Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Potential Beast In the East and Muting Prime Time

Man this is hard for me to type. I use to be a huge Celtics fan growin up. Most of my fandom for them was due to the fact that my old man was and still is a Los Angeles Lakers Fan. I gave them catz up though, the moment Reggie Lewis died. I know, corny right, but I was getting older and my hometown Rockets were finally building a solid nucleus. I had to back my boys.

Now, it appears the Celts are on the Verge of Making a momunental trade. If they acquire Keving Garnett, and pair him with
THE TRUTH, and JESUS SHUTTLEWORTH, then by gollie I don't know if theres a team in the east that can give that three a solid run for there money. All of those catz if im not mistaken were in Sydney (the last time we won anything internationally) and all three of these cats are multi talented. KG however is the glue that would gel this team to at least the Eastern Conference Finals. In fact, I'm going to put it out there now, he goes to Boston, with that current roster, put it on the board FINALS....

The East Power rankings assuming this goes down will look alot like this:

1. Boston
2. Detroit
3. Chicago
4. Miami (Provided D. Wade is 100%)
5. Cleveland
6. Toronto
7. Washington
8. New Jersey
Outside scrapping for 8th Orlando and the Knicks.

Prime Time on Mute..

Evidently the NFL wasn't to happy about Deion Sanders comments regarding the whole Michael Vick situation, and ordered that the paper in which he wrote them for not have that article published. Here's a brief excerpt of his comments :

What a dog means to Vick might be a lot different than what he means to you or I. Hold on, don’t start shaking your head just yet. Listen to me.Some people
kiss their dogs on the mouth. Some people let their dogs eat from their plate.
Some people dress their dogs in suits more expensive than mine, if you can
believe that.And some people enjoy proving they have the biggest, toughest dog on the street.

You’re probably not going to believe this, but I bet Vick loves
the dogs that were the biggest and the baddest. Maybe, he identified with them
in some way.You can still choose to condemn him, but I’m trying to take you
inside his mind so you can understand where he might be coming from

Here's my problem, since when did it become ok for us to be smacked b/c of our opinion? Do I agree with what Deion Snaders said, No, but I believe HE has the right to say whats on his mind. I'd fire my agent if I were Deion, no one should sign a contract with a clause that states your opinion is under lock and keep unless there going to the military. Even then you can pretty much say what you want, as long as you don't go out practicing any beliefs that are ill conducive to military protocol.

Link to Deion's Article

Monday, July 30, 2007

If I were a Simpson..

Here's what I'd look Like...Im really diggin this page http://simpsonizeme.com/# and If you get a minute at work, I suggest you check it out..The page gets a little backed up with request (it took me 4 days) but its fun to play with. Anyhow, I thought about using it as my profile, but you guys love sanjaya so much, I gotta give you what you want....e

Ps, Yes I did see the movie, and as to not spoil it for you all, I 'll just say this, as A Simpsons fan, I thought it was ok. It didnt blow me away, but it didnt bore me. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Hot Vs. Cold

I'm a warmblooded person..Always have been. I need to walk in my home and have it at least 73 to survive. I'm from Texas, heat is something I grew up with but couldn't stand. My wife however, African Pride in all couldn't be more opposite. You'd think someone from one of Africa's most southern countries would enjoy the streaming cool breeze of an AC cranked down to 70 at night, and 75 during the day, but no , she needs it HOT..I'm talking damn near suffocating you in your sleep, bead of sweat running down your face HOT...

And what makes this worse is, its not just her. You see my old man needed it hot as well well. He needed it so hot i swear at times I could see condensation building on the walls and posters falling off from the heat. Sad part is, he'd still be cold. I remember I went home to visit my mom and dad once and I swear to you, in August he had the heater on, and set to 86. If you've never been to Texas in August, let me give you a very brief synopsis. Its typically 90-95 in the morning with about 90% humidity in some cities..Houston being one of them. I was seconds away from getting a hotel room. The blasphemy of going home and staying in a hotel is easy to endure when your hotel room is set to 60.

This brings me to today. So I work in an office with about 9 of us on a good day. 7 of us are of the agreement that the thermostat shouldn't ever go above 73. The other 2 tend to think otherwise. Now, neither of the people who enjoy the Devil sitting in the building are of any concern as far as rank and file go, but both are logistics. Essentially the rubber band men of either company. And both stay late. Well one of these S.O.B.'s had to work on Friday until 7pm. He decided he'd leave the heater on at 80. No big deal as long as he remembers to turn the thing back down so come Monday were not dying. Well, he forgot. I opened up the door this morning to go to work and it was so hot, my keyboards was sticking. So hot that the Vitamin Water I left out was hotter then p!$$.

