Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My list of the Worst Halloween Ideas at the Party

Here's a list for THOSE of you wanting to be cute on Halloween . Please note im hear to help you so that at the party you can come away happy, and not BEATDOWN.

10. Going Tranny

Yall gone make me go there huh??? Here's why this doesnt work. If youre a pretty boy, and you go with this look, ya boyz gone clown you for life, and secretly wander what your sister And the Ladies, they want nothing to do with the dude who looks better in the 7 jeans and blonde wig then they do. Plus when trying to stay in character, some of yall will hit the wrong walk or lick your lips in the wrong way that will come of as a touch much fem....WAAAYYY to slippery a slope.

9. Blackface

My melanin challenged friends, I know at first glance this one seems easy, but let me reassure you the moment the black folk show up, you gettin yours..FOR REAL...Nothing says hidden reacist more then the guy or gal who shows up lookin like they been playin in shoe polish..Not to mention the playing up of the negative stereo types to "stay in character"..Its not worth it.

8. Dressing Like Someone At work..

If youre gonna go with this one, be prepared to be hated on..Its enevitable. Someone who likes the person YOU HATE is gonna tell..Dont get me wrong, Ive seen this pulled off, but, when the PICs got developed, it got ugly!

7. Homeless Look..

Skates to close to you being poor in real life.. I had a cat come to a Halloween Party I threw once and said he was dressed as a Nam vet. A week later he wore that same outfit to go out clubbin with us...

6. Slutty Chick

This NEVER WORKS. And what makes it bad is the person you least expect, is the one with her chest and a$$ out tryin to portray themselves as the out of shape playboy bunny. Saggy fun bags need to be well hidden. I dont need yo chest out all over the cookies. And for those bold enough to wear a costume with a thong as an assecory, please note: THONGS ARE A PRIVILEDGE and A RIGHT. If youre priviledged enough mentally to wear this in a public setting, then ITS THE PERV FROM ACCOUNTINGS right to stare.. I say again slutty ALWAYS ends bad.

5. Caveman

Fellas, I assume its not a stretch to say that SOME OF US, could use a trip to the GYM. Those of us whom felt that rock, SHOULD NOT be trying to expose the BEER GUT. Leave at home for wifey..Single guy, I aint sayin the ladies are to shallow to overlook this flaw, Im just sayin if you do go with this, for the love of god SHAVE, and mix in a situp..

4. Terrorist

Dont Laugh. Ive seen a light skin cat dressed up like Osama once. That cat pissed off alot of people. He thought it was funny but the Brads and Becky's at the Military Party didnt share in his sentiment..

3. OJ with a Small Glove

Another one I dont reccomend at a mixed setting Party. Statement costumes are tricky..You mean well but someone is sure to look at you as problamatic..

2. Sex Organ

This one is getting old. Ive seen the Vagina girl, and the guy walking around as a penis with matching shoes that represent N%+z..The girls making the pro-women hear me roar statement. And the guys sayin, I wanna f*ck! AND RIGHT MU'PUCK'N NOW!!!! I cant comprehend either's logic behind there choices, but I try my best to NOT get in there pictures. 10 yrs from now my son will pick up a picture book and I dont need him to see me holding a d!(%, or hugging a Larger then life Vagina...

1. Nothin at all.

Look if for nothing else if youre invited to go to a Halloween party, have fun, it is a party right??Even if you can throw some face paint on (please remember #9 some of you) its better then nothing. Halloween is that Rare holiday even the athiest come out to play for. In my party till breakfast day's, I threw and went to some of the bestHalloween parties. Im not sayin that if I were throwin a party to not show up at all if you werent able to play, I am sayin that for once in your life if you can, have fun and look silly. Life's to short. Just keep some of the tips mentioned above in perspective..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Funky Fresh NBA Preview

Lets roll Right into it....

Eastern Conference. 1-16

1. Celtics

Best big three tandom ballin....They'll trade for a Pg ..(NBA Finals)

2. Pistons

Still possess A TOP NOTCH 5. They'll be hungry after Lebron one man ganged them(Eastern Conference Finals)

3. Chicago

Solid nucleus..But they still lack IT guy..If you know who ends up here, and they can trade little to get him, i'll reconsider. For Now (2nd round loss)

4. Miami

D-wade and Shaq are always gonna be a force ..I just dont know if they have anything else. (1st round loss)

5. Toronto

Sleep on them, and you'll miss the East coast Warriors..(1st round loss)

6. Cleveland

It was a fluke..Lebron cant do it alone.. its not gonna be pretty...(1st round loss)

7. Nj Nets

There nucleus is still solid I like them to upset whoever they catch in the first round

(2nd round loss)

8. Orlando Magic.

This spot will change once Howard, and Lewis get a 2 guard in there...

(1st round loss)

The Rest...

The Knicks have a bunch of OK guys who all want the ball. The Hawks dont have a player on the roster older then me (29). The Bobcats have the greatest player to ever play, and the dumbest Owner ever..Ironically that guy is one in the same. The Wiz are gonna get exposed. People see Gilby's act coming a mile away. The Pacers and Bucks make me laugh..Contraction lives here..

The 76'ers might be the one team on the rise, but Iversons lost is gonna sting for another 2 yrs.

What you need to be watchin for.

The Trade scenario's that involve Kobe. If he lands in the Chi, and they can get him for nothing..OOOOHHHH......

The Wild Wild..

1. Phoenix.

Marrions not happy, It doesnt matter, the'yll win with or without him. (NBA Finals)

2. Dallas

Cubans going after catz if this team doesnt produce. (West Finals)

3. San Antonio

No way this team with no athletes past Parker does it again. (2nd round loss)

4. Utah

They lack athleticism as well, but I love Darren Williams and Boozer

(2nd round loss)

5. Houston

New coach means new offense to learn (1st round loss) TMAC may request trade

6. Golden State

Dont worry everybody caught yall act. No surprises this year (1st round loss)

7. Denver

If Carmelo is on top of his game with AI, watch out (1st round loss)

8. Lakers

Best player on earf..IF he stay's he'll get em in.

The rest.

