Monday, April 30, 2007

So Akon and R Kelly walk into A bar....

And in this bar, Akon orders a drink..He looks around the room to see if anyone notices him and alas the coast is clear...then all of a sudden the bartender walks over to akon and says "Sir, your drinks been paid for by the man at the end of the Bar"..Disturbed by this Akon grabs his Pina Colada and walks over to the man and says, "Thanks , to whom dom I owe the credit to????"

The man tips his brow, takes off his sunglasses and says, "No son it should be me thanking you." The look on Akon's face is now one of astonishment as the mans identity is revealed, and its none other then R Kelly....He says, "thanks to your new concert footage, I can finally get a little sleep at night...And oh yeah , for what its worth, I didnt know she was 15 homie.." And like that R. Kelly is gone....Akon finishes his Pina , reaches into his pocket to grab his in case of emergency J and lights it up..

Brady thought he'd be a Dolphin but they said NO, NO,NO..

Ahhhhhhh yes.......The NFL draft came and went over the weekend, and despite a few surprises, pretty much every thing went as expected..The Raiders took Jamarcus Russell, manchild QB from LSU, The Lions took a Wide Receiver..No big shock there, they take em every year, and the Texans took another D-lineman, again no big shock if thats all you draft year after year..My friends, the true drama came at the 9-spot with the Miami Dolphins on the Clock..Every body just assumed that they were getting Brady Quinn..Hell brady himself, all but knew it as he was getting ready to stand up, but nope no call....Instead Ohio St. Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr, the man I dubbed 1MG (that stands for 1 Move and gone ) was drafted in his place..Then the waiting happened..Every year some poor sap is stuck in a waiting room waiting for his name to be called and normally I feel a little sorry for them, but in this case, when it was Brady Quinn, I was pumped..Frankly, I couldn't have been more happier...He's a product of hype and nothing more..ESPN, NBC and the powers that be put him in his position..He's awful in big games and lacks accuracy..I saw him at best as a 2nd round pick..

3 Hours later Cleveland finally sold there sole and gave up a couple of Draft picks to dallas to snag Brady at the 23 spot..

In other News, no need to watch much more of the NFL if you dont live in New England...With that team acquiring Randy Moss and Adalius Thomas in the offseason, you can put it on the board, championship....

Friday, April 27, 2007

Old Skool Friday..Naughty By Nature..You Down With OPP?

Where were you and how pumped up did it get you whenever you heard this track??
At the begining of this video when dude takes the ring off and drops it on the table, classic...

Damn Skippy Im With it

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Memba When You Wern't To Good For Mc Donalds..

I already know what you thinkin fam..Whats E talking about, I still eat at Mickie D's sometimes, I mean at least once or so monthly...I can remember a time when folk always used this place as a cop out when the had no intentions whatsoever of cooking at all... I can remember when cats would take there dates there either before or after the movie through the Drive Thru..Now we are simply to good for this joint..When its mentioned in conversation, we act as if the person who brought it up is the Cheapest Sonova' Bitch on the planet, and a place that was guaranteed to get hit up at least twice in a week, now may only get our custom probably once in a month..(for those who have kids maybe twice)

Now im not advocating, because Mc Donalds didnt give me one red cent for this, what happened was, I was driving home yesterday from work and it had to be around 645 orso, and when I stopped at the light I saw something that shocked the living #Q%^ out of me..An empty Mc Donalds Drive Thru... If around that time you see an empty drive thru from that place, odds are its closed for construction, this one wasnt...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I work with a big time Know IT all A$$...I dont plan to sugarcoat this person's behavior because I actually root for him to fail...In the year and 2 months ive been on this job, Ive sen him throw a pool stick at a woman who was sharking him(the same con he successfully accomplished on 2 people not even an hour earlier) Ive seen him discredit the reliability of our competitor not even 2 feet away from them..(we work in the same office) , and Ive seen him throw caution to the wind and bad mouth our current employer..Fortunate for me in that case our employer caught him in the act as he heard each and every word while standing behind him.. At no point has he once gave me credit for anything..

In the time ive been at this job , there hasnt been a day that went by where Ive asked myself, was the military THAT BAD???? Dont get me wrong, for those who served you know, but my peepz who never have, outside of the school nerd no one payed attention to whos now your supervisor, you can deal with the military, but civillian life is swim with the sharks , or get eaten alive...So last night , while watching the Bulls deliver the Heat there second loss in the series, I came to a moment of clarity, WWRJD...What Would Ray-J Do??

I figured in my case Ray-J would do either 1 of 2 things to make his current employer realize that he mean bizness and should be repsected..

1st He'd pull his pants down and choke out his supervisor with his snake....(Im not gay but you cant miss the size of Ray's package..)

2. He'd go to big sis for advice..

Now since I dont have a big sis with quite the monetary wealth like Brandy, im really left with one other option..Drop Pants apply sleeper hold...Thanks Ray-J, you just made my work day alot easier....E

For my peeps who from time to time get hung up on a problem in life ,work, or whatever, always ask yourself WWRJD??

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

T-Mac May Mean it this Time...

Ok, if you missed the Steven A. Smith interview T-Mac gave dont feel bad, I did to, me and ESPN onl getalong in the mornings..Long story short, T-Mac told Screamin A that in the event the Rockets dont get out of the First Round, A task that niether He or Yao has ever done, put all the balme on him..Gotta give T credit for backpackin that kind of Responsibility..I just wanna say after watchin last night, I for one am convinced that this time, He's serious about his bizness and I can see no way that the Rockets get stopped..

With that said, T, its not just about you..We still need solid play from Luther, and somebody needs to tell Rafer its ok to pass up on the 3 every now and again.. The Rockets are currently up 2 games on Utah with games 3 and in Utah next.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Bigger Dissapopintment Mavs or Spurs???

Both of these teams were expected to sweep by many, and even though they may still win, both were very disappointing in losses yesterday..Dallas got beat at there game yesterday,with Dirk only scoring 14 points, and San Antonio, allowed AI and Melo to drop 61 on them...Watching Manu chase Carmelo around was worth the price of admission itself.....