So my very weird Monday topic is, how do you deal with the Coldblooded? These people are so easily frozen that they need to drink soft drinks with cozy's. These are the people who when you walk in there house weighing 175, you leave it at 170. These are those very special people who when riding in the car with you , will adjust your AC to the middle setting of Heat and Cold, when outside its so hot that your temperature gauge is about to run off the dashboard.

Friday, July 27, 2007

OSF 2Pac - Wanted Dead Or Alive

In honor of Michael Vick and Barry Bonds.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Letters to Mike Vick

You sneaky intell people...I dont know how you have access to Mike Vicks yahoo account, but thanks again.

Dear Mike

We heard you like to fight dogs.
Anyroom for a couple of B!thces?

Lindsay Lohan &
Paris Hilton

Dear Mr Vick,

We heard you soak the dogs down when you
electrocute them. Weve never considered that..
Thanks for the tip.

Texas Department of Corrections

Hey Mike,
Whadda ya do with the remains of the
Dead Dogs ??


Dear Mr. Vick.

I think you mis understood my message about controlling the pet population...


Bob Barker

Hey Mike

Thanks for taking one for the team.


Dog Owners who reguarly Beat there Dogs

and those who leave them in Cars with the window Rolled up in 100 Degree Heat


Does this mean we can't come over no more?


Your trifflin' homeboyz who got you indicted.

Hey Mike

Just tell 'em its part of a bigger mob sting.


T. Dongahy
Hey Bruh,
Try scrambling yo @$$ out of this s#!+ ...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beyonce Falls Down Stairs Jul 07

Watch it fast Before BMG pulls it.

Unsigned Hype CNOTE31 Fellas Look Away!!!

Now thats not TOTALLY true, my boy Chris featured Above is acutally signed, but in an attempt to get his name out there, im posting a sample of him singing Usher's You Got It Bad. Me and this guy went to High School together, and for the life of me I never had him for a singer. Of course I didnt have Slim Thug for a Rapper either, another Eisenhower Eagle alumni. Ladies, dont say my board hasnt done anything for ya.....At about the 4:30 second mark , fellas if you want to keep your mancards, I strongly suggest going down to my next post.

This is Awesome Walk It Out, Fosse

Probably one of the best Youtube clips ive posted...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Guess Who's Starting for the Atlanta Falcons....

Raise your hand if you DIDNT see this one coming. Yes Falcon Fans (and OOKIE Fans) Roger Goodell has finally put his foot down on the Don King of Dog-Fighting and told him that he needs sit his hot ass down and focus on his legal woes. Though we at Realpeeplz are by and large NFL fans, we have a very soft spot in our heart for one Michael "Ookie Ron Mexico" Vick. He was the dazzling fresh faced kid who almost single handedly beat FSU all by himself. He was the mesmerizing Second Yr. Stud who took his team to Lambeau Field and beat Brett "The Diva" Favre. In his fourth yr, he took his team to the NFC Championship Game, and just recently as a QB he rushed for 1000 yards.

There are beast in the game , and then there are Gods. Mike Vick, for a very limited time , had reached god like status to us . Apparently to Arthur Blank as well, as he paid him the Godly Salary of 100+ million dollars to continue being well Mike Vick. However, now it seems as if all of his accomplishments, all of the promise, and all of the hard work are all going to get flushed away b/c this very polished and poised QB, couldn't make a key life choice thus ruining his name.

The Crime.

Ookie is currently being charged with Promoting, Transporting and Fighting Dogs to the Death across states in what appears to be nothing more then a hobby of culture. At least this is the argument uneducated Black Folk would want you to hear. I tend to think a little bit differently. I see this as a failure on Michael's behalf of divorcing himself from the negative lifestyle that many of us came from.

None of that matters now though. Roger has spoken loud and clear. Michael kick bricks. Joey, you're in. Now for my Falcon fans reading this, I know what you're thinking, its just camp, he probably wouldn't have done much anyway. Well, this is where you're wrong. You see, there's a new sheriff in Atlanta, and the sheriff that you guys brought in was hired specifically b/c of his offense. Who pray tell is the leader of any NFL offense?? Yep you guessed it, the QB. Another juicy tidbit about this sheriff, where he came from, The QB of that team will be a Sr. and many have him as the top rated QB in next yrs NFL draft. How long you think this charade's gonna keep going before he tells Mr. Blank that a change needs to be made?

Attention all Professional Athletes Thuggish Mentalities will no longer be Tolerated

By now most of you know, It started with David Stern changing the NBA Dress code, and fining out the rectum for any and all fights. Now Roger Goodell has chimed in. You muddy his rep, he sits you without pay. Get the drift? Thugs are no longer welcomed in professional sports. You had a good run in the 90's and early 2k's but its a new day. Its time for you guys to put the Weed down, marry your baby momma, (or I don't know where a condom perhaps) invest in a suit , and become the ambassadors of your games you get paid kings ransoms to play. Consider Michael Vick an intervention. He was actually good at his game , and as it stands he's getting paid to NOT attend camp. Wait till the verdict comes down last year, his wallet will feel the bite his Ass put him in.