Portland, Damn..Minnesota, well, atleast you got draft picks commin. NO, Chris Paul cant do it alone. Memphis, best young team you know nothing about. Clippers, I had such high hopes BEFORE, the Brand injury. Seattle , give it another 2 yrs. Dont worry when the times right, this team will have moved...Finally Sacramento, yet another team contraction worthy...

Things to watch for

Another team is on Kobe watch to watch out for. Dallas..They get him, and team him with Dirk and Howard..Well, sir you can call it a wrap.

NBA Finals

Celtics V. Phoenix

Phoenix in 6

NBA First Team

Kobe Bryant

Lebron James

Dirk Nowitzski

Steve Nash

Yao Ming

Defensive Player of The Year

Ben Wallace


Steve Nash

It took me awhile to come to this pick,but his team is going to come out for throats. Plus he'll be on the team winning it all....I picked his team last year, and if not for the Dirty Spurs Idve came out gold on it. This year he cashes in.

Monday, October 29, 2007

American Ganster Review..

Ok fam, so Im at the Barber shop listening to cutz from the American Gangster (AG) soundtrack and I make the obligatory must say comment "Man I hope the Movie lives up to the hype..The soundtracks hot, the commercials are fresh to death, and Star studded may be the biggest understatement of the year" My barber looks at me and say's "Bruh, you aint watched it yet, man where you been.." The whole shop had the copy..DVD quality at that..So ya boy got his hands on one as well..I gotta admit, Peanut and them have really improved on there craft, the joint really did look like I rented it from Blockbuster...

With that said, If you plan on watching this Movie I'll give you fair warning before the dissertation, and i'll leave you with my star rating / quick shot//

2.5 out of 5 stars.

If youre a fan of Entourage, think to win Vinny Chase was tryin his damndest with the gang to promote Medellin. The hype is bigger then the Actors, and when its put out there for all to see, it just duds out..

Stop reading From this point further if you plan on watching and dont want to know why I think this way..**********Spoilers Present************

Ok, so the plot DOESNT JUST revolve around Frank Lucas , it also focuses around the Cop that caught him, portrayed by Russell Crowe..The ongoing theme is that he's an honest cop who returned 1million in unmarked bills to the Police Station Without Skimming. You hear it at least 10 times in the movie..Overkill is a nice word for it.. They do a HORRIBLE job of blending Frank Lucas'es story with this one. Its all ovcer the place. They'll go into how Bumpy Johnson showed him the ropes in one scene, and in the next they'll go into to the cops ruff marriage. Then from there, they'll go into Frank doing something random and completly off cue...

People I really wanted to get into this..It was just tough. So I dont spoil it for you I challenge anyone reading to tell me that the ending coupled with how they busted up Franks dopehouse wasnt the most obvious bit of cinema ever..IT WAS SAD..Simple and sad...There is one highlight that im sure many will remember...Franks at the Coffee shop with his brothers, and notices that the rival crime boss who wanted to charge him 20% on his funds hasnt paid up on his dues..Frank draws a gun on him, and well lets just say he gets gansta with it!

Im really glad i got the homeboy hookup on this one. If Im wrong, and you somehow saw it, or wanna challenge me Friday, let me know..I'm all ears...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Charged up San Diegans put Beat Down On Kubs and CO. Texans fan Look Away..

Initially I was gonna title this blog, the Carr Fiasco, BUT that catz on another team, laughing his ASS off at this one. No chain reaction conspiracy blogs from me today..Today I got to watch as the Texans got embarrassed by San Diego 35-10 to drop to 3-5 and rest assure there last place spot in the NFC South..

They played pathetically at every aspect to. You name it, the passing game, the D-line, the O-line, the running game, the Linebackers, the Secondary, the special teams..If could be played poorly it was..The only glare of hope today was the guy they signed off the practice squad.Joe Echemandu. Im sure after today, that guy's probably on the phone with his agent asking to be traded.

With such bad play exhibited today, many dont know where to place the blame. Do you lay it on Kubiak? He's the one who told Mc Nair he can win the SuperBowl with David Carr..(Id love a hit of the stuff he wsa smoking)

Do you put it on Ric Smith (GM)?? He's been listening to Sherman waaaay to much signing ex Packer Duds Ahman Green, Mike Flanagan, Samkon Gado and the like.. All flaked out. Not to mention Jordan Black and his complete inability to address the running back game past has been Green.

What about Schaub?? Say what you want about the guy he replaced this much is simple, Carr could take a lick, and ricky tick it right back up there..Schaubs numbers by the way, eeeeearily similar to the other #8.

Texan fan, I chose Mario. He's a bust that makes Dolly Parton Blush. He's a waist BFI cant move out of town. He's a thief Kevin Cato wants to turn in. He flat out is the biggest MISTAKE IN THE HISTORY OF FIRST ROUND Play PICKS EVER. He's getting paid 26 Million guaranteed DOLLARS TO MAKE COVERAGE SACKS ????????? ARE YOU KUCKING FIDDING ME?

This team has drafted D- line count'em 5 straight times. He was to make for the Anchor in which it hung its hat on..Evidently, the anchor is serving its purpose quite nicely. Never has a player held a player down with there pathetic play so much...

Now they sit at 3-5. Dont think OAK is just gonna let you come in and beat the stuffin outta them cuz youre do. I fully expect yall to lay it down there also. Its cool though , youve made my movement gain legs and run faster then I could ever do it by myself..Keep losing and Mc Fadden will be all but a lock...

Darren Mc Fadden in 08

Friday, October 26, 2007

Genarlow Ordered FREE!!!

Peepz another GREAT DAY here at blogger land. The news just broke that Genarlow Wilson (jailed for Complicit Oral Sex) was ordered free by the Georgia Supreme Court by a vote of 4 to 3. I mean 10 yrs for getting a blowjob. Are we serious. Especially one from a girl with a 3 yrs age difference who CONSENTED.. Ludacris just plain Ludacris..

Look, weve all at some point (at least I know most of my male readers anyhow) have been in that situation before. Its still a 2- way street. Theres no doubt in my mind that this was the system trying to parent. I'd go into further, but for now I just want to say thanks to the bloggers who signed the petition, emailed the DA and etc. I dont know how long his freedom will last (Mychal Bell) but at least for the moment this guy can live a somewhat normal life again.