If I had to pick one , i'd go with San Antonio..Nelson knows his old team, I can see Golden State going down in a man fight, but SA they, were picked to sweep by quite a few...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bill Russell to Give NBA a Second Run

Just when you thought Bill Russell was wearing cat out in college with his tenacious Deefnse and Monster Dunks, he's decided to step his game up and play the likes of Yao, Dwight Howard, and Shaq, on a full time basis..For what its worth, he's beastly, but I'd like to see him work on his 8 foot game.

Old Skool Friday Das EFX They Want EFX

When this track came out, I swear I couldnt understand one word of it

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Love American Idol: Season 3 Fantasia

Well, I gotta be honest, last night was awful for me...Sanjaya got sent home, Lost left me a huge cliffhanger, and I missed my Astros comeback win...But, this morning, things got a little cheery..One of my peepz put me on to a story i'm pretty sure AI as well as Lifetime exec's DO NOT WANT TO SEE.. It doesnt take a genius to figure out who the above is who got her cellphone hacked into, I'm just wandering , in this day and time, can you really be safe with bucky-nekked pics on a sidekick???? Having never had the N.U.T.zzzzz to ever do something so bold, to those who do, are you ever concerned something like this may happen???

Memba When You got Your First Pair Of Jordans?

I was in 3rd grade and pictured above is the Very first pair I ever got..Of course mine were red, and MJ had the nerve to put these joints about 2 months later after I got mine, thus making my pair obsolete..MJ was a son of a bitch that way more I think about it..I mean, you know he's putting out a pair 4 times a year, At the start of school, pair 1, Xmas, Pair 2, All star Break pair 3, and right before the summer pair 4...I only got shoes Twice, once at school start, and then again after Xmas, and rarely was MJ's hitting the set twicein a school year..

I digress, I can remember my first pair fondly because I had to walk to school in them..Needless to say I found every hard road and pavement available for this treck. There was a trail that cut about 35 minutes off of this walk, but If I came home with those $110.00 dollar shoes ruined, I was gettin beat down..I remember going to sleep with the box, and reading that book that came with them that talked about special fibers in the shoe blah blah blah....Ultimatly I was just looking at it for the preview of the next pair of Jordans coming out...

My best memory came in school when I got to rock them bad boys on the second week..You never flipped the set on week one..You had to peep the game out to see who was going to show there entire wardrobe...MJ over the next 13 yrs would take 850.00 dollars from me in total..Bruh loved his J's..To bad that only got me 6 pair over that time...

Guess Who The Bulls Get to Play Now...Update

Pretty Much forget everything I said earlier about the east...Well not everything, dont worry this preview wont be near as long, but I do have a team I had winning losing now....

I still have 1 Detroit Sweeping 8 Orlando...No need to into details..That'll be quick

Change 1..2 Seed Cleveland Vs. 7 Seed Washington
Long Story short, no help for Antwaan equals Lebron, and fam making quick work of the WIzards...
Cavs Win Series 4-0

Change 2..3 Seed Toronto Vs. 6 New Jersey..
Toronto's gotta be pissed about this one...They were sitting pretty 2 days ago against the Wizards, but the Nets are a wild card team..To much talent in the backcourt vs. young and inexperienced team equals
Nets Win..4-3
..As a side note, can you imagine how pumped those Raptor fans are gonna be when Vince Carter Walks into there gym for a playoff game as a Raptor..

Change 3..4 Bulls Vs. 5 Heat..The Rematch from last year..My boy E over at bgdboom will no doubt be glued to this one..Last year this series was riddled with controversal calls and some may argue that D- Wade was given more chances then normal to get to the foul line..Right out the gate the big man challenge is a wash..Shaq and Zo Vs PJ, Big Ben and Tyrus will cancel out..So now you go backcourt..I have to give the Bulls a slight nod here..D-Wade is coming off of injury, but he says he's healthy..Still, Hinrich and Gordon are good..Bench battle goes to the Heat..All in all, I have to go with the Bullz winning, based on Revenge and homecourt. It'll go 7 so I hope they all packed a lunch..Bulls 4-3

A Little Part of Me Died Last Night....

Sanjaya you are going home....I had to rewind it on my DVR to make sure I actually heard it correctly...Then silence, followed by frustration, then relief..Damn, somewhere El Debarge is poppin bottles of crystale knowing that the title of most successful effeminate male is still under lock and keep for another year....

Joakim Noah, you better deliver in the NBA...I got alot riding on you...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sanjaya Had me So I coldnt Sleep at NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Ah my people my people, my people...............Last night was rough for me...My boy Sanjaya killed it on stage and honestly, i am a little scared that this may be the night, he, is sent home.

Quick Recap,

So Instead of hiding Realpeeplz favorite son at the very end like they did last week, this time AI decided it would stick Sanjaya square in the 3 spot, and alllow him as much early face time as possible. His song is Bonnie Rait's Lets give em' Something to Talk About, and to quote him
I chose this song because thats what I do every week
....Damn he wasnt kidding..He just about sang that song as bad as any song ive ever heard on that show...Dont get me wrong, he looked great doing it, but my peepz, it was brutal. He was off key, off beat , and sang the entire song basically on one note.. When it was done you can tell by the look on his fave he know he bombed it, but you have to give my guy credit, he had so much fun with it, that you could hardly tell he just went on stage and @#$^ himself.

So now im nervous. Of course I voted for him(at my count 8 times) but was it enough?? My insider say's that before he went to bed Sanjaya Lakisha and Chris Richardson were to close to call before Hawaii had a chance to vote. People this is driving me crazy...Vote Sanjaya is a movement now. If he makes it through this, get the word out, keep this kid on...

For the better in You, Solid Money can be put on Lakisha and Chris Richardson in the Bottom 3..As far as who's going home, I hope its Chris Richardson, but solid money is telling me Sanjaya..I sure hope I am wrong..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RealTalk Language and All Things Hip....

Real Talk for a Moment...

Let me be as frank as i have ever been, and if youre offended by it, its cool,because what i'm about to say may offend you, but if I dont say it, then I feel my little space in the blogospshere is being waisted, and my real talk would be nothing more then real bullshit....