Well if you got this far don't worry Vick fans, things are gonna pick up. He'll play this year and be forced to sit the next. (Assuming the Feds don't give him Jail Time) Who says all athletes cant be role models, as I type this, all those thoughts I had about dog fighting just blew away. Oh wait, they were never there to begin with. I guess I was fortunate enough to know when to leave the hood exactly where it was. In the hood.

Did Tim Donaghy /Game 3 of Suns-Spurs?

Timmie..You knew they'd find a game that had controversy written all over it..If I were you, I'd avoid Phoenix..

Monday, July 23, 2007

NBA Dirty Ref May not be the Only One..

Man Im taxin' these Hoes...Me Too!

Evidently , Tim Donaghy, soon to be shamed ref and possible inmate at Picka-state-fed-penn is saying that if he's going down, he taking everybody with him. Now, usually when someone is caught you assume the "G" thing to do is go in under your charges and roll with those punches. I mean, its not the other peoples fault doing dirt that you got caught. But nope, evidently Tim believes he's not the only one caught up in the game , and If he's right, this might knock Basketball off of a high horse that it has enjoyed as the number 2/3 sports entity for the past 10 yrs.

You know whats messed up the most about this, is that all of those cats who yell from the sideline, "The Fix is in" may actually be right. Damn. Being a Basketball fan I cant lie, that cuts deep. Let me give yall one example, this guy was the Ref,in the Game 3 match when Phoenix played San Antonio. Yep that series, he was there.

Remember when Jeff Van Gundy got fined, the unprecedented amount of 100k, for saying his peeps told him Yao wont get a call. What if this cat was reffing some Rockets games? And lets not forget the whole Mark Cuban Factor, you just know he's sitting somewhere with his staff going over each and every game trying to see which ones this guy reffed to see if the fix was in.

Let Tim's current allegations be true that it may not have just been him, and powder keg thy have a name and its called the NBA. About the only thing I can see coming good out of this, is its the first time in a long time David Stern has awaken to to egg on his face. We here at realpeepz aren't the biggest fans of David, and even though this most recent trial of the NBA is vexing, we know in the end he'll find a way to make it work. This time, though he wont be able to fix the issues of the NBA by changing the Dress Code.

Link to Story

Friday, July 20, 2007

OSF TOTAL Trippin Feat Missy

Fellas All I gotta say is CAT MU' PUCKIN CLAWS!!!! Who dont remember Shorty from Verse 2..SHE was so banging I often forgot what it was they were actually singing about in this song..

OSF EIght Ball MJG MR.BIG *UnEdited*

Dirty SOUF Stand the F up for your original Theme Song!!. Those who know, know...

OSF Bone Thugs Buddah Lovers

Nacho Cheese Doritos, Dominos Pizza, and Oreos musta made a fortune everytime this video was played. This Track was the theme of my junior year in High School. With that said, Im not going to openly incriminate myself, (as if it mattered) but I will say this, JR year for a brief period in high school was a blaze of smoke I can barely remember...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Letters Intercepted to Yi from Various Stars

Evidently the moment Yi decided that he was going back to China, all of his email/blackberry got flooded with messages. Heres some of the classic ones I was able to intercept.

Sent Via Text


Auidos ...Theres only room in Wisconsin For one Diva.


Brett Favre

Sent Via Email


What dont you like about Milwaukee


Cold Weather

Fat Chicks

and Packer Fans

Sent Via Blackberry

Yi ,

Your behavior is veeery unacceptable.


John Elway

Eli Manning

Kobe Bryant

and The Franchise

Sent at the Bar Last night..


Come back, without you who's Brett gonna get the ball to??


Packer Fan..

Sent from the Duggout


Good riddance. Now maybe people can notice us ..


Your Current NL Central Leading Milwaukee Brewers

Sent from a snackstand.


You dont know what youre missing.



Old Milwaukee Beer

and Pale Faced Snowbunnies who sleep with Millionaires...

Sent Via Text Message


I heard they do cockfighting in China, is that true,

ifso can I come with you ??


Mike Vick

This is probably the Closest to Vick Arthur Blank will ever be Again

In Honor Of Michael Vick's Indictment, the Song you're listening to now on the other side is Maroon 5's Make me Wonder.. Here's the Hook to the song . hopefully it lets you know where I'm going with this..
"Gimme something to believe in , cuz I dont believe in
you anymore, anymore."

