Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Beantown Same Old Boston

Day one in Boston kinda started the same as many start for those not use to the area. I got a lot of stare downs, a lot of mean mugs, and the one guy at the bar who DID want to talk to a coworker and myself, thought bar conversation should include the movie American History X..(If you've seen it you know where I'm going with that) All in all the locals for a majority seem nice enough, but one things for sure,the down south hospitality, I take for granted, is no where up here....

In other news, my wife hit me with something, I was wandering if other ladies go through..Football Hangover. All year long, I couldn't get her to watch one game, until the Superbowl. I asked her why this was the case..She said, "B/c football is now over"..I guess in her head, its like going to a funeral for somebody you hate..I thought that was funny, but something tells me many women hate football, and rightfully so. (it takes them away from there husbands).....

what say you?


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