Blackfolk, We are the biggest bunch of Hypocrites that God has put on this planet...In my lifetime, I have used the words Bitch, Ho, Whore, Fag, Gay, Faggot, Dyke, Nigga, Niccca, Nicka, Nappyheaded Ho, Baldheaded Ho, Stupid Ho, Fat Ho, Freak, Slut, Train, Train Station, and at a minimum 1000 or so times....Hell as a kid, if you were my boy, you were my nigga..If you were a girl and you were High cappin on the set like you owned the High school, we pretty much dogged you with every name that we could find, and always ended it with BITCH. And trust me in this, in time , as I became a sailor, it only got worse.. I learned that cunt, though just a word to me, means something very different to those opposite of my skin tone. I learned that banana isnt just a fruit, but a deragatory phrase used to describe an Asian American who may act"white". I learned that wetback isnt as funny to those who are of Latin decent...

Insert clip, add them all to my repertoire. Use when necessary....

In the past oh, I wanna say 16 yrs of my life I can say in a very resounding tone that I have been one of the filthiest vulgar, and downright disrespectful people to ever utter a single word..

Infact, Im in the process of writing a book that makes the what you just read sound like a nursery rhyme....You know what made me change my language..My wife and my son..Period..My Sailor, ghetto, hooded out profane language I put to the backside in order to secure happiness..That isnt to say that I dont curse to this very day, (cuz if you know me, boy do you know me! )it just means Ive toned it done considerably..

I want someone who has never uttered any of the following words above to tell me how and why they didnt.... Frankly, I dont expect a reply because I know everyone has...This people is our life...

So who do we blame for Imus..Ah yes, the question everybody wants a defined answer to.If you answered Don Imus, then DING DING DING , you get the prize....But know this, Don Imus is no different then any of us...When I go to your house, and you crack the off collar joke about a certain ethnicity b/c theres none of them at the party, just so you know, youre no different then him. When you send me the email with Big Booties, thongs, and what have you, just so you know , you to are further objectifying women, thus making you no different then the hip hop artist youve decided to blast. We cant have it both ways my black people, we just cant.

Which brings me to my next point..Why are we really mad at hip hop?? Let me get this straight, youre done with 50, Nelly and Jay right?? So when I get in your car, youre not gonna flip it to the local R&B station, because theyre only promoting the music of hate..Youre not gonna have a mixtape with various music you stole from these people who are doin nothing more then trying to earn a living just like you? Dont tell me you hate Nelly b/c of Tip Drill, yet the moment Hot in Here comes on, youre the first one on the dance floor. Dont tell me P.I.M.P made you so mad that you were done with 50, yet the moment In Da Club comes on, you get to dancing like it isnt him on the track..J oh yeah, that J..Beyonce's J who you love on Crazy in Lov with his boo, also has 99 problems and guess what one of them aint... Its unfair to them for us to be so hypocritical that we lose sight of our own problems...Hip Hop isnt the reason, its just the clever scapegoat...For in order for us as a people to admit that our problems come from a deep seeded notion to always look our best infront of the "whitefolk" we must act as if we to are offended by our fellow bruthas and sistahs who have done nothing more then chose a unique vehicle of self expression..

Either you as a person are offended with all things life, are, you realize that society is fucked up and sometimes you just have to role with the punches and do whats best for you and your people.

Don Imus, Tim Hardaway, Michael Richards, Isaiah Washington, John Rocker, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Jay-z, Ann Coulter, and etc, etc, are all us..People... Human beings who say, have said and will say things that we have all said in our life, and continue to say...The difference between them and us is, theres no mic in our face....

Wine-O - Pop My Trunk

Being from 5th Ward Houston, I gotta show love for the local homie doing good...e

Juanita To MJ : What Ya Life Worth Homie?

Career Scoring Avg 0.0 Points Per Game
Career All Star Games 0
Number of Shoes Sold 0
Number Of Underwear Sold 0
Estimated Net Value $150, 000,000.00 Ca-ching!, Ca-ching! Ca-ching!

Now I'll be the first to put it out there, MJ is the baddest cat to ever lace 'em up, hands down, but I never thought in a million years he'd be the dumbest cat to never get a settlement. If youre Michael Jordan, what in God's Green earth prevented you fro getting the best of the very best in regards to a divorce attorney. Didnt you just see what Strahan, and Amani Toomer went through?Man I know catz who got divorced and went crazy because they had to share there retirement, and the net value of that is maybe 150k over a 30 yr span. I can imagine there was alot of basketballs and underwear thrown around that nightwhen the verdict came in huh? Well, enough about MJ, I refuse to bash the man for whom I owe to much of my fondest B-ball memories to. I Wanna shift to Juanita, girlfriend, I gotta give credits where its do, you did it big. 17 yrs of marriage and know you can officially retire for life. I know the particulars of the divorce havent been revealed, but theres no doubt in my mind you put up with alot, and the infidelity rumors certainly didnt help... Well as far as balling goes J, your ex-husband is a God on the hardwood, but for one special day you can now dub The Day It hit it Big, you were the one serving it up in the court..To quote my big Homie Dave its time like this where you look at wifey and say its cheepa' to keep ya'!

Michael Jordan Divorce

And The Cover Of 2008 Madden Goes To.....

Well Titan fan, if you needed any more reasons to call it a season, its being reported that Vince Young is going to cover the 2008 version of John Madden , in other words, do not expect him to play the full season. As a Texans fan, I couldn't be happier, but as a Vince fan, i'm a little upset his manager didnt do his homework when it comes to the person gracing the cover of Madden..Its almost an automatic now that once youre on it, youre injured..

Don't believe me, Lets Dig Deep into the Story .

Last Years Cover boy Shawn Alexander, broke a bone in his foot and missed 6 games.
2006 Donovan Mc Nabb graced the cover, and was diagnosed with Sports Hernia 8 games
2005 Ray Lewis was the beneficiary of the honor, and broke his wrist. 7 games.
2004 Mike Vick got the nod, and yep one servery torn Achilles later 14 games.

VY , I know as far as the game goes, it pretty much guarantees you a 90+ rating orso, but as for reality, I gotta be honest, it doesnt look good.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Playoff Preview Wild Wild West Round 1

This is my second preview of the NBA Playoffs in the first round. The Eastern Conference Preview is located just below this one. The Wild West is a little more tricky when it comes to predicting winners, because 1-9* each and every team can surprise and run on any night..

