Friday, April 25, 2008

Chris Rock Summed it Up for me....

"There ain't a White man in this room who'd trade places with me, and I'm rich"
----Chris Rock

You know why that is, its because deep down, in some its in the subconscience of there souls, they know we are nothing more then "NIGGERS"...Before I get bombarded with anti-black emails, and post, I want to be perfectly clear, not all White Folk feel this way, but BOY there are alot of you who do....I know, youre gonna ask, really, then prove it....

Ok no problem

Here's another

Oh, I just put extremes up right..Well here's one That im sure most can easily identify with...

But, today, its not about any of that. Today its about injustice....One can only assume that all the talking heads that were screaming INJUSTICE when OJ was acquited on all chagres of murder, that TODAY, they will call for the NYPD to not only suspend the 2 Detectives who unloaded 50 shots into an innocent man, but ask for there letters of resignation.

Message to Hillary Clinton (D-NY).
If you want to regain any of the BLACK VOTES you stand ABOSLUTLEY O chance of ever getting back, I surely hope that you condem this. Justice was not served today....


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