Monday, February 18, 2008

Its been a Loong Time....Im Back! Lets Run it Down

Fam, Im so sorry for the late blog post here. My work schedule, coupled with the downing of my laptop has really hindered a homie..So much so, that now When you catch me bloggin, odds are its gonna be late at night. Ya know what fam, rather then tell yall whats been hap'nen, im just gonna give yall the rundown as best I can from the past 2 weeks and hope yall a forgive me...


My boy Mr. P has created a Blog with his wifey I STRONGLY suggest yall catch. Him and wifey bring a his and her perspective to the table that I think can really help folks see things from a couples angle. It can be found
here. ITS ALSO LINKED on my webpage! Go see HOWWELIVING.

When I left yall Hillary was leading..Boy what a strange 3 weeks its been for BARACK! Not for nothin, but ya boy has already RSVPD the San Antonio event he'll be at tommorow, IF you catch me on TV dont trip, us Obamamaniacs gotta do our part....On the real though, Im trying to figure something out fam, which one of these in the BLACK Community so far is shining the brightest.. Barack, Season 5 of The Wire, or MJ's new cd? Barack is now 2 % behind Hillary hear in Texas, and im tellin yall now, thats a bigger number then what it looks like. For all my Texas readers, get out there and get the vote out.

My thoughts on Roger Clemens
Barry Bonds sends his regards Homie...That limelight burn a little on the back of the neck huh?

My thoughts on the Giants
All you Giants fan's done came at me hard enough on the phone and via email, but let me make it clear, I WASNT THE ONLY ONE DOUBINT YOUR TEAM......Paiod Proffesionals on EVERY media outlet thought yall had no shot. Eli should have his Head on the NY Sports Mount Rushmore, and yall better keep Osi around....

My thoughts on the NBA
Pistons and Celtics Winner wins the whole Damn thing...

School Shootings.

This one stings. Ima put this as bluntly as I possibly can, until there s MORE GUN CONTROL, expect more of this craziness. I WANT metal detectors at schools, and backpack checks. Hell I fly what seems like monthly and im checked. Thats just for traveling with strangers. I want my kid who's essentially going to school with strangers to receive the same treatment..