Monday, March 03, 2008

Election Predictions, and the Slow Demise of the Democratic Party

Shhhh can you hear it? All is quiet in the Mc Cain Camp, you know why? Its b/c he knows after tomorrow, he can se his eyes on the general election b/c he'll have secured the Republican Presidential nomination..Now, that rumble tumble shake and fumble you might see over the horizon, I can guarentee you is Barack and Hillary stretchin pulling and clawing away votes from each other as the Democratic Party suffers another painful division..My people this is not good for the dems....

The absolute worse thing that can happen right now is either Barack or Hillary keepin this fight active until June. The democatic party, specifically its leadership of Howard Dean, Bill Richardson, John Kerry, Pelosi and etc. need to sit down and figure this out. Understand, 4 yrs of Mc Cain is like handing over the keys to a man with no plans of adjusting the seat. He;s just gonna hop in the car and go. Be damn the results...

Im gonna make it easy if its Barack, Hillary if he loses theres 2012....We'll know he wasnt ready..If its Hillary then we can keep the Whitehouse for the next 16 yrs..Eitherway its gotta be settled, and soon...


Ohio= Clinton 50 Barack 45 undecided5
To many blue collars support her. Barack 'll keep it close

Primary Clinton 48 Barack 46 undecided 6

Barack 52 Clinton 48

The caucus will make it look like a victory forBarack

Rhode Island

Clinton 56

Obama 44

She's gonna crush him here


Barack 62

Clinton 38

Hes gonna crush her here

The fight will continue....


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