Genarlow Free Article

My Super Fresh Sunday Picks and OLD SKOOL FRIDAY

Alright, before I go into the picks, on The Houston Chronicle Sports Blogs, Ive been somewhat called to the carpet by some DIEHARD'S. I wanna clear things up so we can understand that I to am indeed a fan. Its just my loyalty is shown a little different then most of yours.

I was a diehard Oilers fan. As a kid I'd pretend to Be Drew Hill and my brother would be Ernest Givens. Ray Childress was my next favorite Oiler as I got older and bigger, and after that Steve Mc Nair. When the team went away, I followed them to Nashville. This was all fine and dandy until the The Texans showed up. From that moment on I was instantly a fan of all things Texans. I was of the belief that Carr was the next John Elway. All he needed was help. I knew for sure given the lineup, we'd make a difference.

After years of ineptitude however, My mood changed. Im now bitter fan guy. I support this team no matter what, BUT when they screw up, Im holding feet to the fire. Part of its b/c of my being stationed on the East Coast. Fans there educated me on how to be rowdy. Its fine and dandy to be wait and see guy, but that guy is just glad to have a team. I want my team WINNING. Or at least putting a product on the field that wants to win. The Texans over the past 6yrs have shown me that there not interested in winning at all. More so they appear only interested in just being there.

Thats my take on it. And now on to the Picks

Indy v. Car
There starting Carr, go with Indy..Tampa 2 gives him fits!
Det v. Chi
Bears at Home..Its really all I have to hear..(That and no Grossman)
Pit v. Cin
Bengals SHOULD get the emotional win. If not Chad we can use you in the H.
Nyg v. Mia
The Giants win this one, and then the Brits ask all the Brutha's if they knew TUPAC (it use to happen to me all the time)
Phi v. Min
Go with the Iggles . Mc Nabb has Westbrook on Turf..
Cle v. Stl
I like Cle, mainly b/c without pace, its gonna be tough.
Oak v. Ten
Ten is alot better then people give them credit. Plus no matter who starts at QB, they both present mismatches that the Raiders have no answers for.
Buf v. Nyj
Chad plays the game of his career. Clemens is breathing down his back right now.
Hou v. SD
SD wil also win the Emotional game for the fans. Somehow though, this one has the makings of being the biggest blowout on the page.
Jac v. TB
TB knows how to slow down a runner. Once MJD and FT are stopped this team is exposed.
Was v. Ne
Ne gets my boy Shawn Taylor. Granted, it wont matter if Ronnie Lotts out there, its gonna be a blow out. Ne wins big.
NO v. SF
Reggie is gonna ham it up in front of his home state. ..I would!
GB v. Denver
Look at it this way. Denver represents a middle of the pack AFC team. GB represents NFC elite. Once Denver wins, (and they will) it will be further proof that the NFC is the JV league. A serious black eye for the NFC after this one.

To the Games Played on Saturday

Oregon V. USC
Fam Im a duck fan. Dennis Dixon AT HOME should win this one. Sanchez is aiight, but against a solid offense like oregon, he's gonna have to bring it every single snap to match. I like the Ducks at home.

Ohio St. V. Penn St.
Buckeyes roll them late. It'll decieve up until halftime, then Robiskie will break one.

Nebraska V. Texas
Texas adds another notch to the fire Calahan paddle. They'll keep it close though.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My 10 Guilty Pleasures

So, without going to crazy on this topic, I just wanted to give a rundown of some of the things in my life that arent the norm, but I can have almost all the time..The guilt associated with these things follows you around at least a week and sometimes longer depending on how much you cheat on your normal life, BUT there so good that at times you just cant help it.

10. Churches Spicy Chicken
I have no reason on Gods green earth to eat it, but in a pinch , best believe I' ll be at churches getting the 3 piece with jalapenos and a coke. I can eat it cold, hot, and even f its been sitting out for hrs. Its just that good to me.

9. Baileys Irish Cream Liquor
Man this could really EASILY be #1 on the list. I can drink it anytime and anyplace. I use to mix in my coffee and stroll to work. I use to keep it in a flask and order milk when we ate out and pour it with that as well. (makes the best chocolate milk when you do it that way! ) I like it cold, but like Churches it can be served straight up as well and its just as good. Its my whenever wherever drink. A bottle of it can go down in one sitting. Its just that good..

8. Dexter/Weeds/Californication (Showtime)
Its hard for me to get into a TV series after its 1ST season, but Showtime really came through in the clutch with Dexter. This show has it all. A serial killing forensic analyst. And, he's walking the streets like your Average Joe. (im caught up on it by the way)
Weeds is so good I actually missed the first 3 seasons of it, and I dont even care. I like it that much. Mary Louis Parker is very underrated, and that says alot considering she beat out the housewife ladies one yr for best actress in a comedy
Californication I honestly thought I'd hate. Its good though. Hank(David Duchovny) is hard to hate as an author suffering from a divorce and the worst case of writers block known to man. He sexes up women, and still passionately loves his baby moms. Its really good.

7. Krispy Kreme
C'mon does this really need me breakin it down? Lets just say there are two donuts there I try to avoid yet they get the best of me on a daily. Blueberry Cream, and Apple Fritter....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Deadly! Workouts are that much tougher after these.

6. Life (NBC)
Another Guilty pleasure Im very proud of. I really hope this show stays on the air. A cop wrongly accused of murder who gets let out with a 50 million dollar settlement and a new lease on life.

5. Sock it to Me Cake /7-UP CAKE...
Two extremely good down south pleasures I dont even know how to explain. Instead I'll just
link you here, and drop this little nugget off. You'll know once you had both. I promise you that..

4. Tylenol Pm
Ex Navy type here. When you can go from a 12hr shift, to sleeping under a gun turret, every now and again you'll need something to help you sleep. These little blue pills are almost as certain as it gets. I eventually took that pleasure out the military with me. And, my wife now loves them to. I kid you not, 2 of these will lay you flat.

