Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Best Speech Ive heard in my Adult Life..

I wasn't old enough to here I have a Dream. I don't doubt that those who can remember, probably felt the same way I felt after hearing Barack deliver the speech he gave today. I would ask that when you listen to this speech, to not think about Rev. Wright, who you support, or the simple fact that this is a campaign season. Think about the reality of racism and what it is Barack is saying. I took from it that Barack has clearly pointed out that on both sides, we hurt. We as African Americans hurt from slavery. We hurt from Jim Crow laws established to keep us back. We hurt from poverty. We hurt from the 60's. We hurt from crooked cops who beat, raped, and when they got home draped there white sheets over there faces and continued with there social injustice.

My white friends hurt from that same poverty. They also hurt from being so qualified at a job, yet the only reason they don't get it is , is b/c an affirmative action hire who is at times no where near is equal, the eventual hire. They hurt b/c we live in a country that places emphasis on minorities in its social issues
and totally neglects the problems of the lower middle class white male.

We all feel pain. Yet, we choose not to heel. Instead, we chose to "go to our respective corners" and hope that we can elect some one who will speak on our pain, and totally neglect the problems of others. Thats our America. Thats in my personal opinion is where the change is needed the most.

We ALL have problems, and the biggest one out there now is the economy. Being broke is not black, white, yellow, or brown issue. Being broke is a green issue. The less green you have, the faster you'll figure out that were all equal when the lights are out.

I cant emphasize enough the power of the speech gave today by the Senator from Illinois. I don't say this as a supporter, but a person sincerely concerned about the fair and equal treatment of everyone. This had to happen and now that its out, lets move on.


At 12:11 AM , Blogger P said...

This was just a gorgeous speech. I have not been fortunate enough in my lifetime to bear witness to any speech of greatness of someone who is STILL living, until I heard this man's speech.

Conservatives, liberals, and moderates alike were all in agreement that this speech (which he personally wrote, not one of his writing cronies) was authentic, and made a point in the manner that it should have been.

I for myself, couldn't have been prouder. In the day and age where we have been classified as folks that dance at Duke Lacrosse parties, when blind govenors find they way to other poon, when our men are seen as weak and our women are seen as sassy, this man showed them all that he wasn't going to back down, that he wasn't going to break someone in order to look good. In layman's terms, he ripped it. He brung it.

And I couldn't have been prouder had that been MY man, or MY brother, or MY child, or anything in between.

We have either borne witness to either the speech of the next president of the United States, or given witness to a future in public speaking that will allow Michelle Obama to stay at home for the rest of her natural life practicing keeping him happy by sucking a golf ball through a garden hose.

On that note. The speech was riveting. Moving. Poignant. Unforgettable. He is the ONE.

At 6:31 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

If the golf ball keeps her quiet from now till november 18th, i'll personally ship them to the campaign!!

P,we agree completly on that masterpiece..I hate to nit pick, but imagine if he's thrown in there how certain people pretty much look at the hispanic community as border jumpers totally blind siding racism by sayin we should ship them illegals back...That I think would have made a great speech, probably even better then dare I say it, I have a dream....


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