Friday, February 02, 2007

SuperBowl Preview

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As we all know Sunday is pretty much the biggest day of the year in regards to the fellas and there love of football. World Wide this event will garnish viewer ship in the numbers of 2 to 300 million. While I don’t share the same enthusiasm many do when it comes to who’s playing, I do enjoy watching 2 well coached teams play there BIGGEST GAME on the BIGGEST STAGE.

The Colts are by far and away the best offensive showcase the NFL has to offer. Lead by Field General Quarterback Peyton Manning, (considered by many to be an on field coach) he can read defenses like a Donald Goines novel on a rainy day. He calls all the plays, determines all the audible’s and when given time, will fire a 40yard pass to either Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne without hesitation. Despite his many on field records, and on field leadership, the one thing that has always been a problem for the unquestioned leader of the Colts is his ability to step it up in Big Games. For a guy who many consider to be an all time great he’s only won ONE BIG GAME going back to college in his career. That came recently , as he lead his team to victory against the Patriots in the AFC Championship, (something he had previously neer been able to accomplish). Will this game finally solidify Peyton as an all time great, or will he do what it is he’s accustomed to doing?

The Bears have touted one of the NFL’s best Defenses for the better part of 5yrs now. Lead by there all world Linebacker Brian Urlacher, this tenacious defense brings solid pass rushing schemes and a Cover 2 that when ran properly is almost impossible to score against. If you want something to pay close attention to on Sunday, focus on number 54. Watch as step for step he runs with Wide Receivers (fastest players on the team) and keep an eye on the following play after that, where he can be seen taking Peyton to the Ground following a perfectly orchestrated blind side blitz. Simply put, he’s a monster. Memnoch would be afraid of him. While it would easy to pick Da Bears, many wonder if there defense can handle the pressure of shouldering a team?

X- Factors

Colts = Safety Bob Sanders .. 5’8 Mighty Mouse who hits like Ronnie Lott, and is a certified Ball Hawk. Look for him to be everywhere the ball is.

Bears = Kick Returner/ Punt Returner Devin Hester. This dangerous rookie returner has shattered the NFL Record for returns in a season with 6 , and averages nearly 40 yards a return. If he’s kicked to, expect the shift.

Not touching it. My betting past is well documented. Many of you know the team I ‘m rooting for. Many of you know the team that’s favored. I will however say this, and you can put me on record, the team with the most rush yards will win this game.


At 9:56 AM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

so....who do you think will have the most rushing yards?

At 10:11 AM , Blogger smoothie said...


I didnt see that coming...I owe you one E......

At 11:22 AM , Blogger P said...

Offense Sellf Tickets. Defense Wins Game.

HAHA. I learned that from love and basketball, and of course, my brief foray into the Cheerleading world. (If you tell anybody I will have to kill you).

At 12:05 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

I lead a good life (jk)
Can we safely assume we know where youre leaning? I was convinced on how defense wins win the COLTS played the Ravens..(another juggernaut D) The colts won that game....I also was sold on the Saints Offense given all te weapons it had, and the Bears proved me wrong in that game as well...
To scared to stick my foot in the pond in fear that I will be tipped into it//


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