*(Clippers are in a fight for the 8 spot with the Warriors)

1 Dallas Vs. 8 Golden State Warriors

What We Know: Dallas is the most Complete team in the Playoffs. Hands Down end of story. Pick your poison, They can run you out the Gym with Terry, Howard, Harris, or they can let Dirk sit back and kill you on the Perimeter. There Big men are efficient enough to go at anybody (though none of them are expected to score) and they bring Stackhouse off the Bench who on anybody Else's team would be starting. For the Warriors, assuming they hold on, Speed kills, and they have alot of it. Bringing the Don Nelson Run and shoot offense, expect Baron, Harrington, J-Rich, and Monta Ellis to keep the ball in constant movement.

X Factor. For the Mavs, Coaching..Avery Johnson lives by the principal of locking down when it counts. His in game coaching is right up there with the very best and I expect him to close the driving lane down in this series, forcing GSW to shoot. For the Warriors, Al Harrington and Stephen Davis are going to have to control the tempo..Theyre going to want to run, and if I were Baron and J-Rich, Id be telling them, Do what feels good. There taller then the Mavs guards, and more athletic.

Breakdown: Dirk is ultimately going to be to much for the Warriors. They have no answer for him. In a series where you can expect high scoring games, it will be quick work for the Mavs b/c no Warriors defend.

Mavs win 4-1

2 Phoenix 7 Lakers

What we Know: Last year this was the Series of the Playoffs. Kobe Raja Bell Smush Parker Steve Nash Lamar and Marion all played like this series was going to determine the winner of the finals. I expect much more of the same this year...We know Kobe's gonna get his, period..In fact if Phoenix learned anything from last year, let him get his, but deny everyone else. We also know Smush is to fast for Steve Nash, BUT Steve is tough. After getting posterized by Kobe last year he got up and scored 12 more to lead his tem to victory in overtime. As for Phoenix, they bring a completely different team to the table this year. Gone is Tim Thomas, and Back is Amare. which brings me to my X-factor..

X Factors: For the Suns, they have Amare back. Trouble, and I do mean Trouble for Lakers Big Men Down Low. Also, they have this guy named Barbosa, who if you dont know is the fastest, player in the NBA, and once inserted into the game, will score at will. He's a better shooting Tony Parker, and he doesnt even start. For the Lakers, Luke Walton and Lamar Odom are going to have to remain in the game. Them getting in foul trouble will spell the end to the Lakers.

Breakdown: Kobe is the BEST PLAYER in the NBA right now, but I keep scratching my head wandernig if he's alone can beat Phoenix..Hell, if not for a Tim Thomas 3 he wouldve did it last year..As for Phoenix, just let Steve do his thing, and take the pressure of of him on Defense and they should be fine. With Amare and Marion Down Low, one would assume this series should favor the Suns

Suns win 4-2

3 San Antonio Vs. 6 Denver

What We Know: The Spurs are the Hottest Team in Basketball, and can beat you on a variety of levels. Timmy, Tony Parker and Manu are probably the deadliest 3 man in the league..Each can take over a game and each is capable of fouling out someone who you depend on. For the Nuggets, when you have the number 2 and 4 scorers in the NBA its highly recommended you play towards there strengths.

XFactor: The Urban Legend that is Bruce Bowens defense Skills will be called to the test. Carmelo Anthony Can flatout feel it up, but if Bruce can frustrate him (which I expect) he will make quick work of the Nuggets by himself. For the Nuggets, you need Camby to be the man he's been all year long . Camby is atop the league in Defensive Rebounds and Block shots. Playing Tim Duncan, he's gonna have to guard for the slow yet effective drop step bank and go. If he can play Tim Duncan to his left forcing him away from the basket, he has a shot to be successful..I expect Nene to offer significant help in this area.

Bottom Line: This is one of those series where expecting ghe unexpected gets you serious Browny Points..AI is finals tested, and you know he's gonna drive Tony Parker crazy. Carmelo is going to have to bite his lip, grind it up and play through the dirty underhandedness of Bowen..If he allows Bowen to get in his head, its a wrap. All in all I gotta ride with San Antonio though. To much of the big 3 is going to be the downfall of the Nuggets..

Spurs win 4-1

4 Utah 5 Rockets

What We Know: The Rockets bring the best 1-2 Combo in the NBA in Yao Ming and T-Mac. Both are playing A level ball, and are playing great off of each other. As for the Jazz, Boozer, and Darren Williams are showing everybody there the future of the West. Malone and Stockton and rest assure knowing there legacy is well in tack with these 2 at the helm

X Factor: For the Rockets Shane Battier, Luther Head, and Chuck Hayes are going to have to be on all the time. Battier needs to ensure that Mehmet doesn't go off for 20 which he is more then capable of doing so. Luther needs to pick up all the scoring slack Bonzi wont, and Chuck Hayes needs to relieve Defensive pressure off Yao when the Pick and Roll comes, b/c believe me the Pick and Roll will come. For Utah, Mehmet Okur, and AK47 are European nightmares. They can both shoot rebound and defend. Mehmet is a matchup headache being 7ft. tall with a 3 point stroke. AK 47 flat our wears you out. He's a defensive stud who can lock down on T-mac and frustrate him to no end..They also have Derek Fisher who at any given moment can shoot your lights out.

Bottom Line, In order for the Rockets to Win, there going to have to start and finish this series with Yao. No exceptions..Whens he's Off T-Mac's gonna have to pick up the slack immediately, as the Jazz can score in bunches. For the Jazz, I'd pick and roll all game long. Yao is to slow to defend on the perimeter and Okhur, Boozer, and Kirelinko can all shoot. The Team with the Homecourt advantage will win this series, as both teams are to evenly matched for me to give anything accurate..

Rockets win 4-3 (each game will be close)

NBA Playoff Preview 1st Round East Conference

All right peepz, its that time of year again the NBA Playoffs, and while many things are still uncertain as far as seeding goes, my preview is based on the Current Standings..

East Conference.

1. Detroit Vs. 8 Orlando..

What We Know: Detroit is physical, and has one of the toughest lil big men in the league with Chauncy Billups. They are stacked down low with Rasheed, C-Webb, Antonio Mc , and Nazi Mo.
The Orlando Magic are lead by future star Dwight Howard human man child , and Jameer Nelson, there fiesty streak shooting Point Guard who plays every play like its his last.

