Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big-E Tough on Crime..Every Time

So, 3 days ago I asked of my fellow San Antonians what are the topics you guys want me to focus on when I plan on running for Mayor of this fine city. Unfortunately, I didnt get any responses. Thats ok, Ive done homework on the subject, and turns out San Antonio's Crime rate is the highest in the nation.

The FBI released statistical data that indicated that San Antonio per capital has the highest crime rate, and this was released in May of this year. Driving aorund the city one can easily see why. Prostitution, and Drugs overwhelm the south and south southeast sides. Graffiti removal. cant keep up with new graffiti, and the curfew is flatout ignored, let alone re-enforced.

Electing me as Mayor, is a fix to all of these problems. If elected I will fine parents on Graffiti,

increase fines on kids who are out past curfew, and make the call of putting more cops on the street, and not pulling funds away from a critical needs item for the city.

Now the task wont be easy, and I go into it knowing that there are many pitfalls I might encounter. That being said, Im confident that with me as your mayor, you can rest assured, knowing that your rest is assured.

Big-E Is Tough On Crime...Every Time..


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