Yesterday, as im sure many of you heard, Michael Vick was indeed indicted on charges of Dogfighting yesterday and I dont know if any of you read the descriptions, but from an outsiders perspective, If I didn't know any better, I'd swear Vick thought the dogs to be nothing more then a game to him. Get this, they would actually electrocute, HANG, or slam the dogs to the ground after they lost. Hang, damn thats really f#cked up. Black folk have no reason to come anywhere near a knuse, and now allegedly, one of the ones on possibly one the biggest stages out there, is hanging dogs. What, did drowning the dogs in the pool get to boring? Man I know these are just allegations, but EVEN IF Mike does get away from this untouched, he really needs to check his homeys at the door.

Pacman Jones and Carmelo Anthony think that Mike Vick has a messed up entourage. Whats hurts the most about this is, Mike Vick represented at least to me, a person from my generation playing professional sports who even though he represented the streets , knew how to keep that part separated from his professional life. At least I thought he did. If he beats this case, PETA is gonna go nuts in Atlanta. Furthermore, if he is indeed innocent, I surely hope that this sends a message to those athletes out there who still cling to there boys from the hood. When you get your money, be sure that your boys have theres as well. Nothing good can come from a bunch of bored Hood Negroes that you shack up in a Upscale estate.
So my question for you is, what are the odds you see Mike Vick in a Falcons jersey in the 08-09 season?

Link To Story

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hip Hop's starting to Piss me Off Again ..Aunt Jackie Garbage..

Ok, so by now we've all partied like a rock star, or did our rain dance in the club and at some point realized what the hell is this ish I'm listening to on the radio?? I'll tell you what it is, TRASH...Plain and simple. No need to explain to me the 5 chambers of blah, blah, blah,
no need to tell me how so and so are touring and there to busy to be in the studio...Garbage.

Here's what I do know, if I had to do dishes in Calgon 4 hrs a day, for a yr straight knowing that it would bring me music resembling the era from 1993-1996, (The Biggie Pac Era) best believe i'd have the softest hands of any man youve ever known. Calgon take me away please...

What is this garbage thats on the radio today? And then theres this. While going through my email, someone who wishes to be kept anonymous sent me the NEWEST dance craze taking over in pick a Burrough New York ....The Aunt Jackie.. Yes, you read it correctly the Aunt Jackie. It hijacked a good 3:13 seconds of my life, and know im proud to deliver it to you.
Is this what has become of our once great music? Are we regulated to dance crazes, and the occasional epiphany from Jigga or Nas? Where the $*& $ is Lil Jon? Isnt this the time of the year where that life sized Muppet makes his excellence heard?

Well if you made it this far then without further adu, I give you Jason Fox and Aunt Jackie. I'll be in the corner with a shot of my best cognac. Lemme know what you think...e By the way, for probably one of the best hip hop discussions youll ever read, go check out this forum my boy E did on his website..

Monday, July 16, 2007

When Playing Games Goes to Far

As I type this, im still having a hard time reading what I just read ..Authorities in Reno Nevada had to remove 1 infant and 1 toddler aged kid from there parents last month b/c they were severely malnourished. Get this, there was food in the house, but getting the food would have interrupted Dungeons and Dragons online Game Play, so the parents just let there kids sit there and starve.

Michael(25) and Iana(23) Straw plead guilty on Friday to 2 counts of Child Neglect and each face a maximum of 12 yrs in prison. I hope they actually get more. The little girl of the two had to get her hair shaved because it was covered in Cat Urine, and the son was so malnourished, he was unable to support himself on his feet and walk. Also, neither of these kids had been given any medical attention ie required shots, and checkups since there births.

Ya know, I bet these summa' ma bitches try an insanity defense. If theres a lawyer out there who even attempts to represent them under this premise, bare note that even if you do succeed , you may crack open the one Pandora's Box society was never prepared to have open.
Slackers, would crown you visionaries, while concerned parents would haunt you down Salem style. You might as well draw a red target on everything you own.

You cant neglect your duties as parents b/c someones raiding your village. Duh!!! Come the @#$ on people. Was your game play so crucial that you couldn't warm up a bottle of milk in the microwave? Was it to much to ask for a bowl of oatmeal?? Most of these games can be paused, you mean to tell me the thrill of Waging war against someones Level 50 Wizard was so critical that giving your child a simple bowl of cereal would have ruined your entire day. To you to, I say, die. I hope your figures on the game die slow painful deaths. As for your physical beings, I'm trying to get more spiritual, so as much As I would like to wish all things bad onto you, realistically, I surely hope you can look at this as an opportunity whatever higher power you believe in gave you as a second chance. Your kids could've died, and I don't think there's anything worse then that.

Back to the Public Defender who probably got told to take the case. Hey man, they've already pleaded guilty, technically your job is done. Don't give slackers, and gamers a reason to never leave home. Don't give those who aren't interested in putting down Madden 5 good minutes to fill out a job application justification for mediocre life play.

Link To Story

Friday, July 13, 2007

Welcome To The USA Posh and David..

