Friday, September 28, 2007

OSF and Football Friday.

In honor of Mychaals Release the song for OSF (Victory) felt like a no brainer..

NFL Football Picks.
Atl vs Hou
Nyj vs Buf
Bal vs CLE
Dal vs Stl
Chi vs Det
Mia vs Oak
GB vs Min
Car of TB
SF vs Sea
Pit vs Ari
Ind vs Den
SD vs KC
Phi vs Nyg
Ne vs Cin

As far as College goes, you have to go with Oregon at home vs. Cal. The winner of this game is going to have USC in its crosshairs so expect it to get rserious really quick in Eugene, 45-39 Oregon.

Caught Grey's Anatomy Last Night ..Another none premiere I couldve done without..Rather then spoil those who havent seen it, i'll just say this, I couldve did without Izzy trying to bring a deer back to life..

Caught The Office Season Premier a well...The writers of that show dont get nearly enough dredit for there genius. I wont spoil you with this one either, I'll just say this , Rabies are a serious illness that take the lives of 4 people annually. Thank god for people like Michael who organize fun runs for a disease that already has a known cure. Brilliant!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Freedom! Mychal Bell is free...

Blackfolk as I type this Mychal Bell is at home with his loves ones curled up im sure in his own bed thinking about the past yr. Its got to be the best feeling in the world. I hope he knows that what he did , was wake a sleeping giant in the Black Community that has been at rest for far to long. People lets not forget that For this young man we united as one either by petition, black outs protest, sit-ins, marches, rally's and you name it...We got together, for one hell of a great cause and got one our own JUSTICE. Lets not stop there . At this moment Genarlow Wilson still sits in a Georgia Prison for consensual ORAL sex. Keep up the good fight, and lets get him home to.
My people, lets not forget today!

Mychal's Free

What You know About Life?

Life is one of the many NEW Television Shows that debuted this fall, and I decided that given the plot it might be woth looking into. Its set around a cop wrongly accused for murder and after spending 12 yrs in jail, he's finally found not guilt by DNA evidence. Officer Crews (our cop) is paid somewhere btwn 20-50 million as that settlement, but insist that as part of the agreement he can return to being a cop as well.

In doing so, he's now looked on by his fellow cops as an outsider, and they pair him with another outsider Det. Dani Reese. (A cuite and former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.) Now, if youve been apaying attention to this blog, you know im a sucker for characters who lead double lives. THIS GUY DOESNT DISSAPOINT.

Officer Crews once a bad ass by mine and every body elses standards learned the art of ZEN while being locked up and now his internal struggle is keeping the peace and trying to find a calming solution to every situation. It gets close at times, but he manages to maintain well.

IF youre looking for a comparison think MONK with a Law and Order twist. I like it. Overall I'd give it a 7.5 with room for a full growth to a 8+ on a 10 pt. scale. Cool things to look for, He has no idea of IM, bluetooth, and mini cell phones.

In other Debut News.. The Grey's Anatomy spinoff dubbed
Private Practice got a serious thumbs down from the wifey. "Its hard to do Cali beyond the age of 19-25." She says Taye Diggs is trying waaayyy to hard, and Kate Walsh ISNT 23 anymore, DESPITE ABC wanting her to be. This wouldve worked alot better with a younger cast and room for her to lead. But, the ensemble cast which is late 30' and early 40's are about as much Cali as we are. Wifey gave Private Practice a 4 with little to know room for growth.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SVU Recap Wednesday..

Well for the Law and Order SVU fans of the world, last night probably couldn't have came fast enough.

Dubbed by this blog and others as the best Season Finale out there, you just knew they had to bring it in there Season Premiere if they wanted to match the level of intensity they had going into the closing of last season.


Ice'T character Det. Toutouella's step son played by Luda was being tried for the Murder of a Woman and her child. He initially admits to all the wrong doings , but due to some shotty underhanded police work, he's let off on several technicalities. He's eventually arrested and the trial begins. At Trial Luda aided by a Captain at 1Police Plaza has enough dirt to bury the entire of the Sexual Victims Unit, and 1 by one from Benson, and Stabler all the way up to the DA convicting him he does just that. In the end, Det. Benson's suspended, (helping her lil bro avoid arrest) Stabler's daughter is served community service for a DUI , and The Capt. is briefly transferred. All of this resulted in a mis-trial in favor of Ludacris and he walks

Season Premiere.

So with all of that we can safely assume that fireworks are in order for the premiere right?? Well not so much. The episode is about a woman(Sex in the City Star Cynthia Nixon) with multiple personalities who allegedly beat the sluttyness out of her daughter. The case appears to be a slam dunk for the DA as Burt (the murderous personality) decides whenever there's a conflict he'll fling chares or rough up anyone in his way, not to mention Petra's (the russian personality) enjoyment of bitch slappin folks. As the trial convenes its determined that girlie is infact insane and she's committed to Bellevue. Burt couldnt resist giving our DA a nice hug to show his gratitude.

Here's where I got a little pissed. Crazy's sister turns up late in the show to validate all the claims and apparently her being raped was the trigger for all of this.

While re cooping from her choke-out session, our favorite DA notices a book on personality disorders firmly in the back of a picture of Lil Sis in the newspaper. From there Benson and Stabler find the nearest snitch and she tells them that this was all an elaborate trick concocted by her and her jailbird sister .

They eventually arrest the Lil sis b/c crazy cant be retried thanks to double jeopardy. Now I'm sitting in the middle of my living room a little pissed. Is this the best they couldve came with following such an explosive season finale? A snafu in a picture in a newspaper. Very House-ish. (for all my House fans, you know I'm not lying) I'm going ot have to give it a 6 as far as premieres go.

Anyone else think it was good or eh? Also what other season premiere's are you patiently waiting for? Here's a couple of mine.

Dexter SHO

Grey's Anatomy ABC

Desperate Housewives ABC

The Game (second best season finale) UPN

The Wire ( If youre not watching this, then god help you...)HBO

Lost ( Tied for best Season Finale) ABC

Noticably Missing.