3. Blogging.
Thanks to what initially started out to me as an online hobby, I can now pass hrs away at work as a fixture on several message boards. My user name is the same everywhere I go and I blog on anything from the TEXANS, to Music, to Movies, and Television. There are no limits. Any free time I get, I blog.

2. Venti Mocha Frappuchino Light Whip Heavy Chocolate Syrup (Starbucks)
I order this once weekly. It use to be 3 times a week before I realized I was spending nearly 60 bucks a month at Starbucks. I frankly didnt care. This creation is so good that everytime I fly both ways I order it. Its so good that I actually validated a way to have it in my diet..Im a confesses chocoholic with a caffeine addiction. This is like my liquid oasis..

1. Peanut M&M's( Yellow Bag )
I use to actually keep a jar of these as a centerpiece when you'd enter my barracks room. I dont know why, its not like I was sharing them. I by them every other day, ( 2 for 2 dollar sale) so I have enough for each day of the week. I dont know how to explain how good they are yet do nothing for me, i'll just say that there a staple in my every day. If im stressed, i buy them. If I need a quick snack, I buy them. If for whatever reason I stop inside a convenient store, gas station, or grocery store, I buy them. There my crack. I eat them that much.

Monday, October 22, 2007

10 Things Wrap Up and Special Houston Texans Commentary

Well Peepz this football weekend like all the onse before came and went with top ranked college teams falling, Pro Teams getting embarrassed and even a Randy Moss confirmation of his God Like Status. With that said, Im only doing 5 things for College , and 5 for the Pros. I have alot to say about my Hometown team the Houston Texans, and IT will engulf alot of my post.

5 Things I learned From College Football.

5. Good Luck picking a winner in the Big East. Your new leader....UCONN (the Girls B-ball school)

4. Fire Coach Calahan. Fire Coach Weis. Fire Franchione. All need to happen alas, only one is certain at this point.

3. Cal , WTF?? Many of yall hit me upset about the rank drop. Then yall go and lose to UCLA...Damn.

2. My Ducks, My lovely Ducks! HUGE GAME AT HOME THIS WEEK. Bring it, andyou become everyone's sleeper

1. Mark my words, the SEC will be in the Championship Game this year. Its just uncertain who the winner of that Conference will face. (My money is on Oregon)

5 Things I learned From the Pros.

5. The Patriots were hand picked from GOD! That team is Sick. Stupid Sick. Moss is the best at his position, and this shouldnt be up for debate.

4. The Cowboys are dealing in the NFC, but they still have to play the Redskins and the Giants. They dont appear to be going away anytime soon.

3. Colt fan, just keep flying under the radar. Tonights win wont mean much, but its anotyher notch on the belt.

2. Titan fan, you won without Vince. How cool is that? If he were on the field, it can be assumed that yall may have blew the roof off that piece alot worser then what it was.

1. Steeler fan that was a statement game. People argued that yall record didnt reflect a quality win. Now with that loss to Denver last night, that debate can be validated. Step it up Omar Epps that team plays in a gruesome division. Every win counts.

Texans Special Commentary From the Cheap Seats.

The Good.

You proved yesterday that this team has heart. That can never be taken away from this franchise . Except for the Jacksonville lost, every defeat has been a tough one to swallow, and youve been every game to the very end. Sage is by far and away a top notch back up, build from that, he can be great trade bait in the offseason.

The Bad

Mario Williams is a BUST. Period To be selected #1 overall and play like a ballroom dancer at the D-line position speaks very pathetically of either A. your coaching, or B your ability. You get 58 million dollars to dance around with a 300 pound man every week. Trixie, Champagne, and Cinnamon, think you charge way to much for a dance without a proper finish. Petey Faggins, another person that shouldnt be starting, how do you remain on this roster. Fred Bennett must be out the package raw to not have jumped you by now. Finally Travis Johnson. You started all this D-line drafting nonsense. Can a brother get a string of consistency from you so he can at least acknowledge youre on the field. Youre getting outplayed by a 20yr old rookie. MAN thats bad!

The Ugly.

The Texans Running game is about as bad as it gets. 39 TOTAL rush yards. Are you freaking kidding me??? Ive seen in atleast 4 highlights were a running back from a team had that many in one play alone. Ive been a proponent of chasing an o-lineman in the draft like the next guy, but ive changed theat stance. GO GET MC FADDEN. Please make this pick. He's solid, freakish, can catch, run, and power his way around the field. Oh yeah, that catz pretty freaking fast to. Its a no brainer on offense you MAY have 1 guy who's a total athlete, (and he's injured) you gotta go and get that stud if he's there. 5-11, or 4-12. Its not the end of the world, heck youre use to losing.

Look any team losing to a team lead by Kerry Collins needs to strongly consider shaking things up. Can you imagine if Vince started that game? This franchise had a serious spark when it ran out the gate at a 2-0 clip. Now people have figured out how average you are. You wont win with a bunch of tough no names. Get the names to make this team good. It has to be this way. Or else, you'll suck. Royally!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thanks to my Cali Peepz!

I know I didnt get to catch all of yall, but to those I did get to see, WOW! The Morango Casino was a very pocket emptying experience. The Roscoe's house of Chicken and Waffle's isnt going to bold well with my gym membership, and Im pretty sure yall have some of the WORST traffic in Southern Cali that Ive ever witnessed. I have no idea how people work every day who commute on the 405 or the 101.

With that said, my Ridgecrest, Ontario, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs trip couldnt have went any better.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vince is Coming, and my Review of the Kingdonm

Alright, So if youre not in the City of Houston, this might not mean much, but Vince Young is coming back to Houston, and already the towns a lather on how they'll feel. Now, im in San Antonio, (currently in BFE CALI) but my opinion of the issue is still the same.

Vince is great, I love the guy to death, BUT, he's a Titan now, and I have to follow my team. Now like many Texans fans, it broke my heart to watch us pass on him, and then have him clown us silly in early Dec., but that happened, and I moved on from it. Painful as it was, I made life work for me. Many in my hometown just cant let it go. I understand, but I want to remind them that he's not coming back, and will never for that matter. GET OVER IT!