I never got around to doing this so I just wanted to welcome The UK'S Official Royal Couple to the Great US of A. While in England, you guys were a blast for me and my boys. Yall showed us where the parties were, allowed us what seemed like 24/7 access into your lives, and were always one click away from our hearts...

Ya boy got to see ALOT of this couple while in England peepz. They are to the UK, what Ben and JL0, Brad, and Jen , and Bobby and Whitney were to us. Everywhere all the time. The only difference is that they have lasted longer then the previous couple mentioned. For all you gossip rag readers, expect to see alot more of them. Posh is touring with the Spice Girls, and Becks is in LA playing Footie. Fwiw, if the pics are like this, I can role with that..

OSF Tatyana Ali Day Dreaming

Sometimes I really miss my youth.. Tatyana, Rudy and Maia Campbell..Lethal..

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Remembering High School and Reunion

So, I was waisting good tax payer dollar typing along the other day, and a good friend of mind hit me with an email to join a web page specifically designed to discuss my High School Reunion. Yep, its that time for ya boy over hear at Realpeeplz. 10 yrs ago, I could be found between classes at Eisenhower Sr. High cuttin it up. As a jock/cool kid b/c in my heart of hearts, I truly believed that being a Sr. in High School was the equivalent to being a celebrity in Hollywood. You name the occasion and I more then likely was either there, or there for the after party.

The big rival football game against Aldine, front row seats. The Birthday Party for the cute Sophomore chick who's parents aren't home, ya boy was the one who supplied the liquor. Odds are if it was momentous, and took place in High School, in a snapshot, you'd spot me.

Ya boy E was in with the Jocks, had at least one certified dime in every class, and was dating a member of the dance squad. Life was great. In the Caste System that is High School I'd say I was in the Social Elite but, as far as direction , in the mental low. It was High School, and you gotta keep the status quo.

Then, a funny thing happened on May 25th 1997, I graduated. I woke up the next day, and all those good friends I had made throughout the course of 4 yrs (and some 7) had all vanished. That celebrity status erased, and in its place a hole of doubt and questions about what I accomplished in that 4 yr time span. In my mind, the only way to feel those holes was to strike out on my own and figure things out all for myself. I did, and I ended up joining the United Sates Navy.

When I came home from boot camp, tada, I was a celebrity again. However, many of my friends were not. Some had taken local jobs to support there Education. Some were already parents , and had taken jobs to feed there children. A very small minority actually went on to a decent school and carved there niche in society, but an overwhelming majority stayed at home trying to figure out where there celebrity went. That saddened me. As I would continue to go home throughout the years, many of my friends would eventually make it out of there parents place, and do something with there lives, but we'd grow more and more increasingly apart. Its life.

We spin ahead 10 yrs into the present and here's where im at. A week ago, I was planning on spending the _____ week of September at home with my son watching College Football, now I'm presented with the possibility of rekindling some of those old flames.

This is the quandary I'm in. Do I go to this reunion, or simply stay at home? Now, to be fair since Ive been on this web page, its been quite the experience catching up with some of my old running mates. Many are doing much better, and some are doing great. There's a part of me that really wants to catch up, but its an event. People at Big-Ike did it BIG. I just wander if its a one time thing, or the start to rebuilding.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Carl Crawford..Great Player awful Team.....

I dont know how many baseball following peepz i got out there, but last night was the AllStar Game of that sport, and one of the many participants was Houstons own Tampa Bay Devil Ray Carl Crawford... Now, in case youre wandering how he did, he went 1-2 on the night and caught one helluva pop fly about 15 yrds out of his view point..The kid flat out and ran for it....

Oh by the way, that one hit, was HOMERUN. Carl represents a very small class of African Americans that are really good in professional baseball, but b/c he's playing for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and not a major market you may not even fully appreciate just how good he could really be for baseball..

Growing up in Houston's 5th ward District he was a 3 sport star who couldve easily went to Nebraska to play Quarterback, UCLA to play point guard,(I personally thought this would be the choice) or any of is choice of major schools to play Baseball...Despite all of that, he chose to take his talent to the professional level and play pro-ball. He was the 52nd player drafted overall in the 1999 and won numerous awards on the Double and Triple A teams he played for..

Something tells me though, that after 6 yrs of ballin on the C-Team Devil Ray's he's got his eyes on a larger prize..That should be, showcasing his talents on a winning product..If he can somehow find his way on a team like the Anaheim Angels, or the St. Louis Cardinals, he turns them into instant favorites..Both teams have owners who want ot win at all cost, and both teams have power batting in the 3 hole, a certain thing Carls never had. Atleast not constantly anyway.