Nip Tuck (Finished terribly) FX

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If Britney's "Fat" What does that say about the rest of us??

This is a late discussion topic. I'm puttin that out there first. 2 Weeks ago, Britney was the host of the MTV VMA'S and outside of the fact that her performance had about as much flare as a Sitdown session with the Dentist, the buzz was that Britney was "FAT".. Now I didnt watch the awards, but as you can see, I caught the pics. If this is "FAT" my question to society is , what is skinny? My second Qeustion is, do we acutallly want to tell our daughter's that this body type is overweight? Are we looking at the same photo?

I wanna take time to rant on this b/c there are many people in America getting Fat sucked from off of them spending Thousands to get close to this. Not to mention those who get there stomachs stapled, thigh's lypo'd and faces sucked back into there skulls just so they can achieve that "perfect look"
Someone let me know what im missing here. Britney may be and this is a strong MAY be at 133 at the biggest. Givin her frame and the fact that she now has 2 kids I dont consider that fat at all.

Why does the rest of society not see it my way?? Lemme get this straight, if she popped up looking like one of the Olson twins would she then be getting the Britney's starving herself treatment next?

For my people in the know, What constitutes the Hollywood Acceptable size. Keeping in mind, that I am well aware that this varies by age, height, and race. I just want to know the acceptable stats for a Mid' 20's btwn 5'3 and 5"7 white/black/and Latina female. The complete measurements to include weight/bust and hips.

Ive attached what i would consider those who I consider normal If there not let me know how far off am I.

First is Lauren London..Actress. She's African American, and this image is not "Fat" to me She's roughly Brit's age and height.

My second Person is Ugly Betty Star Amerrica Ferrera. Once Again, same age, Latina however, and probably weighs a little more then the other 2, but not by much. Does this look fat? It doesnt to me.
Seriously though, weight is not a matter that I think this society should be throwing around negative labels on. We are one of the fattest countries out there, and have about as much fast food joints as we have ATM Machines. If after 2 kid's Britney can rock that figure and in underwear no less, I say salute her. Our little girls have so much to deal with in society that I dont think promoting an anorexic lifestyle is helping it.

What say u?

Saint Elsewhere, and Why Cheaters never win

Who day, who day, who day say they beat them Saintz? Well the answer to that question appears to be everybody. I know alot of yall readin this layes yall hats on a Saint trip to the SuperBowl. I hate to be the one to say I told you so, but I told you so..

Last night in what shouldve been a home showcase of the Deuce and Reggie show, ended up being the Bullock Young Experience. Im convinced in this, Drew Breez is a GOOD QB, right along the lines with Big Ben, Matt Hassleback and depending on how you look at it Dante Culpepper. (when healthy) He is NOT up to the 2nd tier of Mc Nabb and Carson Palmer, and not even close to Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Drew let loose 3 interceptions yesterday , and on atleast 2 of them, the routs were jumped. On the third, the ball may or may not have been tipped, but IT was thrown into triple coverage. So, odds are that ball was destined for failure after it left his hands anyway.

This Saints team isnt ready people. They still have big gaping holes at Wide out, right tackle, all the secondary positions , and line backer. As for the Titans, another week another reason to believe that in 3 yrs the TITANS are going to be the dominant team in the AFC. They have the QB of the future, whom all he does is just win. Last night all those crittics of his passing game saw him throw 2 touchdowns and pass for 164 yards. Thats more then serviceable for a "Run First " type of QB. When they get Viec some elite Wide outs , a Safety or two and a monster at left tackle. Its over.

Cheaters Never win.

So as many of you know, I went to a wedding in Portland over the weekend. All in all I had a really great time, and there's no doubt in my mind that all my friends did as well. Its a new day now , and for me that means going back to the gym. I typically workout about 4 to 5 day's a week, and on my current diet, I know what I can and can't do to make the weight fluctuate either here or there. The wedding threw a HUGE loophole in all of that. I was eating so good prior to September 22, 2007. Fast food once a month, no beer, Maybe a a mix drink once a week, but nothing to serious. This past Saturday, I decided I was gonna go to Hooters and celebrate. 20 Buffalo Wings later I was just getting started. I hooked up with some peepz from back in the day, and I my modest 1 mix drink a week was multiplied by 8. I curse the 2 gentlemen who cam up with Grey Goose and Bevedere Vodka Martini's. They ruined what was supposed to be a healthy trip for me. Saturday wasnt as bad, but I was still a little hurt from Friday. I had wedding food ( your typical meats and cheeses ) with Riesling Wine.

Sunday was more of the same as well as I ended up eating Chilli's Tripple Sampler and that held me until I got home. Then yesterday happened. It was time to pay the toll at Gold's Gym. My Cybex glyder I honestly think could since that I was a little scared of what would happen If I stepped on it, and my number werent the same as they would normally be. So as anyone self conscience of there weight would do, I upped all the equipment settings to a higher level and ran like I was being chased by the law. It was painful. However, I did burn the most calories Ive ever burned since obtaining this Gym membership (1300cl )some 2 months ago. Also, I didnt feel bad about my cheating b/c I know some of those calories shed had liquor in them.

Now, If I can just stay low while im in Southern Cali in 2 weeks. I'll be back on track.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Portland Trip Report

Sometime's you never really know how much you miss gone, until you go back to it. I was in the Northwest over the weekend, and Man it felt great. 1st off, sorry for the no show on Friday,

I was in the airport, and I be d*mn#d if I'm paying for internet Service. It like air use to be free.
So as I was saying I got the chance to go back to the Northwest over the weekend to celebrate my li'l sisters wedding. (not real but d*mn close) Peepz I just realized The Northwest is my home. Everything about it, I just love. The weather was a nice 83 degrees in day, and a cool 75 at night, the people are still very friendly, and my coffee shops are still in plain view on every block . As far as Portland goes, I got to listen to some sports talk shows and as you can imagine, Greg Oden being out is still the story. The night life is at or around 6. The good is most of the R and B bars/clubs are really close to each other. (off MLK) The bad is there's only 2 R and B bars there total. Everything else is mix/ alternative. Now if youre up there and into scenery, I stayed at Jahnzten Beach Red Lion Hotel. Its location off the lake is simply breathtaking. I woke up to a lake front view over looking a mountain everyday. Thats some Pimp ish if ever Ive seen.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

OSF Joe and Big Pun Still Not A Player

This is one of the first songs I memorized after only hearing it twice.
I liked it so much, it was also the first single I of my fav's..

