Thursday, July 23, 2009

Running For San Antonio Mayor..

Ha Ha...Made you look...I know its been a while since I actually posted, but to go into the past yr of my life would take more then a post about me running for a position I will never get. But in the short term, yep ya boy E is actually running for political office at his local college.

The way it works is, for my final, I'll be running against fellow classmates and I actually have to convince them to vote for me b/c they cant vote for themselves..Or else we'd have a 13 way tie.

That being said, Im going to post several local hot topic items, you the blogger are gonna tell me which of the top 3 caoncern you, and from there, I will run on those as my platform. You can reply to my post, or as usual email me directly for privacy reasons.

Here's a rundown of some of the more controversial things Ive noticed.

1. Lifting the cellphone ban in school zones. (I have 3 schools on either side of my house)

2. Moving Strip clubs out of the City Limits

3. Free Wireless for the city. (Houston's allready experimenting with this)

4. Turning 281 into a toll road (Im actually for this)

5. Creating Fine for Parents of kids who Graffiti and making them clean up areas there kids tag. (Corpus Christi is doing this)

6. Requiring Sex Offenders to have sign outside of there house.

7. Creating a Car Pool Van Voucher system.

Again Im running off the 3 that you guys tell me. Odds are By next tue. My inbox will be low, but what the hey, its worth a try.

That being said, who knows, this might be the start of me blogging again, stay tuned for my next post tomorrow..



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