Friday, April 25, 2008

Sad Day for America As Sean Bell Killers go Free

You know, they say justice is blind. I didnt know that they meant it was color blind. Today, 2 New York City Police Officers were acquitted of all charges stemming from the shooting of an African American male the day before his wedding at his bachelor party. The question thats sure to resonate amongst many of us is simple, WHERE IN THE F*CK is the JUSTICE???

What am I missing? This young brutha was coming out of a club, with his people, posing no threat, and was gunned down. 21 shots. Ya'll, I'm heated, but im also mindful. This is just another example of why black folk in this country fill a deep resentment for the Justice System.
This is not going to end well.

I had alot I was going to say, but if im just speaking from the heart on this one. Im FUCKIN PISSED RIGHT NOW! The base of me being pissed isn't from the fact that these assholes got off, its the FACT that as a Young AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN, that very easily coudlve been me. Thats what makes my blood boil. Thats what makes my skin crawl. Thats what makes me "wanna run out and punch the first hateful white dude I see." This is pure BULLSHIT! Plain and simple.

I cant find the words that eloquate this into an articulate discussion b/c at this very moment, I don't feel like appealing to those who want to debate my feelings right now. As a gov't employee, who's worked with Law Enforcement Officials, and people who make a living out of Criminal Justice, I know the right and wrong of arrest....So I just wanna vent..Fuck it....

You know, they wander why we have resentment..They wander why blackfolk walk around with just a slight chip on they shoulders. They wander why when we see cops we dont think security, we think, oh sh*t they about to him us up.... Sean Bell was denied justice today, and as I witness the PUBLIC LYNCHIN conducted daily on a high profile African American running for president, i just sit back and have to wander, is this what "were supposed to be so proud to be Americans for?" Ifso, I'll pass


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