Sunday, February 04, 2007

On Location New Link And Superbowl Pick

Peeplz, so last night I didnt get any sleep..(A rare but common phenomenon in our household) so I decided to blog search and came across a web page that I personally, think is prettty cool., a site where you can actually go and watch full movies and TV SHOWS. Last night I watched SAW 3. It took .5 seconds to download and though it may not be all world quality, but as far as bootleg goes, I can say that i've seen much worse. Its linked just in case you guys get bored.

So as we all know the superbowl is today. While many people who have the money and free time have made there way to Miami, my job has decided that im better needed in Boston and Washington. (Any body got the inside on a hotspot are 2, get at me)

On to the Superbowl Pick..You know I couldnt go without giving my prediction. As I said in my preview and i'm sticking with it, the team with the most rushing yards will come out victorious. That team will be the Indianapolis Colts. Coach Smith, and the entire league know that Peyton Manning when given a chance can light you up and leave you bedazzled by halftime. So with that, I expect the Bears to bully and intimidate the receivers of the Colts to no end. Up comes Joseph Addai. A ferocious north and south running rookie , who can find holes and rip them open for 20 and 30 yards runs with a reckless abandon. On the flip, While many believe the bears are the team who are geared up with there no repsect card ready to dish it to whoever the moment this game ends, i'm reluctant to pick them due to the play of Rex Grossman. Lets face it, theres a reason why this kid is even in this game and its not b/c of the great bears offense you hear so much about. Oh thats right, you DONT hear anything about there offense b/c the QB play is so bad. As many of you know, I am not a fan of subpar QB play. Rex Grossman is many things, but stellar QB isnt one of them. I expect a heavy dose of stacked line play forcing the Bears to beat you wit the play of there Quarterback, and lets face it, if you had to would you throw all your eggs in the Rex Grossman basket?? I didnt think so. Neither would I...

Final Score

Colts 35 Bears 20

Anoint Peyton G.O.A.T and let the ESPN, National Radio, and everybody else manlove begin for the boy many said(me included) cant get it done in a big game.


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