We have a team that has a pretty decent identity and even though its drenched in underachiever musk, its got potential. In 3 yrs I promise you this is a 10 win team. Its just right now they need some help. Everybody does not name New England or Indy.


REVIEW OF THE KINGDOM starring Jamiee Foxx, Jennifer Gardner, and Jason Bateman

Ok peepz, Ive had this on the radar to watch for a minute. Wifey and I just could never nail down the particulars. Last night, while slow in Ridgecrest a co-worker and I walked out of quite possibly one of the best movies of the year. ..

*****Spoilers below*****

Jamiee stars as a Lead FBI tactical response agent who looses a teammate in a random act of Terror in Saudi Arabia. He then assembles a team of experts to go out and investigate who may be the cause of the act that killed over 100 Americans and agents. While out there, Jamiee and his team (Jennifer, Chris C, and Jason) run into obstacles with the saudi government b/c many DONT want them there, and feel THEY should be the ones handling the investigation.

After the back and fortth Jamiee and Co. finally are givin le-way and proceed with there findings. All is well until they find themselves in a pocket where the terrorist who planned the attack are hiding. A very intense Fire fight ensues there after.

Jamiee and Jen put it down. Youll leave very happy with there performances. Jamiee gets to laying cats down with such precision that you'd honestly think he's been doing this all his life.

Im giving it a 4.2 out of 5 stars. A must watch!

Its not getting not as near as much credit as I think it should.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ok, so on my way to the airport (in Houston) i heard them.
When we landed and got our rental cars, there they were again.
Its official, the radio is ONLY playing 2 songs right now, One of
which is She move her body like a Cyclone, and the other one is

These songs are really driving me to a fit of rage. Seriously, In the
past 3 weeks, straight up, i must have heard these songs about 50 times
each. Im done with em.

The cyclone track is annoying because of the RRRRRRR-rr..Lemme guess
these catz were in the booth and had nothin else left to say. They tried and tried,
and all they came up with was RRRRRRR-rr..AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
I HATE IT!!!! And you know why, its stuck in my head. And, despite my best attempts
I cant get it out...

I dont know where to begin on the Superman joint. If not the goofy dance, its the YOUUUUU
that pops up seemingly every 15 seconds. Oh, yeah and chant rap, its DONE!!! Why wont
these catz get a clue?

Is it just me who's done with these, or do you have your own special garbage tracks???

Sorry fam, no links..I dont want these songs living and breathing longer because of me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Somebody Reeeaalllly Didnt want me In Southeast Cali

Talk about a tip that wasnt supposed to be! I get to the airport to be told my ticket was cancelled. They fix the error, by placing me on a flight 12 hrs ahead of the one im supposed to be on, and to make it worse, my luggage was checked for that flight as well. By the grace of all things holy, the nice people at the Presidents Club hooked a homie up and fixed the situation, luggage and alll thus getting me to Cali in time,and with my luggage..
SOOOO, Again my peepz i grace you from a remote location somewhere in between the desert, and that place locals call Ghost Area. Ridgecrest California. I aint gonna lie, I thought this place was close to civilization, but Damn Google Earth is a liar..Anyhow, im here and i'll give you a quick rundown of the local amenities.

1st Fast Food. It never fails, if you go somewhere off in the beaten path, them joints seemed to be packed with every fast food joint, both New and Old. I swear to yall, I saw a Wienerschnitzel and a Blimpie's in this piece.

2nd Bail Bondsman. Peepz, I havent checked for it, but I know theres a jail near by. Ive seen 4 bailsbonds locations, and this is in a place with a population LESS then 10,000.

3rd. Goofy Novelty Shops. At my count ive seen 3 Fortune Tellers, 2 Magic/International Game Shops, and 1 Certified Gypsy.

4th Radio Station non support. Yep, you already know. 1 R and B radio station, (which im sure is from Vegas) and its choppy.

The good news, Im in Cali.! So now, Ive got friends to catch up on (somehow) and bizness to do.

The bad, its gonna be fun, being almost 90 miles in the desert doing so. The challenge begins.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

So Much Football, So Much To Brag About!

It was a GREAT weekend for football over at the HQ for this blog! I gotta bottle of Goose, a nice couple of upsets, and a great next couple of Braggin right days...I love football!

On to the 10 Things I learned in the Pros

10 . Miami Sucks! No trash talking allowed until you guys starts winning.

09. Uh, anyone notice Jacksonsville has won 4 straight?

08. Im not saying Cowboys Patriots was overrated, but I am saying this, NFC guy, your conference isnt ready for big boy football.

07 St. Louis, put it on the board, 0-11 start is coming. They are my secret pick to lose every game they play

06. Texan Fan, youre doin the best you can, with what you have, but Vince coming to town, I'd want to send a message. Make everyone come back..This one counts!

05. My guy Sean Taylor came to play, but Jason Campbell is still to young in the game..

04. I said it before, and im going to say it again, the Chargers aare back!

03. Does anybody care about the NFC WEST? Seriously, the winner of that piece is gonna have an 8-8 record.

02. Bear fan, you lost w/o Grossman back there, thats sad!!!!!!

01. Bengal Fan, I thought I'd never be the one to say it, but it Marvin Lewis may have lost control of this team. When, youre losing to a one horse show in KC its bad. When many expected yall to be making some serious noise its really bad. I sure hope Marvin keeps his job, but damn, it does not look good.. You name it, The Arrest, the Let Downs, and the soon to be upset fans wanting change will not let this die. Its to bad to, he completly rebuilt this franchise.

On to College..Yes!

10. My Oregon Ducks looked great..Yall keep sleepin on em ...I know the truth..

09. I know youre gonna hit me with Cal, but , all my Ducks gotta do is get pastUSC, and there back in it. Oh and Cal fan, OUCH!!!

08. A&M Fan, should be up and running an day now.

07. Damn Boston College, yall had to let the Genius put 2 more offensive touchdowns on the board. Its all good though, yall still won. He Chuck, 1-6 HOWS THAT TASTE?

06. I really enjoy watching USF. You should to, there gonna be making alot of noise soon..

05. LSU Fan, no one goes undefeated in the SEC, you knew that right? My brother backed you guys, and I was NOT convinced your offense was champ worthy..