If youre not there, Please Be in Black Today Jena-6

So today's the day. Today's the rally for Jena-6 and if you're not able to make it, its being encouraged that you wear black in Support of the Six black students who were targeted racially for sitting under a tree. ((KKK)Nooses appeared the day they decided they wanted to sit there)

Yours truly is rocking a black shirt Blue Jeans and Black Shoes. Now if you read the blog, you know I have no problem digging into a racial issue. This one however troubled me. Anytime a school, a High school no less still experiences this type of stupidity and ignorance, it kinda tears slowly at my soul. But, thats life. With that said, I ask that all my people reading take a minute to pray for all those in Jena La. There's a mass exodus of people there now, and I hope that peace is the theme of the event.

Here's some links to the story and A poem from the Boom Crew.

Patty's Piece
Jasmyne's Piece
E's Piece
and poem Must read

Ps..Ive removed Lashawn Barber's Blog from the Roll. Im sure she wont mind but in case youre wandering why here's my piece. I get that youre a black independent (posing as a conservative) but issues like Jena-6 got Zero Attention on her blog. A blog read by thousands daily. Now when I'd normally let this go, she also took the liberty to defend the Top Presential Republican Candidates who decided they'd skip speaking at Morgan State University. C'mon Lashawn all 3 top dogs don't show and you believe that...If the democrats were scheduled to speak at Duke concerning the Rape Case and all 3 missed it, and yet all the Republicans showed, im sure you'd have something to say. Its life I guess..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Freshly Squeezed OJ

You know how I know OJ Simpson isn't as "Black" as many want him , or he thinks he is? Its because after someone BLACK gets caught up and is found not guilty for a crime so serious and so deadly as murder, once there outta the eye of the media , you may never hear from them again. Zero Zip Zilch. Communicatus non Gratis. (my term)

Not OJ. You see this cat is popping up everywhere. And often times doing things that go way beyond the realms of Negrodom and up on some APEX where stupidity is married to Absurdity, producing him as its Bastard offspring. I thought I'd go into
this little fiasco (Warning Uncensored) that I touched on yesterday, but that was to easy, instead, if youll allow me, I'll give a little time line of the Once Hiesmann Trophy Winner turned Murder Suspect, Turned Kick Door Burglar.

The I think They Like Me Era

The Late 70's and Early 80's couldn't been a better time for on OJ Simpson. Retiring from the NFL, you could Catch OJ streaking through Airports for Hertz Rent-a-Car, doing many spot Cameo's in the Naked Gun Series' as well as a couple of Blaxpotation flicks. White people loved him b/c he presented them a non threatening African American Male who was articulate, Sexy, friendly and most importantly, validated. He served as proof that anyone can make it and be successful as he himself was once a Gang Member in San Francisco, and turned his life completely around. As many will attest, he was by and large on the more predominate faces in America as a whole , let alone the African American Community.

Not Guilty.

As most celebrities do, there was a bit of a hiatus in his career, and for the most part OJ was out of the lime light. Then while most of America was watching the Houston Rockets defeat the New York Knicks in 1994 a blip appeared on most of the National Broadcast across the nation stating that OJ was infact being sought after for the Brutal Murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

The worked was on stand still. Why was juice streaking down the PCH much like he did in the air port? Why was he hiding if he was indeed innocent? Where was he going? Innocent people don't flee to Mexico, whats OJ doing? These were just SOME of the questions them me (13) had.

After almost a yr and a half of Jury selections, Trial's and argument work OJ Simpson was found Not guilty, do by and large to the fact that he has some of the best lawyers money can buy, but also due to the mountains of Loopholes and shotty policing done by the LAPD. A nation was instantly divided. Many African Americans who felt slighted by the justice system (some didnt even know who OJ WAS) felt vindicated. Many whites looked at is as a slap in the face to the entire legal process. There once validated, just-like-us except for his skin, honorary token buddy was no longer welcome. He was now a no good murderer.

I wanna Be black Again.

Shortly after being found not guilty if it was associated with blackness Juice was there. He did his FIRST national interview with Tavis Smiley on BET. They haven't had ratings that high on that channel since Ced was hosting Comic View. You could find juice at the Source Awards, BET Music Awards Radio Promo's you name it. Pretty busy work for a guy who was " on a quest to find the killer of his baby momma and her boyfriend."

This i'm sure was his attempt to reconnect with those who he abandoned the moment he got famous. Many weren't buying it. Intelligent black folk knew he was guilty, and even those uninformed knew that this was just a ploy to use the African American Community for there gullibility. Hey its OJ he's the one that BEAT THE SYSTEM was his ploy i'd imagine.

Something Clicked

Then something happened. Of course, someone told him this clever little plan to get back into

the good gracious of people by and large as a whole is failing. So what does the once famed celebrastar do, he decides he's gonna FINALLY start talking about what happened with the case , to include interview's Q&A's (WITH SELECT PEOPLE) and more public appearances. Someone forgot to tell OJ that this is the perfect opportunity to remain low. Then I guess in what can only imagine is the Epiphany of all epiphany's he decides its high time he write a BOOK chronicling how he would've killed his wife if he in fact did such a thing. The sheer though of something so stupid is incomprehensible. Does he realize that his kids are alive and old enough to grasp the concept that dad's out there writing hypothetically of how he would've killed mom?

