Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Listening to W. You'd Think Katrina Never Happened

Somebody, any body who actually watched the State Of the Union who's reading this let me know if I lost my mind. You see, I actually thought W. Bum would actually mention Relief Aid, and mention a strategy to fix the Gulf Coast Region. Alas, I was wrong. The president didn't touch on Katrina at all. No mention of FEMA, Federal Aid, or Regionalized support.

Instead he decided to focus on the WAR...(Yes my people that war) The Same war of which there is no current exit strategy for. The same war he's asking congress to provide 21,000 troops and over 100 billion dollars for. 100 billlion dollars. (It feels good just typing that amount of money out..)

Well to me that wasn't good enough. In fact, it was pathetic. Especially from a President who relies heavily on the vote of the Southern States.

Here's my top4 Issues the President straight out neglected, missed ,or not even addressed.

1 Katrina= Last I checked Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama are part of this Country.

2. North Korea. Hello (knock knock knock ) W. are you there, can you here me? I just want to inform you that they to carry Nuclear Weapons. Also Kim Jon Ill, yeah he pretty much hates you. Yet you do nothing.

3. In case you missed this one, its to juicy to pass..He wants to establish a core of Civilians who would function like a ready reserve . There mission is to act like the military and go help support the troops..Essentially he wants an A-Team..I almost fell on the floor when he tried to sneak that nugget by without elaborating. He can barely get people to join the military, yet he wants to recruit about 100K or so people with "special skills and abilities" to go over thereand fight. W, you trippin.

4th What the hell is going on in Afghanistan..Uh , I know we have people there, but they are actually in a war that makes since. No need to dwell on that though..Good luck hunting down OBL boys.

I sure hope those states who were affected by Katrina saw this for what it was. Recently Fema tried to take your trailers back, and tonight the president pretended like you werent even in the room. When its time to vote next year, remember who put you there, and ask yourself can your situation improve with a vote for this mans party.


At 12:03 AM , Blogger The Mistress said...

Dubbya is a TOOL.

Plain and simple. 2008 ain't gonna be here fast enough. I just hope we don't lose another 3k in Iraq by then.

At 4:42 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

You aint kiddin....

But W, has a plan...the A-Team.....
I guess somewhere Mr.T, Faceman and Murdock are loading up the Van and waiting on standby...
23 months to go....


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