To my original point though, from an African American standpoint, he'd bring that fan back to baseball..Lets face it, maybe 2 out of 10 black folk are watchin baseball maybe....People baseball is a very much untapped market..As a parent, I make sure my son watches the sport..It teaches you how to work as a team, its structured, and its probably the safest sport out there..By the way, guess who my sons favorite player is??? I'll give you a hint, he plays in Tampa...
Carl if you eva read this, ya peepz in San Antonio/H-town show love homie!..Keep up the good work kinfolk ... Big-E

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Whos The Most Hated Pool

So in this very slow part of the entertainment/sports world, me and a couple of very drunk motivated homies came up with a post that im sure everyone will get a kick out of.. Most Hated...To be hated nowadays doesnt require much work.. Barry Bonds is hated simply b/c he did what many others did in an era when everyone looked away. Beyonce is hated simply b.c of her fame. I personally feel Al Sharpton is a Race baiting soapboxer, and Steven A Smith to quote Jigga
Had a spark when he first started, but now he's just

Heres How it works, Throughout the course of the next week orso, ill be running a tourney style bracket (Think College basketball) and widdling it all the way down to the most hated person in The Entertainment/Political/Sports /and Media World. Im going to have 4 brackets with 16 people in each and at the end, the most hated person will be profiled in full view for that following week...

The Four Regions Are As Follows :

The Barry Bonds Region (West Coast)
1. Barry Bonds (accused of cheating)
16 Arnold Schwarznegger (accused of being fake)

8. Michael Irvin (accused of stupid suits and off the wall comments)
9. Al Davis (accused of ruining a Once great Football Team)

5. Snoop (accused of Making West Coast to Commercial)
12 . The State Of Utah (accused of being Utah)

4. The Game(Accused of talking a good game but not backing it up)
13. Venus Williams (accused by white media for being lazy and fat)

6. E-40 (accused by East Coast Hip Hop of grand buffoonery and stupid stupid lingo)
11. Rasheed Wallace (Accused Entire West Coast of No hip hop talent and Trashy)

3. Kobe Bryant (accused of Cheating on wifey, w/whitey, Hatin on teammate & Fleeing )
14. Jim Rome (accused of coming off as a sarcastic Ass)

7. Keyshawn Johnson (accused of loving yourself to much)
10. OJ Simpson (accused of self race hate, guilt of rich, and daring to write a book that detailed if you did it)

2. Paris Hilton ( accused of guilt of rich , special prvi, no talent , and snake charming)
15 Matt Linehart (accused of hating on Texas and being far to metro for football )

The Al Sharpton Region ( East Coast)

1. Al Sharpton (accused of race baiting, self aggrandizing, soapboxing and failure to stfu)
16. Larry Brown (accused of hit and run coaching, getting teams good, and then demanding more money or leaving..)

8. Vivica Fox (accused of soapboxing and Hollier then thou syndrome)
9. Eli Manning (accused of being severely overrated)

5. Wayne Brady ( accused of not living up to potential/self race hate on BIG stage)
12 BET(Yes the Channel) (accused of forgetting what made you what you are now)

4. Jay-Z (accused of going to commercial and forgetting the roots of your gangsta
13 Fantasia (accused of blowing up literally when you made it. Mix in the salad)

6. Fox News Channel (accused of hating Black People and Democrats)
11. Randy Moss (accused of doggin it in Oakland)

3. P Diddy (accused of not signing any REAL talent since Big Left/ Commercialization of Hip Hop, shiny suits etc..
14 Nick Cannon ( Accused of bangin certified Dyme's despite physical evidence to justify why)

7. Alex Rodriguez (accused of lousy playoff play, and being to metro)
10 Lindsay Lohan (accused of not knowing right from wrong, and teetering into damaged goods)

2. Flavor Flav (Setting The Race Back, Banging Certified Dymes With no physical evidence to justify why, 3 to many baby mommas and Bringing New York to all of us)
15. Omarion (accused of not being original.)

The Beyonce Region (Dirty South )
1. Beyonce (accused of getting big and becoming hollier then thou)
16. Lil Flip (accused of setting Houston Rap Back )

8. Usher (accused of being conceded and hollier then thou)
9. Terrell Owens (accused of loving thy self and selling out teammates)

5. Reggie Bush (accused of stupidity Kim K and not Ciarra WTF) and being to metro)
12. Jessie Jackson (accused of not fighting real racial issues and race bating)

4. Pacman Jones (accused of pretending to be mother nature, and giving fellow ballers bad name)
13. Yao Ming (accused of soft big man play)

6. Jermaine Dupri (accused of banging Certified Dyme and Goddess even though theres no evidence to justify why..Accused of making South to commercial)
11. Jeb Bush (accused of getting W. in office)

3. Thurbert Baker (accused of keeping Genarlow Wilson in Jail)
14. Master P(accused of overall cornyness in a period when rap was at its most vulnerable.

