Sunday, July 27, 2008

NFL's Almost Here...NFC and AFC East Preview

Ok, I know it has been AGES since I touched on a sports topic. To be honest, the political season has ate so much of my time I've became literally englufed in it. Family, Im going to be hitting that hard, but dont worry I WILL ALWAYS HAVE TIME FOR FOOTBALL!

With that said Last time I left you, I was getting ate alive by every GIANT FAN WHO EVER LAYED EYES on Realpeeplz for my predicition of them being a one and done wildcard team on the verge of cutting ELI MANNING.. Boy did I get it...If yall saw the emails youd think I was the worst person breathin..Its all good though, Im a big boy. I can take it. Im here now to pick right back up where I left off and ,and being that the Giants are the Champs what better division to start with then the NFC East

NFC East Champs=NFC Champs

Dallas Cowboys 13-3

As long as Tony can remember that he hasnt earned the right to be a celebrity yet and take what Tuna was trying to tell him to heart, this will still be the team to beat. Yes they lost Julius Jones. But they went out and got an ace tailback named Felix Jones to back up Barber in his stead. Not to mention, they have Pacman, (who will be on the field) and they went out and selected a top notch CB in the first round that would start for any other team.

I have to admit, this pick scares the life out of me. Dallas is like the hot chick you try all night to get with only to find out she is HORRIBLE in BED. You wanna like her, you wanna you wanna take her home to momz, but youre not fully committed to her b/c this flaw is hanging you up...


NY Giants 9-7

The Superbowl Champs Exceeded all expectations last year. Getting to and winning the Superbowl against the New England Patriots may very well be the biggest upset ever. That being said dont look for them to repeat. I know, its possible. As to is Lil Wayne being unseated by the end of this summer. Its just tough thats all. Theyve lost Jeremy Shockey, and Micheal Strahan. Those are HUGE losses. Now ELI can shoulder the load of a Shockey loss. I mean one less loudmouth in the huddle is always a good tihng. I just have issues with the D. Strahan is by no means LT, but he did bring heart. The Giants are more then capable of proving me wrong, (the hot chick thats above them is not above her traditional flop job) I just have to see alot more from them on D. with the loss pof Strahan. D. was there strong point last year, if they keep it intact, I might be forced to reconsider.

Outside lookin in

Philadelphia Eagles 8-8

There lack of a star WR is pathetic. It will be the sole reason why this team does not make the playoffs. Assante Samuel was a huge addition, but Philly has always been known for there D.

Donovan is gonna have to hope and pray Westbrook can do it all.

Not Ready for the Bigs

Washington Redskins 7-9

Campbell is going to experience a lot of growing pains with this offense. The Recievers are there, the runningbacks to, the problem is, this team CAN NEVER STAY HEALTHY..NEVER! As for the D, Jason Taylor is going to make an impact, I just dont know how much. He admits he may have at best a yr to 2 tops. Look, tuna aint getting rid of a TOP NOTCH D guy for nothin. This DOES NOT PASS THE SMELL TEST. This team will live and die by Jason, if he's on watch out.

If not, watch the bo-birds come fast and quick...

AFC East Champs New England Patriots 14-2

When a team goes 17-1 and there only loss is in the Superbowl, I get the since they might be a little hungry come the following yr. They arent going to slip this yr either. Unfortunatly, they have allowed the Colts, Chargers, and Steelers, to catch up with them. No fret in the Division though. They are the Fonz, and the rest of the AFC East is Ralph Malph...They return most everyone on offense and though they lost Assante, and Colvin, both were replaced in the draft and free agency. Winning the division is eeeeaaasssssy....The fun for them will start in January. Was last yr a big set up for the end, or a call for arms? We shall see..If you notice, I only have them winning the division..I for one think they got rattled...

The Rest.

Buffalo Bills 7-9

If youre on Brett Farve Watch then that tells me youre not satisfied with your QB. If youre not satisfied with youre QB then youre more then likely 2 yrs away at best. This team will struggle but i expect them to finish strong with a modest record.

NY Jets 6-10

Check Buffalo's write up. Its gonna be tough playing second fiddle to the champs across the river, and the Patriots in your division. Oh, not for nothing, Bretts overrated...Just a thought...

Miami Dolphins 5-11

Ugh this is gonna be tough. You can bring in Tuna, Shula and anyone else, but the stink of 1-15 is always gonna be there. PERIOD..The good news is, with a young QB all you can do is go up from here. The bad news, if youre a fan, its not gonna be pretty, unless youre a inside football guy. Track the progression of your young QB and LT , they have yrs to get together, and make this offense sizzle.

Tommorow, the AFC and NFC North.

Farve Fans you might not wanna tune in..



At 10:20 AM , Anonymous blkninja said...

we ain't gotta go to the mattresses this year. I say 10-6 cause we'll either sweep the skins or philly (especially if macnab break himself again) but other than that you spot on! I hope our receiving corps steps it up! If so, it's gonna be trouble, trouble, trouble..

that lil retarded kid been waiting to air it out!

At 10:21 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

ya boys will be good.
and the cowboys are going to keep the door open..they always do...

At 11:15 AM , Blogger P said...

Raider Nation.

They will take it all.

Okay. Get that look off yer face.

At 11:55 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

take what??
p I know you playin///


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