Monday, August 18, 2008

I'll get to know you alot better...After...S@x.......

KJ said he enjoyed bloggin so much he wanted to do it again..(Given my schedule, I more then welcomed it) So Without Further adieu..I give you KJ week here at RP.....


Ok so I wanna get ANOTHER HUGE gripe I got about dating right off my chest right now...So im with you, we fealing each other, we leave the spot, and get to yo place.. Everything is going great..Until, you get that GIRL-DONT-LET-HIM-GET-IT-ON-THE-FIRST-NIGHT-THOUGHT. You try to struggle through it as were making out, but you are slowly giving in to your temptaions.. We make it to your room continue ouor kiss/grope fest on the bed. That little voice in your head TURNS INTO A LOUD SCREAM, and the next thing you know, homie at crib watchin Frazier and eating Taco Bell, while surfin porn during the commercails..Hard as Chinese Algerbra, yet frustrated like a fat kid with his hand an empty cookie jar...Nothing Happened..

You call me, and say " I know we went far, but im a "Good Girl" and I dont want you thinking of me like that"..Oh, cuz the latter, you know, thinking of you as an adult who has needs and would like those needs met is to much of a disrespectful mindset to be in..

(Not like im thinking to much at this point anyway)

Look, I know it may not sound this way, but Im callin you back. Alot of young cats consider it a victory if they get you back home and bone, and then conviently loose your personal details, but some of us are more then comfortable seeing where it can go after the sex. I get it, the risk reward in such a scenario benefits the man more then the woman...

But, and im going somewhere with this, maybe a little casual "activity" mixed in can be a good thing...

A couple of the Pros..

1 Its out the way. Why delay the moment, and set yourself up for a possible letdown..If its not that great, it can be worked on, better yet, you can ask that brotha to leave, never call him back, and come up with whatever excuse that fits you..He'll never know.. If its good, then you know right off the bat theres footing...

2. Now that the sex is on the table, the only other intimate detail is the closet, and what skeletons remain there. Self explanatory, but there are some who want to know the following questions..

1. Married

2. Divorced

3. Kids.

If you can get theno trinity (which you wont by atleast 60%) then you know this brother aint attached. Good sex with a brother with no skeletons...Lookie there he got a shot....

The con, you get the YES you dont want..Now ima go ahead and put it out there. Not all of yall, but some of yall are comfortable with a yes up there..Some are cool with 2 yes'es (Yall know who yall are to! ) You get the sex, you get a yes, and worst case scenario, you just created a "buddy"

3. That "itch" is scratched..Thus the basis of my arguement. Who doesnt have an occasional taste for chocolate cake..Who among us doesnt crave every know and again. ITS NORMAL...

Why it gotta be nasty? Are we honestly in highschool again? Sex is just that. Sex... A mutual agreemant of the swapping of personal fluid followed by the potential ejaculation of one if not both of the participants resulting in a calm relaxing state..

THATS MY DEFINITION...I have a great idea of the rebuttal...Here goes...All of the above with emotions attached right??? Well, Im puttin it out there, KJ isnt asking for it on the first night, but if it happens, he wont stop it. Furthermore, if it does happen, and its good, im callin you back..If its bad )(you betta make a helluva

Its out there....



At 3:20 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

Im just gone sit back and let all the fun come yo way....
Not for nothin, but there are some women out there down for the first nightand then some..Probably not at the spots you be at, and probably lookin for a thug to give it to them on that 1st night (lol) but they there..

At 7:30 PM , Anonymous Scott Wright said...

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At 9:22 AM , Blogger smoothie said...


Great webpage, and I linked there, b/c you do provide great draft insight. I will update it , when I get to my laptop..(As well as pass the word)


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