Saturday, July 26, 2008

Im Guessin if you dont like Lil Wayne, this Summer had to be a Musical Dissapointment

"He's so sweet make her wanna go and lick the i let her lick the rapper........."

Not doin it for ya...Ok how about this one..

Baseline......(Ima millionaire yes a young mon-millionaire, toughin then Nigerean hair"

Still not feelin it, Ok one more chance

"To the left to left, if you wanna leave be my guess you can step. Thinkin you irreplacable like Beyonce..Then I'll put yo ass out on yo B-day"

All hot lines, all dropped by one dude. Dwayne Carter, aka Lil Wayne. Family as one who is somewhat a musical fan, but mostly a simpleton, Im coming out swing for the lil guy about his new CD The Carter 3. Its a 4 star must buy. Right out the gate, the Duet with Jay-z Mr Carter shows you how he can keep his own with a legend in the booth. They compliment perfectly, and Wayne makes the bold decision to backdoor Jay on a verse and excutes it brilliantly.

Unless you are living under a rock you missed A-Millie. This is the SUMMER BANGER OF THE SEASON. Its been remixed so much that upon first hearing it, I hnoestly thought it featured Chris Brown, J, Fab, and Young Gun. It doesnt its just him. Its just so many catz think the beat goes so hard, they just had to flow on it.

I'll leave lolipop alone. I'll just say this. Im amazed at how far weve came to allow it to get on the radio, and maintain a number one spot for almost a month. Then there the track you dont see like Comfortable featuring Babyface. He talks of how you shouldnt get complacent in relationships and how if you do, you might wake up and noticed him gone.

Another hidden track features him David Banner, and Busta. Started out Hustlin, ended up ballin. It goes of the richter. My title says it all. Not to mention another hot summer banger thats not even on his CD Loyd featuriang Lil Wayne, I want you.

No one else is out there even tryin. My nucka in the biz say's its almost unfair. My homie Dave says Police Lady should be Summa Banga. Both of these catz wouldnt have gave Wayne tyme a day 5 yrs ago. Me neither. My message to those out there laggin back. Dont get to comfortable, this little fella is in it to win. Plus with DETOX looming you might not get another chance to put yo stamp on the game out there..



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