7. Britney Spears (accused of not knowing who to marry, and not knowing how to maintain ones self)
10. D4L (accused of overall cornyness and one hit wander that put ghetto in the gutter)

2. Mike Vick (accused of running Octagon MMA IFL Dog fights. Accused of dirty penile activity)
15. Lil Bow Wow (Accused of rolling with J. Dupri)

Steven A. Smith Region (North)

1. Steven A. Smith (accused of not knowing when your 5 min. of fame are up..Yelling and bo-regarding ESPN..Part of the Debate era which ruined that station)
16. Ja Rule (accused of not knowing what to do with your talent

8. Stuart Scott (accused of bo-jangling and selling race down the river for ESPN..)
9. Allen Iverson (accused of bringing thug mentality to NBA..We talkin bout Practice)

5 Lil Kim (accused of looking like a Cabbage Patch Kid)
12. Mariah Carey (accused of hollier then thou syndrome and failure to date bruthas)

4. Nancy Grace (accused of overstepping boundaries at CNN )
13. Nelly (accused of commercializing hip hop )

6. Whitney Houston (accused of being a crackhead)
11. Foxxy Brown (accused of hollier then thou syndrome..pay me homage..WTF)

3. 50 Cent (accused of eating the Whole Cake and leaving G-unit Frosting on the box side.)
14. Nas (accused of 1up 1 down syndrome 1 HOT Cd will always be followed by eh...)

7. Akon (accused of being nigrish on stage )
10. R. Kelly(accused of sex with a minor, and openly admitting to pulling another mans gal)

2. Bill O' Reilly (accused of hate of all things hip hop. accused of having guest on his show just to yell at them. failure to let anyone get there point across)
15. Bruce Bowen (accused of being Dirtiest player in the NBA.. and Cheap moves that injure players )

The Winner Of The Barry Bond Region Will Face The winner of the Beyonce Region one one side, and the Winner of the Al Sharpton Region will face the winner of the Steven A. Smith Region on the other side..

In the end the winner of the two will face off in the final.. Winner gets dedication week on my board....All voting can be conducted via email or post.. I will have the winner posted on Monday.

Friday, July 06, 2007

OSF Whodini Freaks Come Out at Night

I dont care where youre at, or what you rock, when this joint comes on, you gotta stand up...One of my best intro's ever ...Oh by the way, this song is 20yrs old...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Remembering My Top 5 Cartoons Eva!

In Honor of the Transformers movie I have yet to see, (busy busy busy) I ve decided today's Remember When blog will be about Yours and mine Top 5 Cartoons of all time. Now, to be fair, this blog is read by some as old as 55 and as young as 14 , so there will be some cartoons on MY list that some may or may not get. In the end though, these are the cartoons that would steal all of my youth and I'd debate should be first ballot Hall Of Famer's should there ever be such a thing.

Always kept the story line moving. Liono was a Pimp, and Chetarah had hr own theme music. Mumrah, as far s villians go was the cruelest cat out there.

2. Transformers
More then meets the Eye! They were so gully, That a competitor tried the same thing 2 yrs after, and got crushed. Gobots was a joke. Optimus Prime may be the Gulliest Hero of All Time..To bad his action figure was so damn expensive..

3. Voltron
My favorite color was Blue, so of course that meant I was the Blue Lion Growing Up. That cat had it made. He came from an underwater cave, so if ever there was drama,
he's in the one spot that can withstand the test of time. This was me and brothers entire X-mas one year

4. My Secret Gay Moment..The Getalong Gang..
Dont ask why, they just did it for me...Maybe it was the moose, or the goofy story lines, but somehow I stayed glued to the TV whenever they came on..There
are more of them out there like it, but this one was the one show I had to watch in secrecy

5th He-Man
Often I wandered who would win if this cat, and Liono ever went toe to toe. He-man would crush Skeletor on a daily, and with the power of Grayskull, turn his cuddly little Puma Cringer into Battle Cat...Battle Cat was instantly Beastly! Orko was the hidden gem in the show though.. This entire set was another X-mas present that ended up being the end all be all for me and my brother..Hell, The Castle of Grayskull along cost 30 bucks.

5. Other Note worthies..

If you never seen it, then click on it..Eye Of the Hawk...

Another not so proud Gay moment, I just cant deny..Carebears Countdown 5..4..3..2.1!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...
Heroes in a Half Shell Turtle Power..True story, the movie was so packed, that they had kids sitting in the walkway, and standing along the sides...

Its Crime Fighting Time...This Brutha was lethal... Another guy you might have to click on.

Fat Albert.
My man had a crew that ran out roughnecks, and hung out in the Junkyard. Ultimate Good Guy..And what made Albert so sick with his was, he was the fastest cat in the group.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Open Letter To Yi from The Franchise

While Checking my email, someone forwarded me an encrypted email sent to Yi Jianlian..I struggled with posting it, but then I thought what the hell...

