Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Federales Stripped Of Guns..Issued Sling Shots

As an ex Sailor when i read this story I had to do a double take..Any one who's been to Tijauna (TJ) knows that they have some of the most corrupt cops(federales) in the world. I actually had to pay one of those SOB'S 40 bucks to bail a shipmate of mine out of a cab once. Sad part is, he was cheap.

President Calderon amidst allegations that the TJ cops are assisting Drug Smugglers sent s3000 soldiers to TJ to strip the cops of there guns on Jan.5th. In there place , they have been issued Sling Shots with metal ball bearings. You thought flash light cops were bad, imagine being himmed up by Dennis the Menace.
For my sailors reading this, Id hit the border and head for Mr'A's head held high..Its not like those dirty federale's can harass you with a slingshot.

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