X Factors: For Detroit The X Factor is Tayshaun..Him being checked by Darko Milicic equals huge mismatch.For the Orlando Magic, there X Factor is Hedu Turkoglu..Hedu is a legitimate deep threat with a soft touch.
Breakdown: Detroit brings to much physical play to this young Orlando Magic Team. I expect Dwight Howard to play big, but he's gonna need a lot of help from his supporting cast to avoid what I predict to be a sweep..

Detroit Wins the series 4-0

2 Bulls Vs. 7 New Jersey Nets.

What We Know: The Bulls bring A Young but experienced Playoff Team with New Additions Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas to (certified Bangerz) help aide the solid Back court of Ben I'm on the floor in the clutch Gordon, and Kirt Hinrich. The NewJersey Nets Are a more veteran polished team that has been riddled with injuries this season but a late season surge from Vince Carter and Jason Kidd has kept this team in the hunt and they when healthy are considered a very solid team who could run it up.

X Factors : For the Bulls Luol Deng No Brainer here. If he is on his game, Da' Bulls are going to raise alot of serious hell come playoff time. He's explosive, can defend 4 positions, and his jumpshot when on is incredible. He would bring the 3rd scoring option to this team and take pressure off of Hinrich and Gordon. For the Nets, Rchard Jefferson. He needs to get his groove back desperately. Coming off injury again, his team is going to ask that when Vince is getting Bullied trying to be aggressive, that he provide a spark so they can have any chance to stay wit the bulls.

Breakdown: The Bulls adding Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas allow for them to Man Handle week big men down low..New Jersey has week big men fyi.. The nets are solid in the Backcourt, but in order for them to win, they're going to need every outside shot they take to drop, if not, expect a quick out.

Bulls win 4-2

3 Toronto Vs. 6 Washington

I don't even have to break this down. Toronto is the scariest team in the Eastern Conference, with young aggressive athletes like Chris Bosh, TJ Ford and unknown making noise shooting guard Anthony Parker. The Wizards are to banged up at this point for me to mention anybody other then Antwan Jamison.

Raptors Sweep 4-0 (If Arenas and Caron were playing You'd get more )

4 Heat Vs. 5 Cavs.

What We Know: The Cavs bring King James and his merry men of role players led by Larry Hughes, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Anderson Varejo. For the Heat, D-Wade is back, Shaq is healthy and Antoine Walker seems to have found his stroke.

X Factors: For the Cavs, Drew Gooden and Daniel Gibson and Eric Snow are going to have to play HUGE. D-wade figures to foul out atleast 1 if not 2 people and the person selected as a replacement has to step in and be ready to go. Drew is going to have to play the game of his life against Alonzo Mourning..They figure to be on the court at the same time, and Zo is very intimidating. For the Heat, Zo, Gary, and James Posey are just going to have to play consistent. There games speak for themselves, but against a young Cavs team that no doubt will be playing on a playoff level, the 3 vets are going to have to establish there pressence early.

Breakdown: Tihs one was tough. Part of me still wants to pick the Cavs, but I cant in good faith pick against a Shaq D-Wade Combo (at least not in the first round anyway) In Order for the Cavs to have any shot, there going to need Hughes and Ilgauskas to play beyond there capabilities. Hughes will already be checking D-wade, and I dont foresee that going well for him.

The Heat have been here before, and with Shaq playing like the Shaq of old right now, its going to be a yeoman's job for Z and crew to stop him.. I told you here first, Lebron's gonna have to average 40+ for them to win..No exceptions..

Heat win 4-2

Props to the Ole' Ball Coach

While speaking at a Convention honoring him for excellent leadership Steve Spurrier thought it would be as good a time as any to publicly denounce The Confederate Flag. If youre not already aware Coach Spurrier Coaches in South Carolina, the only stat that flys this flag on its state capital, so essentially, wat Coach has done is pretty much taken a stand against the state...I personally salute him for it.. While at The University Of Florida, i'll be the first to admit it, I despised Coach Spurrier..He'd run up the score on teams who his gators were smashing on by halftime, and he kept one a-hole qb after another who thought they were god's gift to the position..For me, even though his past discretion's as far as coaching were rotten, yet successful, as a person, I couldn't have more respect for the man...

It would make us a progressive state if the flag was removed..It was embarrassing last year when College Gameday came here and Clown was waving that flag right behind the Gameday Crew.
-Steve Spurrier

Spurrier Denounces Flag

Friday, April 13, 2007

Old Skool Friday/Tical Mary-J Youre All I Need

This was a hot track 9 yrs ago, and im willing to bet that if it were re-released, it would be a hot track now..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

In Case You were Wandering Why Black Folk Dont Work at the Zoo

I really wished i photoshopped this, but the pic above is of a 400 pound crocodile who bit the arm off of a Taiwanese Zoo Keeper...
Crocodile Story

Duke Lacrosse Welcome to Our World

Dearest Duke Lacrosse Team,
Info: Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans


Just heard the great news that all charges are going to be dropped in the Rape Scandal that was unjustly thrust upon you guys early last summer..Congratulations..Gotta question for you guys, how did it feel? How'd it feel to be presumed guilty before all the facts came out, and have national media critic one after another line up and throw each and every negative racial stereotype they could find about over privileged white kids ? F'ed up huh? I'll also assume that when Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers came down to Durham, you guys about wanted to die huh?

Well, I'm just gonna assume the answer to all my questions is an astounding yes..Guys, in 20 orso years, you'll put this behind you , but just so you know, for this brief moment in time, you have just experienced what it it feels like to be black and victimized....Welcome to our world...You see, in our world, guys like Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson and Marcus Vick get falsely accused of rape and yep just like you probably already know, each and very Fox News Anchor, Womens Defamation League and high and mighty hollier then though socialite comes from out the woodworks to crucify us . Guilt is established in the media long before the first hearing, and publicly, our race is put on trial, as well as the accused...I say again Welcome to our World...

Let me bring this back to reality for you guys for a moment....A lil Real Talk if you will..

If you guys were black, you'd still be considered guilty, just so you know...You'd also be in court at this very moment facing Civil Charges for Sexual Abuse...There'd be those in the media who'd assume your guilt for years following yesterday's verdict, and at least one or two investigative reporters might be inclined enough to dig for years on end until they found a crack in the case..But, you guys dont have to worry about that, its all white...........errrrr, i mean okkk....well, you get my drift... Dont believe me, Ask Kobe....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Memba When Cross Colours and Girbaud Jeans....