From Bad To Worse

Fortunately for us all his Q and A about said book would never get aired, and for a brief moment in time OJ would fade away. Then tragedy would strike Anna Nicole Smith. An unexpected death would leave her paternal father to her kid nameless, and who would surface and say he could be the baby's daddy. Yep you guessed it OJ. I honestly think this SOB was convinced that we haven't heard from him enough. That he hadn't been the story in so long that we simply forgot about him.

Of course we'd blow him off, up until recently. Apparently OJ's memorabilia is somewhat of a hot item. So much so that a collector in possession of most of it, caught the eye of America's Beloved Rent-a-Car Guy.

Juice wasn't taking this lightly. It was his belief(at least what he told Las Vegas Officials) that he wasn't kicking the door in to re-acquire anything. He was juist going back to get what was rightfully his ..Legally.

This is where a sane person wanders where Juice was going with this. In what frame of his mind does he think that any one is going to believe his story? There's auditory proof that leads one to believe other wise.

Something tells me however, that Juice will walk away fro this as well. He's scaly enough that he much like your common insect can twist his spine and slide in an out of predicaments in which normal people with vertebrae normally get caught up in. Is he slapping the face of our justice system, or exploiting it for what it is? That's the real question here.

This much is certain. OJ's once flaming star has fizzled into nothing more then a debris pebble from a meteorite set for world wide circulation and glory. OJ had it all and lost it all much like a lottery winner who spends his first 6 to 7 million on poor investments and jet setting. Its ironic that the man who once bridged the racial gap in society, tore it wide open with a murder trial, and is now cast away from both sides by just simply being him.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Football Recap, 10 Things, and Random Thoughts

I'm a go ahead and man up to it now. The Texans are 2-0 and I picked them personally to get embarrassed there first 2 games. That shocking. Being a Native Houstonian, but football fan. I try to be objective and fair as possible, but I just didnt think a change at QB was all it took. Clearly I was wrong. Next week they play the Colts. Im not picking them to win that game (though its in Houston ) either. The way I figure it, If I keep picking them to lose, and they keep winning then im doing my small part to keep the wins alive.

With that said, Lets Roll into the 10 things

10. Who Dat Who dat, who dat say they beat them Saints..Well everybody. Hows that "SEXY" superbowl pick looking now? Oh and Reggie, Ive seen about enough of you. Peyton thinks you need to tone down all the commercials.

9. About those Sexy Chargers..Yeah how's that looking? They ran up against a D that had no Rich Seymour or Harris and still got beat stupid. I'll say again, you need Wideouts to stretch the field, and that team has none.

8. Bengal Fan, I dont want to hear super and bowl in the same Paragraph unless yall are talking about the way Tupperware can hold a salad. 51 to the Browns. 200+ yards to J. Lewis..Please.

7. Panther Fan. Delhomme is solid. Your team just needs a solid #1 running back. Your thunder and lighting lack thunder. No one busted the ball up the gut thus the Texans played the corners and stuffed them.

6. Anyone catch Roy Williams Fantasy Numbers?? I did, 7 for 111 and a TD. Somebody told yall to start him. Self promoting and it feels so good. (The same can be said for LJ by the way)

5. Speaking of LJ. The wheels on the chiefs are coming off, coming off, coming off, the wheels one the Chiefs are coming off, you sould've paid TRENT... Herm, dont look back Whitlock is flaming you .

4. I'll tell you my dirty lil secret Lil secret , Dirty Lil secret ...The 49'ers are really good....And you know what else, theyre gonna win that division. Despite my earlier selection.

3. Vincites, it wasnt his fault they lost. That receiver dropping 3rd and 4 and I cried for you. Thats a catch you have to have. Period.

2. Giant Fan, welcome to the Darren McFadden Draft sweepstakes. Right now, youre behind Oakland, and Atl, but dont sweat Atl, they need a QB.

1. Stand up if you picked Dallas to go to the Super Bowl. Right now youre looking really Smart.

On to the Kids who do it for the Scholly!

10. Longhorn Fan, that was close. You dont need game like these with Oklahoma and A and M looming.

9. Ahh speaking of D. Mc Fadden..Well it wasnt that guy's fault they lost. (195 in rushing ) you just dont go into 'Bama with an agenda. It never works. Its Alabama all they can do is Play Football, that state has nothing else.

8. My boy Vince Jr. Dennis Dixon took it to Fresno. As probably one of the most ANTI Pac-10 people out there, I hate to admit it, but that conference is looking more and more like the teams to beat.

7. Notre Shame. Rarely do things bring a smile to my face as the sheer despicable play Notre Dame is doing. They cant block anyone, and cant stop anyone. They're awful, and it appears there's no relief in sight. AAAAAHHHH YESSS!!!!!!! Hows that genius with the 10 yr ext working out. No Offensive touchdowns since the 4th quarter of the Sugar Bowl...Classic. 0-3

6. Auburn. You to can wrap it up. Yrs of scheduling cupcakes early is finally getting to you like sugar to a diabetic. Keep it up Tigers, youre now that team people WANT to play.

5. Raise your hand if you fell for the USC/Nebraska Hype. This had blowout written all over it. Neb. will win the Big 12 North (seeing that no one else play in it) but leave the big boy Trojans to teams that can put them in their place. Youre not worthy.

4. WVU is really good. Damn good. There speed is something Louisville and Rutgers are gonna have problems with.

3. Guess I couldve left Louisville of that last comment. Kentucky. Kentucky, Cardinal Fan. The basketball school. Not good.

2. Gator fan, stay under the Radar. Just like last year no one thinks you can do it. It is the SEC and though many people respect IT as the toughest conference No bar, people are not sold on you. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR...(thats all im sayin)

1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKLAHOMA you are my SEXY new team of the week. Your defense is great, that kid at QB is a young stud, and those book ends at WR are stretching the field. Boy when yall run Texas out of the River, make room on the bandwagon, its gonna get filled pretty quick.