04. Sooner Fan, with the latest BCS standings,yall got it on easy street. Just beat the chumps.

03. Nobody believed me when I said South Carolina was for real, well look at them now..

02. Michigan, welcome back to the top 25. I had yall winning the whole thing, but, I'll settle for a bowl game and a blow out of Ohio St.

01. Kentucky fan, dont sleep, this one aint over yet. Yall might see them cats again in the SEC championship game. Keep fighting. Also, you got Fla at home this, week, every game counts. Know this though, we are all rooting for yall!

Friday, October 12, 2007

My Super Fresh Football Picks

Ok so its that time where I grace you with my NFL and College Picks..

Hou V. Jac

Jac's at home. They owe H-town an ass whippin

STl V. Bal

Bal will make it closer then it should be

Min V. Chi

No good reasons pop up to pic Min.

Mia V Cle

Cle's at home. Mia might not win a game this yr.

Was V GB

Sean Taylor wil body Rock Donald Driver at least once.

Cin V. Kc

Start Houshmanzadeh. He's gonna eruppt on Sunday

Phi V. NYJ

Westbrooks back .Thats all I had to hear.

Ten V. TB

Garcia will throw for 300 in this game.

Car V. Ari

Who's starting at QB for Car?

Oak V. SD

The Chargers are back.

NO V. Sea

My adopted Hawks are gonna crush Reggie. And then Paytons gonna go on a tyrade that'll make Dennis Green Proud

NE V. Dal

I been getting alot flack for my pick of The Patriots BUT PEEPZ PLEASE LISTEN...The Boy's are coming off a Monday Night Game, and lack proper cornerback and safety teamwork. This coupled with THE FAR to many weapons that the Patriots have are going to bold to much for Dallas...For now.. Pats 34- Boys 21.


I wont be watching this one, but Go with the Gia over Atl..Who cares that these 2 are even playing


LSU V. Kentucky..


Its in Kentucky, and the last time that game was played there, J-Russell threw a hail mary to win the game with no time remaining. Yall remember the Kentucky coached being dousssed with water and they still lost. Fam, The Kentucky Wildcats are back. Go with Kentucky .

Texas A &M V Texas Tech.

Go with the Red Raiders in this one fam. Francione can not be focused on this game. If he is, then he's got my vote for least rattled coach of the year.

Mizzou V. Okla

Okla will make this ALOT closer then it should be. Mizzou is good, but there cornerbacks are young.

Boston College V. Notre Dame

The Irish are coming off a win, but there still gonna get served up at home by the REAL irish of B.C.

Old Skool Friday Sheena E Sugar Walls..and the Roundup

Ok so this maybe a little ABOVE and beyond the scope of many of you. But this track by Sheena E was requested by a reader and I can swear to you, I hadnt heard it in a HOT minute.. And before i'm hit with it,im 29 and Yes i DO KNOW what she's singing about..However, there was I time I had no clue where she was going with this.

My Boy E over at
Bgdboom has that new Jay-z Video Blue Magic Fam this track is hot!

So far so good as far as Reviews go for
Why Did I get Married Fellas you know youre gonna get dragged to it..

Anybody NOT see
the Stuart Scott Poetry Slam? And yall wander why I HATE ESPN...

A club in Detroit let all Yellabones and Libra's in Free. To quote my boy Jason..Gooooood Night! Good News wifey woulda got in free, bad news, when were segregating our own race..Its bad..

For all yall ready to annoint Lebron,
read this guys comaprison of Kobe Vs. Lebron. I couldnt agree more.

Finally, For my peepz back at H-town. Nothing to do on Saturday?
Well if you can find a Becky or Two maybe even 3 you can bring her to the club and be in the running for a bottle of Grey Goose on Bring the White Gal to the Club Night.. Im just the messenger.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

People Who Suck at Customer Service

I typically give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Im the kind of person who TRIES to somewhat see the positive an ANYTHING. Today however, after dealing with C-------l Airlines, I learned that some people just are MEAN, NASTY AND bottom line HATEFILLED..

I woudlnt NORMALLY list these people are there companies, but today Im feeling a little more amped. (Partly b/c im fresh off the phone call) With that said here's my list and reason why the following people are flat out nasty in regards to customer service and despitethere best efforts, may never change.

10. Blockbuster. (1996-2002) I put the date's there for a reason. A brutha use to run around like OJ in the airport tryin to get to Blockbuster Before noon so he wouldnt incur the late fee. Somehow it didnt matter. I can remember like its still fresh on my mind the comment the Blockbuster girl told me when I walked in once at 1210 pm vice noon. " Sir its late..It doesnt matter..." 10 F*----g Minutes..

9. Anyone Selling You Cable...Dont believe the Hype fam. Ive had them all (DISH, DTV,Comcast, Time Warner)These people will DO ANYTHING to get your business. Once they have it, I defy you call them with an issue regarding your service and expect a positive result. If its not the 10 hour window they throw at you , its the half hour minimun hold time you have to suffer through. My perosnal favorite is when your deal (the one they baited you with) expires and then its like they dont even know you and want to charge you double ..Try and explain your logic, and its "Sir we dont make the rules"

8. Frustrated Fast Food Counter Sista. Yall know who she is. She lives in every Major City and has the same scowl on her face that reads, I-can't-believe-So and So-didnt-answer-my-phonecall-last-night-and-now-I-have-to-deal-with-this-stupid-M-----F----- who-dont-know-if-he-wants-spicy-or-Barbecue Sauce..That Izz-itch can make some of the nastiest faces known to man. From the intense stare with lips pouted, to the eyes rolling with gum poppin so loud that it sounds like to grown men clappin. Often Ive wanted to yell at this peroson " You know a smile makes a world off a difference" but out of complete cowardness I back down. I allow my sisters or wife to handle female on female verbal attacks..

7. The San Antonio DMV.. Now I shouldnt have to go into detail about this fine organization, but lets just say this. If its not the Nearly 1hr you have to wait in line, its the fact that you may have the wrong ________form thus requiring you to go back to your car and get it. Rather then hold your spot or have you wait to the side when you return, in San Antonio, you start all over. And the -itch running the line has deleted everything. So you have to refill and refile everything all over again.

