Saturday, August 09, 2008

RIP Bernie Mac

The best comedian of the 2000's Bernie Mac has died at the gae of 50 due to complications with pnuemonia. Its a very sad day over here b/c I was A HUGE BERNIE MAC FAN.

I wanna remember him NOT for the rift at the Barack luncheon, but for the ALL THE TIME'S HE MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD THAT I WAS IN TEARS...Im gonna miss the hell outta him. If you are not a fan of Bernie Mac, stay away from here as I will be posting a Bernie Mac moment the whole week starting today..His best work in my opinion is shown above with his Motha Phucka bit. tight around the 4 min mark..



At 9:03 AM , Blogger P said...

Not a good weekend.


If you go on eurweb, you will see that he was sick for a few weeks, and that, initially his daughter believed that he would pull through it, but as the weeks progressed, based on the other disorder that had that surpressed his immune system, this is what caused the biggest problem. Bernie Mac. **SIGH** Still in shock.

Makes you think about the fragility and mortality of life. We are all dying every day.

Now that I've started our morning off nice and fresh.

Good morning!

At 5:46 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

couldnt even get into Isaac Hayes..Bernie stings so much..Ima miss the ma that brought us "stir it like mu'puckin coffee"

and man you are right. life looks so small in the lens of this death. it scares you to think that he was just days away from a benefit walkin talkin and being Bernie...


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