Monday, July 28, 2008

The Next Food Network Star

For some its the history channel, others it maybe Discovery Channel..(who can get mad at that really) for me , its the Food Network. Yes i said it The Food Network is my guilty pleasure. If youve been watching there reality series the Next Food Network Star you'd know why to.

Last night they crowned Aaron McCargo Jr. there 4th season star, and he will began hosting Big Daddy's Kitchen this week. Yall bruh'man can FLAT-OUT-COOK...Ya heard me??

Dude made a Banana Steak and Collar-Green combo that made my TV melt last night. Ive told yall time and time again, with me, I love it simple. You don't have to hit a homerun with me, just show me how I can make food at an executive level, with a blue-collar budget. Aaron does that.

This brutha will cultivate you with his simple recipes that pack mouthwatering flavors that you will swear cost you an arm and a leg to produce. Ya know, this is yet another sign of the Apocalypse..A brutha winning Food Network Star, Will Smith being the Top Earner in the Box Office. If this keeps up........Im jus sayin.....

If you caught it, your thoughts on Aaron and the field.



At 10:11 AM , Blogger P said...

I do watch the food network periodically but I've not heard of this brother. Sounds like they are piggybacking (in a good way) from the whole G. Garvin urban success stuff.

I heard Coolio is supposed to be coming out with a cooking show, too.

Trick daddy (about four years ago) had a quick show called "Grubbin with a Thug". NOBODY remembers that but me. HE would cook, and then show videos between his segments of cooking. He was super ghetto, but he COULD cook and I was rolling. HE served strawberry soda with one of his meals it was GREAT.

Currently, I have an unnatural attraction to one of the former TOP Chef contestants. I will not name him because he may fear for his safety, considering the fact that I have his email address, as well as I have corresponded with him a few times.

Yes, I admit it. Deeply disturbing, but true, nonetheless.

At 10:29 AM , Blogger smoothie said...


as long as it isnt the bounty hunter, im cool with
Seriuosly though, he was the winner of the reality show. it was a tough competition. dude can cook good..

i would have paid top dolla to see TrICKDADDY out there with strawberry soda makin collar greens and

At 10:55 AM , Blogger P said...

Okay. FIRST OF ALL, I'M OVER DOG, OKAY. It was kind of creepy, I know, but I'm kinda over him.

Two: This guy is a brother. And I've said enough. This might follow me into court for my stalking trial.

Three: Yeah, that show with trick daddy was GREAT. At one point he has some seasoning in his hand (it was very obvious it was Old Bay) but he had it covered with his hand and he said "If you don't have this in your house, you ain't ghetto". Man: He made mac and cheese (and while making it he said it won't make you go to the bathroom, either), and ham, with carmelized glazed, and greens, and sweet potato pie.

Four: Is that your shawty? I'm going to come and steal this gorgeous child, but I think that would also force me to end up in court, and orange doesn't look good on a six footer.

At 11:55 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

1st..when you say crush, i will always point out prolly shoulda never let no one know bout that..

2nd gotcha..but not for nothin, if he on there, he burnin..

3rd sometin tell me he learned alot in dade county ...and cookin is just one of them..

4th yep thats my son. he's 4..people been gettin at me four an i put him worries, if you take him, im makin sure you take closin the blog and'd be yours....


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