Random Thoughts

1. OJ, c'mon dawg. You aint got nothing better to do then Play A-Team. Man why cant you stay low. Look, even if dude did have stuff that belonged to you, its YOU BRUH. Juice, you need about as much media attention as Vick, Paris and the Situation in Iraq. Stay low homie.

2. The High School Reunion was held over the weekend. Keeping true to my word I didnt go. Ive yet to hear the early returns, but i'd imagine any event where the Dress Code is = or less than Sunday BBQ attire I'm sure went OK. Nothing beats reminiscing over the past with a hot plate of Chilli Cheese Fries, a 16oz Fun Zone Beer Mug and participating in a Bowla-Disco-Karaoke-thon,with 50 of your distant friends you could harldy remember, and regret not getting to tap. Excuse me while I gag in silence.

3. Finally, I wasnt to impressed with the Season finale of 4400. So now Jordan is RUNNING Seattle now? The USA is going to let a rogue returnee take over one of its biggest cities?? Dont lose me 4400, Ive been down since episode 1. Oh, and if you get read of Isabelle, I'll hunt you all down and kill you one by one. Izzy style.

Friday, September 14, 2007

NFL Pick'em ,Fantasy, and College

Last week ya boy went 13-3 (Packers and Texans) prevented me from going 15-1 and there was literally know way of knowing who'd win Panthers Rams..This week I doubt Im that lucky.

With that said, here's my picks.

Panthers Over Texans
Ya gotta figure Carr remembers some of the trade secrets and shared them right??

Bengals over Browns
The Browns just stink

Colts over Titans
No secondary= big problem for Titans

Saints over TB
Gruden gets exposed game by game this year as a fraud

Rams over 49'ers
its in St. Louis and they really need to bounce back

Steelers over Bills
Fantasy guys , Start Fast Willie this game and Hines Ward!

Packers over Giants
Not sold on Lorenzen. Also, Driver should have a huge game.

Jag's over Falcons
The Brian Brohm regime can't start fast enough in the ATL.

Cards over Seahawks
Linehart Bounce's Back, and Adrian Wilson is gonna crush Alexander

Cowboys over Dolphins
It'll be closer then it should be. Ronnie Brown is overrated, this game it'll show

Lions over Vikings
Vikings have 0.0 in there secondary. Start Roy Williams fantasy guy.

Broncos Over Raiders
What happened to this rivalry?? Cutler will throw for 300. Fantasy guy Javon goes off Sunday.

Bears over Chiefs
Herm that feeling on your neck, is angry fans calling for your Head. Sit LJ fantasy guy. I know this is blasphemous, but he's not getting off vs. the Bears.

Ravens over Jets
Ray Lewis will walk off with Clemens helmet.

Patriots over Chargers.
No one AND I MEAN NO ONE plays the us against the world card BETTER then the Pats. LT popped off, he'll get a friendly reminder of that come Sunday. It'll be close for a little while, but the Pats walk away with it.

Eagles over Skins
To many blitz packages will confuse Campbell. He'll learn from this for the next meeting. Not so much on Monday night though. 27- 10 Eagles.


To Recap,

From a Wideout Perspective the 3 Gems you cant go wron with are

1. Pick A Colt WR. and Start him

2. Roy Williams WR Det.

3. Javon Walker.

Running Backs

1. Sit LJ (Trust me)

2. Start Fast Willie Parker

3. Start Stephen Jackson
Heres Some of My College Picks for you to ponder on
1 USC Over 14 Neb
Not even close. Sorry ABC/ESPN you wont fool me with hype
5 Florida over 22 Tennessee
This may be one of the many reasons Fulmer loses his job come the end of the year
ALABAMA OVER 16 Arkansas
Look, we love Mc Fadden Here, but Saban can coach.
15 Georgia Tech over 22 BC
BC Plays tough but that Georgia Tech Team is the best in the ACC
Michigan Over ND
My plan to ruin all things ND takes another turn for the great when Mike Hart goes for 200 on ND


Take UNLV over Hawaii.
UNLV sends a member of there Secondary to the Pros every year. Colt Brennan wont see them coming.


In honor of the recent news in Portland, I decicded to select Tony Toni Tone's joint, All you ever give me is the blues..It may never rain in Southern Cali, but when it rains in the Northwest, it poors...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Portland Fan...Damn

I just heard the news..Damn....just Damn...Look at it this way, QB's in the NFL sit out there first years as well. Get well GREG. By the way, this cat still looks 40...Damn...

Who has the Keys? Who do you kill to get it?

*****The Following is a Game and Not real..If it were real, I woudlnt be posting it to a blog*****

So you wake up dazed and confused in a Dark bathroom/basement. To your left is a note that reads "Look Down". You instantly notice there's an Ipod placed nest to your foot so you grab it and press play on it This little fellow shows up saying:

"Hello, if youre hearing this know that youre in a room slowly filling with carbon monoxide. You have 20 Minutes to locate the keys that open the door right behind you. The keys to the way out lies within 3 of the 5 bodies laying next to you. (In an instant youre flashed a picture of an X-ray showing the key in someone's small intestine. ) (The Flash is over and his face re-appears. Should you fail to locate the key to escape the room know that I will completely fill the room with gas and kill everyone in their. Youre playing my game b/c you say you hate these people. Well lets see if you hate them enough to save your life"

The Ipod stops and now you panic. You unveil the first person next laying next to you and notice that its Flavor Flav. Youve accused him on many occasions of selling the race short and objectifying women with his new sho Flava of Love. Do you think you hate him enough that Jigsaw has placed a key inside of him for you to dig out?

You crawl over to the corner and notice the next person is a little smaller in stature. You can tell by its frame as you draw closer that its clearly a woman, you get close enough to unmask her and its none other then Karrine Stephans AKA Superhead. She came out with a book and set women back some 20 yrs with her literally alleging that she sexed up celeb's for money and fame. Her nickname alone sickens you. Did jigsaw notice your hate for her?

