Wednesday, May 07, 2008

For Hillary, the Top Part of the Ticket is a Mere Fantasy

Last night when Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) won in what many are calling a 14 point blowout in NC, and narrowly lost to Senator Hillary Clinton in IN(D-NY) he did much more then become the presumptive nominee, he essentially did something that I dont see much of the Media touching on. HE BEAT THE CLINTON MACHINE... Let me put this in perspective. If you were to tell me 3 yrs ago that a first term senator, African American, (MIXED TO BE FAIR) with the name of Barack was poised to be the Democratic Nominee, i'd have taken whatever bet you wanted to give, and I would bragged and boasted that Super Tuesday will end it.

This is a story I wander why we dont see more of. I'll touch on this more later. Hillary is no longer viable, as PRESIDENT....With that said, people I wanna go on record as being one of those people who are STRONGLY FOR, a DREAM TICKET.

I love Barack to death. Being in love with him, I can point out his flaws politically. Here's just a few.

1. He's the most Liberal Senator in Congress (undebatable)

2. He cannot on his own, carry the LATINO VOTE (in Tx. he got swamped by her)

3. Much like black folk, White Women are another BASE we need as Democrats.

4. He's new. (This is a liability, b/c old folk dont like new, they want who they know)

5. A little Tooo Honest. Look, I love the fact that we have a politician who isnt one. But, he's gonna need someone to teach him the game. He ran a campaign on Hope, and it worked, but he's gonna have to run a WhiteHouse based on Results. The Clintons, for better or worse bring results.

Its, for all these reasons that I believe Hillary has GOT TO BE ON A VERY SHORT LIST as Baracks potential running mate. I emplor all my Barack people to look around long and hard for anyone better. I can run the names out im sure youre gonna throw at me and tell you why they wont work.

1. Sen Jim Webb (D-Sen) (If this happens, and they win, kiss this VA Sen chair goodbye)

2. Gov. Silbus (D-Kan) (This is a Gov we need in a very RED state)

3. Gov. Kaine (D-Gov) (Like Barack, to fresh a face)

4. Wes Clark ( Slam Dunk for Iraq, but what about the economy?)

I know, if I put Hillary many of you can run down her negatives, but remember this, her positives are gonna avalanche her negatives...Plus here's another little nugget I want yall to chew on, she CARRIES Pa, Ohio, and POSSIBLY, FL.

Game over. Today's a day for Barack to celebrate, but family, lets not forget about Hillary.


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