Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AFC and NFC South Predicts

Lets pick right up where I left off last night

AFC SOUTH CHAMPS..Jacksonville Jaguars...TADA!!! 12-4

To much of the perfect storm allows for this team to be reeaalllyy good this year. Payton Manning is coming off knee surgery, They play the NFC North for 4 games, David Garrard is contiously getting better, and they restocked on that Defense in the offseason. A defense that was punishing before. Expect this team to make ALOT OF NOISE.


Indianapolis Colts 11-5

They'll have alot of teams gunning for them. Payton is vulnerbale (allegedly) there monster at the DE Freeney many argue has lost a step, Marvin Harrison's off-field issues etc..I expect all of that to bother them at the beginning. However, there gonna figure it out around week 6. And then, as usual its gonna be a tough battle. Expect them to be that wildcard team no one wants to see.

Close but no Cigar

T. Titans 9-7

The division is just to tough. There going to split with the Texans , and that loss will keep them OUT the playoffs. Vince has to step it up. This is just a fact. They cannot go anywhere when he's barerly got a 70 orso passer rating. I'd like to see those WR's catch a little better to.

Still Just Watching

Houston Texans 6-10

Not having Dunta Robinson is gonna be HUGE. You simply cant replace him with Dallas waste. Furthermore, alot of there progression will rely HEAVILY on a ROOKIE LT. A guy this blogger personally believes should not be here, and should have been Mendenhall. That being said, if he can keep the backside of Schaub safe, I think it might make the difference of a win orso. This team needed to adress running back early, and im sorry Steve Slaton was not what I consider getting it done. Esp if the rumors about him and ball control early out are true.

On to the NFC South..

NFC SOUTH Champs New Orleans Saints 11-5

You can officially start drinking the Reggie Bush Koolaid. This is the yr he breaks out, and alongside Jeremy Shockey and there soon to be Probowl WR, this team has an offense no one want to line up against. There defense got toasted arially last yr. I wont lie it wasnt pretty. I expect there 1st round draft pick to change that some. I have said this since Drew was in SD. He's an every other yr. guy . Last yr stunk. Expect him to be whispered for MVP this yr.


Carolina Panthers 9-7

Heres all im going to say about this team. None of this is valid if they cant keep Delhomme upright. Period.

So close...

Tampa Bay Bucs 8-8

Once again, if youre in the Brett Favre chase, odds are youre not satisfied with your QB. I f youre not satisfied with youre QB, odds are that means that position you consider weak. There D. is old, but solid, and Cadillac has to be healthy. He just has to be. If not they might not go very far.

This might get ugly..

ATL Falcons 2-14

Nothing and I mean nothing will make this team good THIS YEAR. There QB's 3 yrs away, they lost Dante, and Norwood will see 8 in the box each and every time. Its not gonna be pretty for the dirty birds but they know that. The good news is, if you enjoy inside football, this team is perfect. Young Tail back, Young, Quarter back, and Young WR'..I mean young and fun free, who can hate that.



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