Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AFC and NFC West ..This'll be quick

Im jus sayin.. These are probalby the most predictable Divisions in all of football. Niether really brings it to the table, and the top teams always underachieve. I will however say this, one of the teams from these 2 divisions, is my odds on favorite TO WIN THE SUPERBOWL...

With that said


LT is gonna come back healthy and pissed. With the addition of the WR's they got in the offseason, and the D, that is there staple, this team is simply unbeatable. If they can figure out a way to get and maintain homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, they will lock the NFL DOWN.

Here's the bottom line, if this team can stay out of its own way, there my pick. Period.

Just Watchin

Denver Broncos 8-8

The lost of Javon Walker, and no premier running back will be huge. I know they have a system, but that system isnt built for baby mama havin rb's who cant stay healthy..Travis im talkin to you.

Not Serious

KC. 6-10

Watchem cuz in 3 yrs they'll have the best DT in football. Watchem cuz of LJ, and maybe even Tony -G. But thats about it.

One Day

Oakland 6-10

I'll say this, despite having my pick of rookie of the yr in Darren McFadden, he wont be enough for the QB, who will need atleast 2 yrs to figure it out. Hey, if they can get it together, with there roster, it will be tough. They have 2 of the best CB's in football, and they are gonna be pretty much out there playin with nothin to lose. I'd like to see them shore up the O-line. Other then that tough young team that will lose 6 easy.

NFC WEST Champs St. Louis Rams 9-7

Not much sizzle here. They 'll be healthy at all the key spots, and will rely heavily on Howie's son on D. Expect a major yr from Stephen Jackson, and Marc Bulger .

Outside Lookin in

Seattle Seahawks.

There nucleus is old, and Julius Jonesm mwill show his true colors fast.


Arizona 5-11

Who's the QB Linehart or Warner, who's the RB, and who is on the D

SF 4-12

Alex Smith might make Frank Gore punch him in the mouth.



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