Saturday, February 03, 2007

Vince TO the Pro Bowl..Who Cares ???????

I do............. By the way, My cousin Ric, Screamed from the rooftops that we shoud Draft Vince and like alway's , He was right..(this was before the hype )

Damn Damn Damn!!! ( Florida Evans shouldve patten'd this) Why I did I have to wake up this morning and read this?????? I was stationed in HI 4 yrs ago, and I just know Vince Young is going to be a big hit there..
But its cool though, You know why, b/c I have David Freaking Carr...

You heard me David I dink and dunk down field, fumble snaps, and cant lead a team Carr. Awesome....
Vince Young love on this board will never run dry.
Seriously, As I have been saying to my people all week, I would really by a lottery ticket, this is yet another sign.

What Say You?


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