Thursday, April 17, 2008

ABC Conducts Public Lynching Right in front of Your very Eyes

The results are in and no matter where you look, even Fox News to a smaller extent, all agree, that last nights Debate amongst the to Democratic Presedential Candidates, was nothing short of a Public Lynching.

Family, when the price of gas as I type this is sitting at 3.45 nationally, for unleaded, I ask you, why is this the LAST question asked?? I'll tell you why, because the nice folk over at ABC felt it more of a pressing issue to grill, enflame , and press Senator Barack Obama on his personal ties. 45 STRAIGHT MINUTES of nothing but personal attack until the first real issue based question surfaced..

Its official were in the silly season. Now, to be fair, Hillary got re asked about the most dead panned issue I have ever heard of in regards to the Bosnia Flap. She handled IT, with grace and even mustured up an apology. When Barack was asked sbout it, he said people are going to mangle words...When you have microphones on you all the time, youre gonna slip every now and again.

This candor was not returned by the Former First Lady and Junior Senator from New York. On each and every personal attack, every single one, when the high road was there, she abandoned it. She tried to open the Rev. Jeremiah Wright scab, she tried to expand on the association with Bill Ayers(which amusingly backfired),, she tried to re capitalize on the bitter statement. Yep, there's a highroad in which we talk about how you can let your opponent handle his or her situations, but Hillary was having nothing to do with that street. Its to safe..

And then there was ABc

I cant even type my frustration with ABC'S Charlie Gibson and Former Clinton aide and Spoon fead Rightwing radio tool George Stephanopolous..First Charlie. You serve as lead anchor, you mean to tell me that you had nothing of substance in all the questions you had on that paper until 45 minutes into it. Where you honestly in the back with members of the RNC , John Mc Cains campaign, and to a smaller extent Hillary backers before the debate started?? Thats despicable.

I never watched your venue before, so its not like im going to gain much ground in saying I dont plan on watching it in the future...

Then there was George. You probably thought we werent listnening when you went on Sean Hannity and got spoonfed the Bill Ayers question..To bad we saw that coming. You sir get the award as the biggest tool ever. At no point did you ask one substantive question. Much like a monkey at the zoo, you flung feces, and then ran for cover laughing all the way. Your stile of journalism shouldnt be tolerated. However, in a society where people only rember the last thing they heard, I suspect your dive bomb tactic may infact work in the short term.

Clearly if youre a Barack supporter last night had to heat you to the 10th degree..Its ok fam, he weathered it. It'll only get worse though. Bare in mind, last night, that was with Hillary. The real mental gymnastics have yet to begin when John 100yrs war Mc Cain and CO. decide to come barrelin in..There's no doubt in my mind that Barack will once again surface as victor, but, if last night is any indication of things to come, Chicago will have to beef Barack up on the offensive ALOT more.


At 12:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, asking Sen. Obama a tough question is a "Public Lynching"? I know you love how the media treats him with kid gloves but why don't you call it a "Public Lynching" when the go after everyone with an "R" after their name no holds barred?

Nevermind, I think we know why you don't.

At 1:58 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


I call it a public lynching when it takes 53 minutes to get to a policy based question, and the media is more focused on topics that have no relevance, rahter they want to talk about flag lapel pins, and ask if your pastor feels patriotic..

b4 you go there by the way, you should know I spent 8yrs in the navy to include 2 tours to Iraq. Please enlighten me with your rebuttle about how im no patriot..


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