worked in shops where I was the only man with 5 women, and ive been put in situations where the majority rule was female in nature. Here's what ive learned. Women will always keep an eye on there competition. ALWAYZ...You can guarentee that if there's a ish hot Senator, Congresswoman, or Govenor Female type making waves, Hill will know all about her. She doesnt need anyone comparing her to the succesful b*tch everyone keeps yappin bout.
Secondly, the higher and more successful they are, the least likely they will want to work with OTHER WOMEN.. If I had a dollar everytime a woman told me I work better amongst men as a whole, I could take a yr off. Somethin about the catty issues that can arise, and being the Boss B*tch. They dont want that EVER questioned. Putting Hillary in office may be the single most Succesful thing the womens movement could ever accomplish. Sisthas , know this. They also know that its Becky...Not Condy, Becky. I know this blog is all about REALTALK. And i, will never shy away from it. But i'll say this, there are things you hate that you can tolerate, and then there are things you hate that send a shiver down your back......I say again, its Becky....

Obama Vs. The Clintons.
Since were talking voting, lets put it out there. If Barack can somehow obtain the Democratic Nomination, he will have done so by not only beating Hillary, but former President Bill Clinton as well. DO NOT KID YOURSELF IF YOU DONT THINK BILL DOESNT HAVE HIS ELBOWS KNEE DEEP IN THIS ONE.

Everytime I look up on CNN, FOX or MSNBC, like clockwork, Barack will say one thing, and BILL and Hillary both react. This is dirty pool if you ask me. You dont here Barack's wife or John Edwards wife out there on the campaign trail AT ALL, yet Bill I could swear is running for re-election. Here's what im afraid of. She eventually becomes President, and everytime she is put into a sticky situation in which we need the PRESIDENT TO MAKE THE CALL for, she's gonna let her husband do all the foot work. If it works out , she's looked at as a genius, if it fails, she closes ranks, and we all get to know the press secratary well.. For her its a win win,

If I were Barack, I swear at the next debate, that would be the very first thing I attack her with. HER "FINDING HER VOICE." Yeah she found it, turns out Bill just sounds better SPEAKING on her behalf.

Rudy...Florida or Bust.

Never have I wanted a cat to lose more then I do one Rudy Guillaini (sic) . Lemme get this straight, you totally neglect ALL the smaller primaries B/C you wanna focus on the bigger states, like FL, CA, TX etc.. Essentially skipping the appetizers and going straight for the main courses. Forgetting the fact that those small states much like an appetizer can fill you, IF you have enough of them...Screw that Just somebody, anybody pass Rudy the STEAK, and the Big Piece of Chicken. OOOOOOH I hope this cat gets mud stomped. What, do people in South Click, New Hamp, and Michigan not exist? Are all his domestic policies going to be aimed at larger states, while ignoring the needs of the little guy? Not for nothing but SEPT. 11 was a looong time ago. THIS IS ALL THIS CAT HANGS HIS HAT ON. If that day had never happened, right now, he'd e fighting Hill, for that chair in the Senate.

My personal thoughts on this years election are this. From a liberal standpoint, its important that whomever you elect as President throw out the Rulebook and just start from scratch. Nothing that went down in the past is acceptable NOW.. With an economy one bad hiccup away from recession, a war costing us TRILLIONS, and people waking around sick as dogs with no help in sight, its important that whomever they put in there from day one start his or her plans into effect ASAP.


At 12:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I repsect your comments,but lets be real,B Vs B, I know our voice needs to be heard,but what if its all a lie, what if you can honestly say,that you are not feeling either candidates, republicans or democrats,should you vote anyway?
what are your thoughts

At 10:48 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

id say go with the best person you feel represents what you believe in..understand that none of thim are going to be perfect, but as close as possible isnt that bad either


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