Were the only thing people wore for the better part of 2 yrs....I sure as hell do. I actually remember my first ever pair of Girbaud Jeans and having another dude all up in my crotch trying to verify that I had the real jeans on and not some imitations..For those of you who dont already know, Marithe and Francois Girbaud came up with the genius idea of putting there label 3/4's high on the zipper(see above) so in order for you to know someone had on Girbaud Jeans you literally had to be staring at another mans privates.......The good thing about Girbaud Jeans was , that if you had pair, much like the Suede Jeans from last week, it meant you had a lil' bit of cash..These bad boys at the time were running upwards to $57.00 a pair. For that price now, I can walk into Old Navy and get 2 pair of Painter's Dungarees.. ..The bad thing about these jeans was the fact that most kids i knew may have only had 1 to 2 pair atmost..So odds are, if we saw them in those Girbaud Jeans on Monday, theres was a 95% chance I'd see you in those same jeans on Friday, best believe you got clowned in my circle if this was the case...

Onto Cross Colours

They say you hurt the ones you love the most, so bare with me on this one, I got some serious feelings to let loose ...(Pausing as I swallow my last good shot of Seagrems Vodka) What in the good hell were these people thinking!! Loud Ass Green, Yellow, Purple and Red Joints should never and I repeat NEVER be used to make 2 pieces, hoodies, pants, that stupid lookin hat that looks like it shouldve came with a drawstring, skirts and etc....I was down with the concept, colours without barriers..I even owned 2 pair of Blue and Black Jeans to show unity, but i drew the line when they started taking a personal attack on Crayola and Skittles by trying to prove they can win the color battle..Sad part is, many of my peepz didnt know that colors fade..So round bout X'mas, that red 2 piece that looked so good in September was now pink..That Yellow joint (you know those pants i'm talkin bout to) was now lime green, an those Purple pants well lets just say you never picked those tings up again...Its like they never happened... Oh and I didnt forget about the Stripy joints many of you had , I just thought I'd keep it civil for today, but you know who you are.......

J Lo Likes Sanjaya, So Should you

Im'a get right to the point peepz, I missed the first 3 people perform on AI last night, It doesnt matter though, It was Melinda safe, Lakisha safe, and the Token Timberland WANNABE, who might be in a little trouble, but may ultimatly be safe...Sanjaya did his thing, and for the first time ever Simon actually like it, and as the avid AI watcher knows, if Simon likes you odds are, youre safe...

So the big question is, when the Music stops, who's gonna be standing there with Seacrest.. Peepz , put your money on Legs (Haley S.) ..She played it up last week, and many women viewers were upset that she objectified herself just to get some more votes, well to show you she cares about her fans, she decides this week to wear even shorter shorts and pretty much put it out there, that if she's gonna be competitive, shes gona have to give'em what they want.. I think this time, it may not enough..

As a side bar, I thought Blake and Frankie-J(Phil S.) performed brilliantly , but Frankie J still gives little kids the creeps at night, so I expect him to be at the bottom as well...

Game Over for Pacman

This is kinda breaking, but some you may have saw this coming, today, Roger Godell just suspended Pacman Jones for the entire 2007-2008 Football Season. Im guessing Pacman was the sacraficial lamb on this one, b/c the Vick Boys, Chris Henry, and the rest of his Bengal Teammates all have been under the radar this year, and yet he b/c of his "crossover sports problems" sPacman seems to be the one getting the axe....

Check that peepz, Chris Henry just got 8 games as well....Dayum, The new commish is coming out swinging....For my thug homies and you know who you are, consider this the warning...

Link To Story

Monday, April 09, 2007

Halle Wants to be A Mom...Any Takers??

Ya know, when Halle Berry doesnt have a kid, and is very much interested in having them, what has this world come to for us to not honor her request....Seriously, if Halle really wanted a kid, right off the top, i can name about 50 catz that would gladly oblige...

Yall gone Actually Make me Defend Don Imus

Let me get straight to the point. Are we really mad at Don Imus really? Really? C'mon, if I had a dollar every time I heard a rapper drop something 10x worse, I'd never have to work another day.Furthermore, If Don Imus were black, his comments wouldve been on HOT 97 as a joke file, and we would download 'em off z-share.The Rutgers women would be on notice from the community , and the jokes would never cease. Yes nappy headed-ho is derogatory, so is Bitch, Video-Ho Slut, Breezie, Freak etc... etc...
I have 3 sisters, and 5 nieces and Last I checked, calling any of them these terms would get me in serious heat, and I sincerely doubt Id be invited back to too many Thanksgiving Day get togethers.
My people, ask yourself HONESTLY, are you more mad that a white man in his MID 60's said it, or that on a daily, we allow our women to be disrespected by rappers, shock jocks, and athletes and we simply shrug it off as entertainment? Game and Kanye all but made a theme song about Video Dancers (who are primarily black) and we did nothing. Pacman Spit on a woman at a bar, and to quote my boy E,
"R-Kelly pretty much speaks for himself"
Before I get the Michael Richard comments, think long and hard about what he said, which was peppered with racial filth and a comment about hanging us from us from trees. Not even in the same ballpark...Don Imus was just the wrong color at the right time and were just playing pile on....
Get at me when he's said omething I havent heard one of my people say in such a manner that would make me sick to my stomach..

This Is Why Duke Sucks

Big shout out to my homie E over at BGDBOOM..Thanks for the Pac Hit..Just so you know, I almost lost to this cat in the office pool. Pickin Duke..And If you know me, I hate duke.

Why the Astros Stink!

After a 30 minute investigation by yours truly, Ive found the reason why the Astros are so horrible..Warning, Brad Lidge Fans Look away..

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nuff Said.........

If you saw it, your thoughts....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Devin Hester Fastest John Madden Athlete Ever

Espn is reporting that Devin Hester has received a 100 speed rating on the upcoming John Madden 2008 video game due for release in August 2008..If this is the case, this would make Devin Hester, the fastest player to ever be on the iconic video game ever...

And, this would spark quite the debate.

Here's Why:

1. Deion Sanders practically never got ran down upon catching in interception or being out in front of a K-return..His 40 time was topped at 4.19 at some point.

