Monday, July 28, 2008

NFC and AFC North Predicts....

Ok yesterday I told yall that Barring any unforseen miracles, Dallas and New England should walk away with there respective divisions. To be fair, Dallas may have it a little tougher though. Infact EVERYONE may have it tougher then New England..That being said, lets check out the NFC AND AFC NORTH...

NFC NORTH CHAMP NFC Minnesota Vikings 10-6

Let not there team surpise you..This team is going to run it in your face and smash it in your mouth. Adiran Peterson will get MVP touts early and expect the line to manhandle anyone standing in there way. Unfortunatly all this is hinging on the arm of Tavaris Jackson. I say again Tavaris "I can barely compete a 15yard dump route jackson" I know what i said about Brett, but he wasnt going to a team in his division anyway..That doesnt count, heres what does. This defense brought it last year, and the offense minus the passing attack cam e at you hard. If they can keep this formula up, expect no one to want to face them..

What Happened Team

Greenbay Packers 7-9

Brett Favre is going to be the death of this team..YES!!!!!!!!!!! No longer can the national media hold over TO'S head that he's a cancer on a team. That new crown will go to Mr. Pain Pill popper himself Brett Favre. He needs to sit down and find a cluie quick.. Since 2002 He's been teasing retirement, and now that Greenbay has had enough he wants to cry fowl. I say f-that..You had your chance. Your LEGEND no matter what some of us think of it, has came and gone. Sit down and LET AARON ROGERS GET HIS CHANCE.

Brett, you may never read this, but if you do, know that no one here thinks you are washed up, we just think that what youve done to Greenbay, had it been any other player might have came off as cancerous..Im jus sayin...All of the above said, expect the off field to swarm the onfield and distract this team to no end. The moment Aaron has a bad game expect the chants for Brett. To bad to, this tem couldve been something.

We need a QB TO

Chicago Bears 6-10

No QB STILL, and no Wrs. You can pay Urlacher, Harris and Hester out the ass, but without a solid offense this team isnt going anywhere.

We suck.

Detroit Lions. 6-10

Sorry, everyone is going to use them lke a pinyata at a birthday party. Move Millen this changes. Keep him round, you get what you pay for.

AFC North Champs Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5

Fast Willie , Rashard Mendenhall, Limas Sweed and A returning WR corp that is built on speed. Yes the Steelers are ready to make noise now. Casey Hampton get in shape, and this team will bring the ruckus quick..Watch out for there hot young MLB. That guys got issues


Cincinatti Bengals 10-6

Got better on defense , got Chad in Camp, and Palmers healthy. Not a bully, but not a punk. Expect them to earn there bonafidies this season. They are reaallllly close.....

Just Lookin

Cleveland 8-8

They'll be the victims of being in a seriously tough division. To bad, cuz on paper, they have everything you could want. All there key positions except running back are young. And that guy is still a brusing 30.

We aint there yet...

Baltimore 6-10

Failure to nae a starter at QB is NEVER GOOD...Ray Lewis is older, they cant stay healthy, and yet another team that is no good at spreading the field. I can type about this being a problem all yr long for this team, but there actions will do all the talking..

Look for the first yr coach and the Hiesmann to prep the guy from delaware for alot of letdowns...

Tommorow the AFC and NFC South.

Will I have Indy atop the Dirty for a 3rd yr in a row, or will a new team emerge..tune in....



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