6. Over the Phone Plane Ticket Personnel for C--------l Airlines...B/c I fly so frequently I wont give there name out, but they know who they are. This useless bunch of people have the audacity to charge a homey 2 and 3 times the normal rate b/c his ticket (even though it wasnt cancelled) was changed . When I tried to apply my miles I wasn then put on hold for 20 minuts only to be told im 70 miles short..Sorry...

5. Subway. This one hurts but needs to be said. What, a homey can't get anymore then 3 pieces of meat on his sandwhich without being charged extra? I think its funny that when it comes to veggies, they'll literally hand pick out how many you get , except for lettuce. They have no problem grabbing a handful of lettuce and drowning your sandwhich with it. But meat, oh yeah, dont think on the first go round youre getting what you deserve. And forget about Tuna..They scoop that like there distributing Solid Gold. You get the bare minimum.

4. The Beautiful People at ______Celluar... Lets just say this, you wanna tell a homey when he can actually use those rollover minutes so when he goes to his cell bill he doesnt pass out when he sees the following.

Plan 1000 Nights and Weekends

Used 1200

Rollover 563???

Used 0 How does that work?

Shouldnt it read 363 ..Why charge me for extra minutes when I clearly have 500+ unused. This was back in 04..I havent went back to that company since. My people told me that they've made strides in correcting this problem but it irked the life outta me then. The C-Service girl I talked with..Yeah her supervisor and I became real good friends. I can still remember her agent

3. Pissed Off Gas Attendant/Qwikee Mart Worker. Hey man, you chose that job, If I want to walk in that piece with a pocket full of pennies planning to pay for Slurpee, M&M's and 3 dollars worth of gas, Take my MONEY! Its MONEY, its what its used for, purchasing things. If you want it rolled up, hang a sign. You think I wanted to come up to the spot with pennies??

2. Burned Cd/ Movie Guy. Look I know its not legal for you to sale it, but atleast give a brutha a heads up if the Movie is you and ya boys in a theater with a camera. Dont get offended if I ask, I just dont want to pay for you and Peanut's commentary. Look im as down for the cause as it gets, but you gotta work with me..Either come up with a way to get the GOOD BURNED copies, (yall know the ones, ) or dont sell to me at all. I hate the crapshoot.

1. L- P---t Day Care..This one hurts the most b/c I pulled my son from this daycare because of there horrible service. When you ask me to bring a change of clothes, and I provide them, why is it when my son has an accident, I roll up there to pick him up and he's in a diaper or even worse girls underwear?(both actually happened) I enquire about it, and you say you dont recall me bringing in a change of clothes. I point this out to you, and know you pass the buck on your assistant who didnt give you a proper turnover. Then you have the nerve to tell me it wouldnt have happened if he wouldve told us he had to go..No $h*-+ !! Thats why I brought the change of clothes, which were in HIS BOX! Fam, theres heated, and then there's whatever I was that day. To quote the sister who obsereved my tirade " You did better then me, they'd be callin the cops up here if this was my son..But, it was impressive to say the least. "

Situation 2. Thanks for giving me the 1 day notice for picture day at the daycare. Thats more then enough time to A. get my son a haircut, B have wifey scramble for an outfit for him, and C. have the funds in Cash ready. (You know most people dont carry cash )

Situation #3 Your frequent employer changes confused my child way to often. Kids need a system . Its been proven. My child at one day care in a 9 month period had 5 different providers. YET we were told that he'd have the ONE lady and her backup.

I can go on and on. As a consumer I dont think I ask for alot. If I do someone let me know. Are there any I may have left off that you feel need to be listed? Are there some that you disagree with, or feel that I may have slighted. Finally if you want the names I left off, hit the blog up, or as most of you do email me, I'll GLADLY fill in the blanks...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What to Wear and When To Wear it...

Dressing is one of those topics that in discussion ive tried my best to stay away from. Mainly because I consider myself a blue jean guy and on any occasion I can come up with a really good outfit or excuse to wear them with.

Recently a good friend of mind just got hired at a company where the policy was changed from relaxed blue jean and polo shirt attire to moderate Docker and shirt attire. ( Tie optional) This isnt a stretch from my good friend, b/c even as his roommate back in the day I rarely ever saw him rock a pair of jeans unless on the weekends, and even then he made them look somewhat conservative. This change in dress code has made me wander whats appropriate for what when it comes to dress. Ive alway's had an idea of what to wear and when, but if im somewhat wrong, or you feel you wanna chime in, by all means offer your input.

Bare in mind, im the same person who renigged on my high school reunion b/c the dress code and venue was changed.

For hanging out with the Guys (Sports/Strip Bar ) Blue Jeans and Tee-shirt or Jersey (Jersey warning after 32 youre not allowed to rock jersey unless at a sporting event)

For hanging out with the Guys (PickUp Bar) Option A Nice T-Shirt w/blue jeans or slacks (no over-the-top Logos) Option B Nice Polo Shirt slacks or jeans Option C Sports Coat with nice Shirt Buttoned or T-shirt slacks or jeans The trick to this is if going out in mass (3 or more of you) you dont want to be the under dressed guy who goes un-noticed. Also you dont want to be the over the top loud color wearing guy beggin for attention.

After 5 attire Rules.

The Following applies to all the times you are required to wear a Suit, a tie, and Nice pair of Slacks no exceptions

1. Job Interview This should be self explanatory, but for those who may not get it, you only get one chance at the first impression. You might as well wow'em with that shot

2. Church. Fellas I know alot of you go to the "Non Denominational's" and by and large they say come as you are, BUT if youre trying to impress (and i know the single guys reading this are) you stand out when you impress for the Lord. Ladies notice the effort.

3. Any party youre invited to with an invite. (Invite means someone took the time to buy stationary or invitations) Fellas its easy to show up at the spot as you are. But church rules apply. Tip, to get youre sexy on, dont wear a tie. Color coordinate your suit, and by a new pair of dress shoes. TRUST ME..

4. Weddings. No brainer I assume but to those who dont get it. Showing up here like youre ready for a flag football game will all but leave you out of most every picture and post wedd party there is. Maintain your sexy and rock the nice shirt tie and slack combo.