2. It was a given that Joey Galloway was fast, but at 33 orso he still runs a solid 4.3...BTW in his early 20's he also ran a 4.1

3. Mike Vick. Nuff SAID....

I can pick more cats to bring up, but i think you got my point. Devin is fast, dont get me wrong, but I think there leaving a couple of cats off the speed list...While were at it, when is John Madden ever going to give Tom Brady the score he rightly desereves...That cat should at the very least be a 99 every single year.

Link to Story

Big Homie Snoop to O' Reilly Suck My (@#$%

I love it when rappers lash back at this pompus overbearing conservative Summa' Biyatch...***Old Skool Friday is located in my Candace Parker Salute***

My ESPN Cowherd Boycott

First and foremost im a sports junkie..If youre bored enough to go through my archives you'll notice that a majority of my topics focus on sports and otherwise..With that said I listen to alot of sports radio..Tons of it actually..My entire family can verify that your typical car ride with me is nothing but AM searching until I can find my sports fix..Well today im here to tell you as far as ESPN radio goes, family, if its my only option to listen to, then I guess its back to FM and the same old songs over and over again..

Colin Cowherd national morning blowhard who replaced Tony K. said the reason he didnt mention the death of Eddie Robinson was b/c it didnt fit into his" key-demo" and that he's an entertainer, he doesnt cover history...Hmmmmmm.....Here's my problem with his logic, first , he claims to be a college football junkie. Wouldnt a junkie of CFB want to at least acknowledge one of the greatest to ever coach at that level? Second, since when did commenting on a mans death affect ratings? You had no problem commenting on Kirby Pucketts a death the day after he died, and you even decided to rant on about how he was a spouse abuser, rather then let his memory be mourned ..This coming the day after his death..

Colin, you my friend are an ass..Period..Youre not funny, You have never broke anything of significance, and I personally blame you for the decline in sports radio. Youre the guy who pushes the hype of Yankees Red Sox, Duke and for some ungodly reason Trojan Football. Way to picka lil guy you jocksniffing bandwagon jumping go with the best team embarrasment of a journalist. Oh and just so you know, I was a reader. A daily reader at that. Thanks for crashing that page..Dont worry, Missing Link is gonna crash shortly on ESPN, so essentially you and thebiglead will be in the same boat soon.

I use to listen to you while in Seattle, but thank god, for Fox Sports Radio in San Antonio..Heres to you crashing and burning soon....e

David Carr a Panther, And I for one couldnt be more Happier

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that David Carr is to become the Newest Panther to the fold and I for one couldnt be happier..You see a while ago, I told myself back a second team just in case your first team decides to up and move again(see Houston Oilers) and in doing so, I chose to follow the Atlanta Falcons..The signing of Dinking and Dunking Carr means that the moment Delhomme gets injured, and from my panther readers, its more a matter of when then if, insert David to plummet the season in true Carr Fashion..My Falcons are known for blowing games they should win, David wil offset this by a game or 2 thus making his signing well worth it. This is a good day to be a Falcons fans people. Mark my words anything this premadonna touches turns to well you know, but at least he's no longer as long as he's no longer a Texan, thats fine by me...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Old Skool Friday/Candace Parker Salute

In Honor of Candace Parker staying in school and turning down the mere $50,000.00 offered by the WNBA as a salary weve decided to honor her on the peepz page by dedicating Old Skool Friday to her..Who better then Cameo to sum up what the entire of Rutgers, UNC, and the rest of the womens teams she torched throughout the course of the year Candace combined good looks, great defense and unheard of female athleticism plus she had a midrange game that damn near made her unguardable. To bad she never got off one of her signature dunks, or it really wouldve been Like Candy..Well Candace,, if you ever red this, congrats, and thanks for making womens basketball watchable. I will say however, if you were a man, i'd probably be the first one screaming for you to go pro..Oh yeah, it was pretty cool how you held up the WNBA draft..awesome..

Rockets, Ray-J and Random thoughts about Lost

Yeah thats what I like to see Rockets, stumbling your way right into the playoffs pretty much guaranteeing a first round exit vs. the Utah Jazz in 4 weeks.. Can someone answer a question that has been bothering me for a minute now, how can a team that has 2 of the top 20 players in the NBA not be able to dominate night in and night out?? How does this team lose to the Warriors , at home no less?? I'll tell you how, no chemistry. This team is undecided in how it wants to beat you..Either theyre gonna run you out the Gym lead by T-Mac, are let Yao do his thing slowing the game to a snails pace. One things certain, they have yet to mesh the two different games together to a solid controlled offense..Until this happens, expect more frustrating first round exits..And for Van Gundy, I dont know how much of these Rockets fans can put up with...

For my People still requesting the Ray-J sex tape. Dont waist your money on someone selling a burnout on the streets, the full tape can be found
here and you can use that money to by Redmans new joint, who I gotta admit ripped ish up...(better & faster download then last time)
Did anybody catch Lost last night? Ifso as you know by now its one of the many TV shows I track, and one of the unsolved mysteries poked its ugly head back onto the small screen yesterday..The Black Death Smoke..This smoke is the reason we no longer have Mr. Ecko, as it ripped through him and left him for dead about 4 months back...Im curious as all get out for Lost to explain how this smoke didnt kill Kate. What, is the black smoke racist?? Does it not like the taste of female flesh? Can it be controlled? Here's what I do know, Lost is finally back on track, but if this doesnt get answered, I might began to "find" interest somewhere else....

Mad Tv: Trapped in the Cupboard

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Eddie Robinson RIP 1919-2007

Former Grambling Football Coach and Hall Of Famer Eddie Robinson (88) died yesterday after battling Alzheimer's disease. Coach Robinson had an overall record of 408-165 -15, thats 408 wins. In football, thats unheard of. In 1985 he became the winningest coach in College Football history beating Prarie View 27-7 in Dallas..

Whats lost in the iconic history of this man, is he ushered 200 men into the NFL.
Thats literally 4 teams. When he first accepted the job at then the Louisiana Negro Normal and Industrial Institute (now Grambling) he had no staff. He mowed the field, taped the players and coached both sides of the ball.Hell, he even wrote about the teams wins and losses for the local newspaper..Dedication..Period.. As a son of a Southern Jaguar , I gotta say, him patrolling the sidelines during the Bayou Classic was an event in itself. Coach we'll miss you...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Starving For Idols Is Stupid/Thanks for Quitting

After 16 days our Obsessed Idol watcher who
"was determined to starve herself as long as Sanjaya remained on the show"
is finally hanging it up and calling it a day..People like me are very pissed by this change of events..Didnt she know that we have nothing better to do in the blogosphere but call her out on such "Idol Threats"...

