Thursday, February 01, 2007

Letters to The Editor.

Many who read the blog will email me, and not post, its there right and I respect that. Ive asked a couple, who's name's I'll keep annoymous to allow me to post there email's and my reply's via the board...

From J------
Subj: Photos


When you posted those photos, you made it sound like all of us are doing this.
This as you know is not the case. You've been to my house , and you know I would never
do anything like this. They do not represent me or anybody in my family...


You're right, I Know it doesn't represent you, but it does represent a certain group
of people who are ignorant and unfortunately there white. They make the whole of
you look bad.

From M------
Subj: Wigga


You're such a hypocrite. You post photos of white people in "wigga" mode yet
you acknowledge Paul Wall as an up and coming rapper and you listen to him
all the time. I've road with you while you listen to him, and seen his picture
before ..My question to you is whats the difference.

(I actually received 13 emails referencing Either Paul Wall, Eminem, both and one K-fed)


First off, Paul Wall doesn't use the N-word. He actually hates it if i'm not mistaken.
Secondly as Ive told you anybody who wants to listen , he puts out good music, and
he's been on the grind doing mixtapes for the better part of 10 yrs. IMO thats him,
no gimmick.

From G-----
Subj: Whats the Problem


You act as if this is a bad thing. We bring all of this behavior onto us. Whens the last time
you watched a Rap Video and didn't see the following stereotypes, Gold teeth, Big Booties and Tricked out whips. Honestly, I wonder why are you mad. We put that negative image of african american's out there so we deserve this. In order for us to check another race, we must first look at our race, and check it...


True words, but here's the problem I have, Blackface, Stuffed sweat pants and fried chicken.
That's intentional. That's trying to send a message. I know we as people bring some of this
unto our self, but blackface is wrong Fried Chicken, Malt Liquor, and Aunt Jemima, are worse , and I still here no remorse from the students . Plus you just know next year unless its stopped now , its only going to get worse, and violence could result.


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