As you stumble to your feet you notice a stairwell. You make your way down it and notice that there are 2 people handcuffed together. Removing the duffel's from there head you notice its Barrack Obama and Al Sharpton. This puzzles you B/c why would these 2 who are so opposite in so many way be handcuffed together. You fumble through your pockets looking for a cigarette to calm your nerves noticing that 5 minutes have already elapsed and there's another note. It reads "One of the guys handcuffed knows"..Thats all its says... What do they know? How does it save me ?

There's a loud banging coming from a closeted area so you make your way back up the staircase to investigate the noise and notice that its another female voice. There's a lock unhinged on the closet and you slowly cautiously open it and rolling out of the closet in a near epileptic state foaming at the mouth is none other then Secretary of State Condy Rice. After her shakes stop she then goes into a nocturnal state and rolls over on her back. There's a note attached to her saying " Loyalty to the end."

What does this mean you wander? Could he (Jigsaw) be referring to her steadfast loyalty to W.? Could this mean that she's a clue and kill her last? What is it? You check your watch and you notice you have 10 minutes left to make a decision. Who holds the key to your exit out of this nightmare? Why did jigsaw get these people together and what is he trying to say? How do I figure out who has the key? How do I do this without killing someone?

All of a sudden there's a rumble in the room, people are beginning to gain there conscience. Do you tell them about the Ipod? Do you go into the scenario? Suddenly youre approached by Sen. Obama with Rev. Al in fold, He approaches you, and says, "Excuse me, where are we, whats going on?"

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock.......

Why has jigsaw brought this group of people in? Who has the keys and who leaves out alive?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Givin Good Sistah's Props

Alright, so my last two picks were some what different. Lets just say that they at the very least conversation, and as a blogger thats really all you can ask for. Ok, so this week's sistah I decided to go a different road with. For starters, she's rich Filthy rich. Infact so much so, im pretty sure she could bathe in 50's dry off in 20's and sleep in atop enough Big Face Hundy's to wallpaper your house a 1000 time's over.
Her generosity has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide from either donating millions to a charity of her choice, or opening schools in 3rd world countries for those in desperate need.

She's still single , (even though she's been with the same cat for quite some time) and like a fine wine with age she's actually improved with her looks.

If you havent figured out who this iconic figure is, well guess no more..Its OOOOOPRRAHHH!
Our very Own Dos XX' Woman!
Its hard to say was already hasnt been said about Oprah, but i'll drop this nugget her way, in the event she ever googles her name. If I ever had a daughter, and she told me se wanted to be like Oprah, I know I wouldve raised her right b/c she couldnt have picked a better role model outside of her mom herself.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you September 11th 2001

I can remember exactly where I was when the news hit that America was Under Attack. We were circling the San Fransisco Harbor getting ready to pull in for Fleet Week. Then a Second Class Petty Officer stationed aboard USS Lake Erie, we had been travelling and doing exercises for 2 weeks off the California Coast in hopes that we could finally pull in and get a much deserved break.

Then it happened, roughly 0511 am PST the word was passed over the Ships Communication System that all had gone awry. We were a mere 2 hrs away from Liberty , Sweet Liberty, all that came crashing down (no pun intended) when those terrorist came swooping into the World Trade Center. There are rare times when I can say I was proud to serve. That was one of those times. At that moment, like Every American my initial mind frame was revenge. I wanted us to load up every Nuke we had and parking lot AFGHANISTAN.

I dont need to go int othe details of what went down the next 6+ yrs, but somehow Saddam got drug into it, Bush is making Secret Trips to Iraq, and Osama is still out there putting out his hate message.

Rather then tell you my view's on the day, I just wanna know where you were and what was your thought process when you heard the news that we were under attack?


My people sorry for the late post. Monday I spent on the road, and I decided that I would do a complete wrap-up of everything Once all the games were completely over .

With That said Lets roll right into College.

Oregon V. Michigan.

What I thought would be Michigan paying back all the haters who doubted them , quickly turned into the Dennis Dixon show. For all my Vincite's reading be on the look out for this kid, he's the spitting image (game wise) of the one we came to love. Oregon completely man handled Michigan and the only good thing Michigan can look forward to is playing Notre Dame next week.

Speaking of the Fighting Irish.

As Ive told yall, all year I plan on chronicling there every game, so best believe this past weekend I made it a point to watch Penn St. (Linebacker U) completely crush Notre Dame. What makes this sad, is Charlie Weis Offensive genius, has yet to in 2 games score a Touchdown. Clausen his freshman phenom looked horrible and the running game is going nowhere.

Let me guess though, none of that is a coaching issue right? Its the players. Its a rebuilding year. well, if i'm using the Willingham rules as established by Notre Dame none of this matters. Only Winning Does. So, here's to winning. Up next for the Fighting Irish, Michigan at the Big House. This game could go either way, but Im leaning on Michigan to get it done here.

Auburn USF

This one kinda stung. Not b/c Auburn didnt see it coming( USF plays tough) but because you knew that after years of scheduling non conference Cupcake's Tubberville was waaay overdue!

Over the past 3 yrs Auburn's played Citadel, Buffalo, and Ball State to name a few. Congrats to USF on breaking a very disturbing trend Tubberville has.

On to the NFL. Here's the 10 Things I learned over the Past weekend watching the Big Boys!

10. Somebody anybody mix in a stretch or to before the game starts. Youd be surprised how much that little thing prevents Injury. Did anybody notice how many seasons were ended on week 1?? (Try 6) with about 10 orso cats out at least a week.

9. The Raiders Suck. Here's to getting Mc Fadden. I knows its only week one, but its Detroit, YOURE HOME , win..

8. There are some Secondary Coaches out there who need to start looking for other way's to "FEED THERE FAMILY". I havent seen that much Burnt Flesh since my last time at Cattleman's Stakehouse. Also, can someone tell Roy Williams he's a linebacker..Quit fronting the gig is up.