Hey YI,

Its ya boy Steve Francis aka The Franchise..Ive been in your shoes homie..Trust me. When I was drafted 2nd overall by the Vancouver Grizzlies back in 1999 man, A tear ran down my cheek. I didn't know anybody in Canada.. I didnt speak Canadian..Who knows how many Blackfolk were in Vancouver at the time let alone the Northwest? All I knew was, that place just wasn't for me. Man do what you gotta do.. Dont worry eventaully all your begging and pleading will get you traded. I literally did a back flip when i got sent to Houston. I had a smile from ear to ear. I instantly became a success, and the team slowly got built around me.

Then something happened. I looked up and the next thing I knew, we drafted another person high in the lottery, and they glossed him the next big thing as well..You may know him, Yao Ming?? Anyway that cat needed the ball all the time, and that took away from me. I tried to ask management to put guys around ME that will make ME better, but there response, trade me..

So I get traded to the Orlando Magic..Another place where I believe I can flourish with my abilities..They lose as well, and what do they go and do the following year. Draft a big man. Ownership assumes I cant work with him either, and once again I get traded.
This time to the Knicks. From day one I get off to the wrong foot there. (not to mention that me and the guy pictured have no idea what passing the ball means)Me and ownership fail to see eye to eye, and eventually I get packaged and traded again. This time to Portland Oregon. Which is in the Northwest, some 300 miles south of Vancouver BC.. (a 4 to 5 hr drive at most)

So you see, in the end these things are cyclical. You could request to be traded, and they could trade you..But in the end you'll end up either right back where you started, or somewhere very close..

I made a chart for you to reference.

Lets say you get traded to Golden State. High Asian population and they like to run. Well Nellie only has 3 yrs of Good Coaching left in him. He retires, along with his offensive scheme, and if your skills haven't flourished by that time, owenrships gonna want you gone. They'll trade you to a team in desperate need of a big man. Lets just throw I dunno Dallas out there. Fairly decent Asian Market, but the owner is the grand prize there. Cuban'll love you at first, but Avery, HE'LL DESPISE YOU. Nellie never taught you how to play D., thus making you useless to him. In the end, after about 2 to 3 yrs of holding Dirks Jock, you'll get packaged in a deal that will send you and someones expiring contract to New Orleans. No Asian market there. This will place you right at your 10yr mark . And b/c of the lack of interest, and the fact that your PPG's has declined youll go from hot upstart, to maybe a role player at best. By that time, a team like Cleveland is literally one piece away. Sr. Backcourt, Solid veteran who is on his last big playoff push and then theres you. Given your ability, youll be used as the guy who extends the offense beyond the 15 ft range. Essentially youll open the paint for Lebron and Boobie to drive, and thats it.
By the way Cleveland isnt known for its Asian population either . Heres the kicker, its only 430 miles away from Milwaukee..(Another 5 to 6hr drive at most.)..

Sound Familiar?
Take Care and Prosper..


PS..Eli Manning told me to tell you to ride it out fwiw..

Monday, July 02, 2007

Army Wives...

So I was sitting at home pissin' all over my Man Card watching Lifetime with the wife and we came across a show a couple of weeks ago I bet many of you are missing ..Army Wives. I wont go into details b/c Im sure Lifetime will re-air all 4 episodes that have came on so far, but I will say this, Ive seen this life and can confirm it to be 99.9% accurate.

Here's a small rundown..

For those who dont know anything about Military Life, know this, wifes, husbands, and children of those in the military get bored really quickly. The constant moves, and readjusting can become to much for many. With that said, the only thing they have(dependants) is themselves. While your loved ones are out fighting to make W. look more stupid then he already is, at home your wives and children are trying there best to make your family name stand out..

Military Wives get lonely..Its just how it is when there husbands deploy...Some stray, and some go home to be with there family, but by and large the ones that stick it out are the ones who lives are examined in this drama. It follows 4 wives,and a husband who each have a significant amount of baggage that has drawn one closer to the other.

Wife 1 is married to A base Commander. She like many before her put her career aside to follow her husband and be a happy homemaker.

Wife 2 is married to a Regiment Commander. While her husbands away she's left in charge of getting there College Ready son for the Army Academy..It wouldn't be such a task if her son didn't beat her Yes you read that correctly..

Wife 3 is married to a Special Forces Soldier. The hubby is an impulse spender who's bad habits sometimes get the family in an increased amount of Debt.

Wife 4 is married to a Youngin PFC.. My Fav. Of the Bunch. 2 Kids from 2 different dads and the guy you met at the bar and knew for all of 3 weeks want to take you and your 2 kids in.. This is something I say again , ive seen before...Many times..

Husband 1 His wife is back from deployment, but is suffering from a very bad c ase of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As much watches go, Id give it an 8, and thats not to bad considering the day and Time Slot it appears on. (Sunday's 10/9Central)