Not that last nights performance wouldve helped, but Im pretty sure that if she were serious, there was a real possibility she could have went almost 2 months without food..(I have Billy Jeans Lil Bro lasting to the top 5 fyi) Oh well, now to Simon who vowed to "leave the show" if Sanjaya the great wins....Well, if early indications are correct, it looks like theres bound to be another week of Simon back pedaling..

For those wandering (b/c I do get the question from time to time) why I back Sanjaya, remember these names..Kellie Pickler, John Stevens and Jasmine Triaz..They stole my hope, so now Ive decided to run and take safety on the Darkside...e

My early prediction..By the way; Frankenstein Jr(Phil Stacey)...with Haley giving him a bear hug b/c shes the closest thing standing next to him on the stage..

Memba When Suede Jeans..

I actually remember the first time I ran into these fashion nightmares...It was 1992, I was in Junior High School, and at the time I swore I was the only kid without a pair of these jeanz. Then after a while, my care factor shrank, Largely because, the kidz wearing them had the damnedest's time trying to match these pantz with anything..

It started off simple enough..Rayon shirt, b/c as we all know could throw one of those jointz on with anything and it would match..But then, after awhile ya boys would clown you for wearing the same pantz weakly so youd switch up the outfit so the pantz didnt stick out so much...Now you rock these pantz with a tee-shirt preferably a nike joint to match whatever pair of Nike kicks that match..Doing pretty much what ever you can to steal attention away from these pantz..It didnt work , we still noticed..So what do you do when your backs against the wall, you go and purchase the cowprint and brown print and now youve become the show..

Thatz what i remember about these jeans..A fashion mess that may have had a shorter life then Biker shorts and Hammer Pants combined..e

New York Likes To Dance, But Does She Really want to Tango??

Believe it or not, I actually caught the Season Finale of I Love New York Last night. New York, 2 time Flavor Flav reject chose Tango (Patrick Hunter) to be her dude last night over heavily favored Chance. (I initially had that cat in my final 2 so thats not to bad) But, the twist in the deal came whenever TANGO Decided he'd propose to New York on National Television..I gotta admit, Ive seen some brutha's do some pretty crazy ish in my day, but this , this topped it..New York?????????

Did Tango watch Flav of Luv? Doesnt he know she's controlling and probably the biggest Drama Queen on TV? Doesnt he know that in due time, she's gonna look exactly like her momz..Lets be frank, momz aint cute either... Im banking on this being a ploy to boost ratings for the reunion show..Not they needed that, considering my boy Pootie was going to be there, but damn, I sure hope this bruh wasnt serious. For what its worth evidently Monique is draggin Flav's rejects through a good girl boot camp as well so thats gonna get some of my much needed attention. Buckey, Bootz, and Cinnamon though not very classy more then steal the shows attention away...

Gatorz Stomp, Hat tip to Greg Oden

First Off, Id like to take this time out to say Florida did it one mo' gin..AS PREDICTED...With that said, If you give me a minute, allow me to deliver my personal take on last night s Championship Game...

Big Men Matchup

I said
" Gatorz Should Dominate, given the numbers 3 vs. 1 against Oden "

What really happened was: They threw 4 catz at Robbert Parrish Jr. and I'll be the first to admit it , he dominated against each and every one of them. It got to the point to where I honestly thought he was going to single handily bring his team back. 25 points and 12 rebounds..People thats Beaslty...Period.

Backcourt Matchup

I said
"Humphrey Green and Brewer are all different entities each provide a lethal does of slash, streak shooting, and sharp shooting perfection to the table that
combined will dominate the buckeyes back court."

What really Happened was: Exactly that. Oden had no help when the 2-3 zone came out. I for saw this unfortunately. Big men need to know that when doubled they can get the ball out to a proven shooter who will make you pay. Well if you consider that the buckeyes went 4-23 from behind the arc, that tells you that this team is in DESPERATE need of a shooter.

Bottom Line.
Florida's up and down Offense ultimately proved to be to much for the slow down pace of Ohio st. The Buckeyes had came back from there past 3 games but this time, this night, they had to control the game from jump street, and that just wasnt going to happen.

For my pool peepz, I went 3-1 and earned a grand total of XXX. .00's AND 50 CENT. I also won my Internet bet, so For all my 2PAC followers next week click over to
bgdboom where my boy E will be paying homage to the man known for his brash style and his signature glass of hennesey.....

Monday, April 02, 2007


As if you didnt get enough of Florida V. The Ohio St. the first time, they had to go ahead and solidify the new rivalry by having the National Championship Game in Basketball as well. However, unlike the football game that saw many of us pick favorite OSU to win and win big, only to watch them get embarrassed , this will not be the case in basketball, as I expect the heavily favored Gators, to come in take names and beat buckeye down to submission.


Oden vs. Horford/NOAH and J.R.RICHARDS
adv Gatorz
Tip, Do not be surprised if Oden fouls out of this game, way to many big men are gonna be thrown his way. If Florida goes to a 2-3 zone, it will force the ball out of Odens Hands making the 42 yr old, a non issue.

Back Court
Lewis and Conley vs. Humphrey Green and Brewer
adv Gatorz.
Tip, if Conley and Lewis dont have the scouting report on Humphrey, let me make it simple for them..Dont leave him open..ever...Green is there designated streak shooter, and oh by the way , Corey Brewer may be, the most skilled athlete on the court..If he's hitting his 3 ball atop of the fastbreak game he plays, Ohio St. will have no answer for him.

But, as I told you guys, I expect Horford to dominate today. Expect him to give Oden his most difficult challenge. He's physical, fast, and a banger. He gives up 3 inches to Greg, but dont worry, you wont be able to tell the difference when Al is out there going for his 3 rd straight double rebound performance..
Final Score
Florida 73 Buckeyez 60

Oh yeah, one last thought, I went 3-1 on office pools, and the internet bet with E over at bgdboom is pretty much locked up..2Pac never sounded so good....