7. Patrick Willis scares me. For real. I dont know how many of you caught his act last night, but it was monsterous. 11 tackles, 1 Forced Fumble, AND 5 QB pressures. (1 of the 5 of theDe-cleating worthy) Can you say D-ROY??

6. I dont care if there cheating or not, If Randy Moss can get into your secondary out run and score on 4 catz, then a change is needed. That was filth. Pure filth he pulled against the Jets.

5. TO, Randy, and Marvin, are still the very best in the business. Irregardless there ages, they all produced combining for 350+ yrd catching and 4 touchdowns.

4. From a Fantasy Running back perspective, If you started Reggie, LT, LJ, Stephen Jackson, or Frank Gore, how's that work out for you? Exactly. Your week one leader in rushing Chris Brown Tennessee Titans. Did you see how he ran it ran it...I couldn't resist.

3. Mario Williams For President! Before this Blog started, several of us sat around on draft day puzzled like the rest of the nation on the pick of The Houston Texans. Many thought (well I did anyway) that Vince should have been taken #1. Some thought Reggie Bush should have got the nod, but no one thought Mario should have went above both of them. His rookie season compared to the other 2 made all the doubters seem right. 4.5 sacks 40 tackles and some lackluster play didnt help. Well against the Chiefs, he more then made up for his rookie short comings. 2 Sacks, 5 tackles and A Fumble Recovery for a touchdown. Keep it up boy!

2. Life Sucks in Atlanta Now. Joey's well Joey, and Warrick's injured. Couple all this with the fact that there's no one on defense capale of stopping the run, and I predict they'll be fighting the Raiders for the #1 overall pick in next years draft.

1. Slow Down Patriots and Chargers Fans. The Colts still looked more then worthy of making this thing interesting come January. LT, youre team needs to stop messing around and get the receivers more involved. Hoodie, the gig is up on yall cheating. All the Colts do is win. And they do that with the Best 1-2-3-4 COMBO in the game. Payton, Addai, Harrison, and Wayne make up the best offense in the business. That can make up for shotty defense play.

Offensive MVP WEEK 1 Randy Moss 9 Rec 183 yards 1TD.
Defensive MVP WEEK 1Mario Williams 2 Sacks 5 Tackles 1 Fumble Recovery for a TD.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Roundup

Anyone watch the Live Assault handed down to The Saints Last night. Addai walked through them Like DJ UNK at a step show. Oh yeah You might wanna check Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison, I hear there pretty good.

With the recent news of Halle becoming Pregnant, who know tops your Goddess list. For the record Halle being pregnant doent tarnish her standing, but the real question now is, who's ready to carry trhe torch in her abscence.
I have a person in mind.. Who's yours?

So which show are you most looking forward to coming back. There were some GREAT cliffhangers left out there. And to give you a Recap

Ended with Jack and Kate somewhere saved completly OFF the Island. Jack Attended someone's funeral. And decipherment of a Newspaper Clip produced nothing oveer the web

Ended with Wang stood up with her finance leaving, and one of the interns failing his final.

Law and Order SVU
Ice-T's SON (LUDA ) spilled the beans on the entire force to include the DA. Many were called in front of IAD

Eva Longorria's character married a politician who i'm convinced has mobb ties.
These are just a few of the previews that will lock me in place come September 20th-30th. What are yours and why. (Oh dont think I forgot about the Wire I just cant give it a one liner. )

Either Youre buying 50 or Kanye next Tuesday, after the hype thats pretty much became the final conclusion in the Hip Hop World. Well Stuart Scott weighed in with his take, and all im saying is this, I would go opposite of BOOOYA!

Another FEMALE teacher admits to having sex with kids. This time she had sex with 5 middle schoolers. Fella's I will live and die on this platform, if this were a man, it would be the top story on every major news outlet in the counrty. As its stands now, its a ticker on CNN. Where's the justice. Also, its funny to me how little things are put into perspective. She sexes up kids and she'll probably serve the same amount of time someone who fights dogs gets. This crazy world.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Footballz Upon Us...

Rather then run down 10 things you should know ..

Im just gonna bust out some picks . Dont worry 10 Things you should Know Before NFL Sunday as well as Monday Nuight Preview will all be here next week.


Colts over Saints
-Payton's gonna go pass happy. I wander when teams are gonna figure out that Wayne's the one who's really killing you out there..


KC over Houston

-Just cuz i'm from there it dosent blind me. Who's gonna stop LJ?

Min over Atl
-No Vick no win

Phi over GB
-D. Mc is Back.

Was over Mia
- I love me some Shawn Taylor.

Ten over Jac
VY for President!

Pit over Cle.
Cle might not win a game all year.

Den over Buf
I love me some Jake Cutler. (Oh yeah that Bronco secondary is pretty Lethal as well)

Stl over Car
On Turf Jackson will look like a God

NE over NYJ
Brady might throw for 4oo.

SD over CHI
Yeah...If I were Urlacher, Id keep Merrimans name out of my mouth..Its not like he's ever going to be on the field with him at the same time. (Im sure Rex would appreciate it)

Sea over TB
TB is really old now

Det over Oak.
Its a little early for the Mc Fadden Bowl

Dal over NYG.
The season hasnt even started yet and the Giants have drama. Way to keep it focused.

Monday Night X2
Cin over Balt
Chad's gonna get popped, but they'll win at home.

SF over Ariz
Shhhhhhhhhh Dont tell anybody, but the 49ers are gonna be really good this yr..Our secret...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fellah's Its not a Fluke Halle's Pregnant..

Yep you read that correctly. Halle's pregnant. You can officially step out of that Halle's hasn't noticed me line yet. Boy I tell ya, much props to Gabriel. Youve done what millions (and trust me on that number) would have gave anything to do. LOCKED HALLE DOWN.... Hey Gabe, you da' man. PERIOD..

Link To Story

Message Clip of the Week: American Apparel

With so many show's set to premiere this fall, yall know i'm a huge fan of America's Next Top Model..Well check out what The Message Did..Funny!