When in the Company of Female Friends

I always practice the One Up Rule.

When in the company of female friends I always dress one up from the acceptable Dress Code when around my Male Friends.

Always remember if she's a true female friend and theres no sex between you or interest of that, then more then likely she's angling to hook you up with one her friends. (women are always on the lookout to play match maker..dont let them fool you) Staying atop fo your game from a fashion standpoint lets them know that you are astute, trendy, and at the very minimum can afford a certain way of life. When I was dating my wife, I made it a point to never see her in a relaxed casual stated..Ie Jersey, or Nike and other related sports shirt. It wasnt until we were a yr in she actually saw me in something other then a polo or nice button downed shirt. Dont get me wrong I own Jerseys and my sports t-shirt collection is massive, but when out on the town, you'd never know it.

Fella's Its a no brainer that the MOST people are initially attracted to the what they SEE first. No matter your size, your dress can more then make up for whatever you may feel is a detractor to you.

If you notice, at no time did I mention White-Tee's, Sneakers, Ice or Gold Fronts. I may be a little older now, but this trend does not garner the attention of women I consider myself being with in the long term. Your thoughts...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Football Recap, and Single Points Of Failure.

There's much more football to recap this week then last week. In college its getting to the point to where, if there's a number on your back, odds are youre gonna get upset. In the pro's its pretty much the Colts, Cowboys and Patriots. Everybody else is just here for the show.

To the Pros 10 Things I Learned.

10. Carolina is no longer my Superbowl Favorite coming out of the NFC. You can thank David Carr for that. As a Texans fan I saw this guys act up close. Im not buying it. I invoke my right to pick the team who I had going to the NFC Champ. game, The Cowboys..(go look it up)

9. For all you who picked the Saints, how exactly is that decision working out? 0-4 . They suck.

8. Lets set the record straight now. Travis Johnson was justified for getting foolish DURING the game, but was classless afterwards. Thats the bottom line. Oh and count me in as one those people who think the Dolphins might not win a single game this year.

7. Bengal fan. Be glad it was a bye this weekend or else you might have lost another game you were supposed to win. You guys are my HUGE disappointment this year.

6. Cowboy peepz. That game had me on the edge of my seat. I wander if you'll have anything left for the Patriots. Oh by the way, thats a SB preview, dont get it twisted. Show up, or go home.

5. Seahawk fan, let that game show you exactly where you are. That was a game for pride alone you had to win vs. the Steelers. You are just not ready .

4. Bronco Fan, dont feel bad, the entire AFC West is bad. Now all you have to do is go to San Diego and beat them.

3. Titan fan, Vince is good, but its getting tough to defend some of his decisions. He's riding one hell of a skill train. Eventually he's gonna get called to the table against a team who wont make a offensive mistake.

2. Rams fan. Damn. You and 49er fan have got to be feeling low now. That division stinks and yet there's nothing you can do to rise up from it. Injuries are a plague and its taken your conference by storm.

1. Raven Fan, 9-7 is nice for the D, but its further proof your offense is offensive. Thats not gonna get you far in the AFC. Either Mc Nair and the O-Coordinator figure it out, or its over.

College Recap.

10 UCLA YOU REALLY HURT ME..I guess it was just a matter of time before Notre Shame won one, I just didnt expect it, until week 7. Oh well, Charlie still off to a 1-5 start with USC and others lurking. I can live with that. Hey Charlie, its still pathetic. You won against a 3rd stringer.

9. FL V. LSU many say was the game of the ages. I say slow down. Where were you when Boise played Okl.? Where were you for UT USC? It was nice people but come on.

8. Speaking of LSU, family dont believe the hype, they play in the SEC. There gonna get got. Im telling people to hitch there Wagon to CAl and USF. Laugh now, but USF only has to play Rutgers (at Rut) Cincinnati (at home) and Lou (at home) its iffy but possible. If Cal can stay out of its own way and get past USC (which it plays in No CAL) they should be unstoppable.

7. Longhorn peepz Charles is a falling star. I thought so highly of him. He's really disappointed. His fumbles have been big all yr, but vs. Oklahoma he killed it for you.

6. Sooner fan, i'd like to tell you that youre still in it, but youre not. A&M, Missouri, and Ok St. are looming your schedule. You know youre very much stumble capable. If you can make it past one of these 3 youre in the clear. I just dont see it happening.

5. Wisconsin Fan. Every yr your team starts out like this. It was no surprise to me that yall got exposed. YOU DONT PLAY ANYBODY. Schedule Mich and Ohio St. together in the same year and I MAY start to respect you.

4. USC FAN...Damn..Just Damn...(Inset Punch Bowl here)

3. Francione and A&M have got to divorce themselves quickly. How does a guy in TEXAS get so many chances to coach subpar FOOTBALL? I just dont get it. Its like being the coach of the Yankees and being allowed to manage subpar baseball. It doesnt happen.

2. I have to give the Mizzou Tigers props. Way to crush Nebraska. I dont think you guys stand a chance vs. Oklahoma, but youre one of those teams I cant look away from.

1. LSU fan. Dont sleep on Kentucky. I know Andre Woodson gets alot of pub, but there's a reason why he does. He's really good. If you sleep on this team , you'll awake to a nice ass kickin.

Do what many think you'll do and crush them from start to finish. If not, expect to be next in line at the slide .

Single Point of Failure..

Sorry fam no Cali for the kid. Initially I was supposed to be typing this post at 1pm PST 3pm central, but circumstances got changed at Talledega. My supervisor was at a NASCAR event and blew his back out leaving his hotel room. Rather then giving the vote of confidence in yours truly, he informed the Government that his contacts are just that HIS CONTACTS. So at 3pm on Saturday I got told that my plans to go to Southern California got put on hold. Its still happening , just at a later date.

Here's my issue, aren't we past the time where organizations rely so heavily on one person? It creates situations like this where no one can win. When that person is injured or unable to perform for whatever reason, your whole organization is on hold. How does that keep the cogs going?

I'm all for back up training. Maybe its just me, but I'd like to know that my business can function properly with the absence of one.