Giving Good Sistah's Props

Thanks to all for the many submissions for Good Sistah's. THIS much like Memba when started with a possibility of what if I did this, and now its outta of my control. Well, Ive heard your suggestions and there have been some really good ones. (Sorry perves no JACME, HUNTER'S OR SUPERHEAD).

Good Sistah Profile #3 Kerry Washington

Age: 30
From: The Boogie Down (Bronx NY)
Occupation: Actress
Relationship Status : Dating

Why We Like Her: As an Actress, she's covered the full spectrum of roles keeping herself always employed, and her fans always wanting more. Weve been blessed to see her nude in She Hate Me. (also as a lesbian in the same movie) Weve seen her opposite of some of the top brutha's in the game now to include , Chris Rock Forest W., and Jamie F. Through it all she held her own. Not to mention has anyone noticed that she's quite possibly one of the cutest actresses regardless of race on the big and or small screen? Its my PERSONAL belief, that SHE has the best Lips out there
(despite what you may hear about someone else) .

Good Sistah Profile #4 Houston Texans Cheerleader Kisha

Age: 25
From: Mo-City (South Houston) Texas
Occupation: Consultant/Cheerleader

Why we Like her: Her bubbly personality and amazing looks more then make up for the fact that she cheers for one of the worst franchises in the business. She’s enjoys dancing and likes to watch football. What red blooded man doesn’t like a gal who can sit down and watch the game with you? From a looks perspective, you won’t find much better then her, and as an added bonus I’ve even provided an additional photo of her. For More pics of Kisha Click Here .

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Irish Fan, I think you Better Call Tyrone..........Call Him

Now dont think that as a living breathing red blooded African American Male that this next post is meant to offend the very proud and prideful fans of Notre Dame, but If you are a Golden Domer, and are easily offended, I strongly suggest, YOU TURN AWAY NOW!!!!!!!

Hmm, 3 yrs ago someone in Notre Dame leadership figures that the reason that the Fighting Irish are losing is because of Tyrone Willingham. Period. Not the fact that Bob Davies left him literally nothing to start with. Not the fact that the entrance standards for that school are some of the toughest in the country. Not even the fact that the schedule Notre Dame plays (atleast when he was there ) was one of the toughest in the country. Nope, none of that mattered. What mattered to many of the alumni, fans, Studio Analyst, and racist local die hards was winning, And despite the fact that Tyrone was doing so, he wasnt getting it done in BIG games, and his bowl record was attrocious. With that said, after 3 yrs he got the can.

In comes Charlie Weis. Lets see, Junior QB and all around stud Brady Quinn, check. Potent Offense check. No wonder you hire Charlie, heck he coached a Super Bowl lead offense so this should be a slam dunk. Well the defense was still a problem. Infact so much so, that in those "BIG GAMES" Notre Dame under his watch has surrendered on average 33+ point to its opponents. But I digress, b/c thats not the purpose of this rant.
Charlie, after one season and a pretty embarrassing Bowl Loss got a 10 year extension. One year. The next season, same result. Yet he still gets lauded as one of the best coaches out there. Oh by the way, they get boat raced in that bowl game as well. (I swear LSU could tapped a hundy if they chose to)
Enter the 3rd season under Charlie's watch. A home game. Season opener, and yep you guessed it, Charlie gets embarrassed by Georgia Tech. The game wasn't even close. Now, If Tyrone was coaching that game, how many of you out there think Michigan would be the story?

Exactly what I thought as well, Zero. You gotta think that there's a blind story here waiting to be cracked, and I your ace detective will glady go where no one wants to go..

Source Espn

Tale of the Tape.

Charlie Weis Record
2005 - 9-3 BCS Bowl Loss to Ohio St. 34-20 (Really wasnt close as score indicates)
Key Losses USC, OHIO ST.

2006 10-3 BCS Bowl Loss ot Lsu 41-14 (Another Beatdown)
Key Losses USC (Beatdown) Michigan (Beatdown) and the BCS
KEY Win #19 Penn St.

0-1 Loss to Georgia Tech 33-3 (Beatdown)

Now, if youll notice every BIG school Notre Dame played under Charlie's watch, they got beat down. To be fair, they did beat Michigan 17-10 in 06, and they also served up Pittsburgh (then ranked 23) as well as Purdue. But its Purdue I coudlve left them off and you wouldnt have noticed.

Tyrone Willingham's Record
2002 10-3 Bowl Game loss to NC ST. (Beatdown 28-6)
Key Loss USC (Beatdown 44-13)
Key Wins 18 Maryland, 11 Michigan, 23 Pitt, 16 Fl. State.

2003 5-7 Many Losses against Ranked Teams (#4 Mich) (#1 USC) (#13 Purdue) (#8 Fl St.)
Key Win #14 WSU

Record 6-6 Bowl Game Loss To Oregon State.
Key Losses ( #1 USC Beatdown) (#15 Purdue Beatdown)
Key Wins ( 11 Tennessee) (#7 Michigan)

Now if youre telling youreslf E youre crazy Charlie's record is way better then Tyrones. Thats fine, but have you looked between the numbers. How many RANKED Teams did Coach Willingham face vs. Weis? How many top 10' teams did Coach Willingham See vs. Coach Weis.
Getting the picture now? Im willing to bet any of you out there that if Coach Weis had faced the same schedules Coach Willingham faced, the results would have been very similar.

But , lets call it what it is, a slap in the face. You gave Charlie a 10 yr extension after taking Tyrone's team (a very junior and sr lead team at that) against scrubs and producing a 10-3 record. To me this represents the very worse in sports. It kinda reminds me of Tony Dungy coaching all that time in Tampa to hand it over to John Gruden who then wins Tony's Superbowl. (Another black man..Im just sayin)

Now, for all the Irish reading this waiting to put Tyrone's Husky record up there, let me remind them that the Huskies have been a down football team in the Pac 10 for yrs before Tyrone got there.