Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years ..Like Choosing Another Song Made Any Sense

As 2006 comes to an end, i just want ot give some shout outs to my peeplz who made '06 one of the most memorable years of my life.

1st My Wife and Son. 3 moves 3 States and 3 Career changes later, we made it. Thanks for being my support unit.

2nd. EWA.. Thank You for giving me A job. And not just any job, but a great one at that.

3.To Red, Ric, Jon-E, Gip, Dave, //Our many sports debates made posting all my sports rants possible. I lean on all of you for your opinion, and know that this is just one of my many vehicles of expressing gratitude

4th. To Bomani Jones, Enigmatik, Jemele Hill, and the great people at Thank you for giving me an outlet from the daily drama that is life. Whenever im bored, know that I frequent you pages, and get a much needed pick me up.

5th United States Navy..9yrs was 9yrs. I can bash you for my departure, but that would be forgetting that you gave me my first real job. I'll never forget all the friends I made, and contacts I got because of you. To this day, I still inform those uncertain of thre future, that you wouldnt be a bad short term choice.

6th J and Family , Demetrio, Todd, Paul and FAM, Jason and Fam, BJ and fam, Jessica and Fam.(wedding I know, and I'LL BE THERE) All of you, friends are like money to me, I can be broke, but with your friendships, I feel filthy rich!

Last and finally, To my readers and friends. Thank you for stopping by. I plan on really upgrading this blog and I promise you there will be much more hard hitting columns, and much much more goofiness. It wouldnt be me if it wasnt.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Realpeelz Racism Issue of the Year

I could have went many directions in deciding what was going to be my issue of the year, but when I thought about it, Race played a part in just about everything this country did this year.

Hollywood= If it wasn't Mel Gibson proclaiming How Jews cause all the Major Wars, It was Michael Richards (Kramer) telling an audience how 50 yrs ago people would be strung from trees for actions they committed today. Oh by the way, he may have dropped the word Nigger a couple of times to. These two weren't the only people to show there true colors, they were just the only ones to get caught The Bernie Mac Show, Half and Half, and Eve all cancelled after the merger of UPN and the WB, yet shows in the graveyard such as 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls stay on the air.

Politics= Curious as to who the top Democratic Presidential Candidate is in 2008? I'll give you a hint, its not Hillary Clinton, nor is it John Edwards. Its Barack Obama. But I challenge you to do a search for his name and tell me that while reading whatever it is you archived that not once race was ever an issue. I can remember sitting around watching C-SPAN and Barack
ck was doing a press conference after what some may consider a successful trip through New Hampshire ( sight for primary elections) The first 10 -15 questions he received went a little something like this. Do you think this country is ready for a Black President? , Can a Black President get diplomacy here? , Does your upbringing have any factor in your decision to to etc.? Yet, I watched those same people interview Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) and somehow, his race was never called into question. Then there was Texas... My home sweet home. Someone convinced the Texas Legislature that we need a fence that would stretch all the way across the border, and thus in doing so will eliminate illegals from crossing the border. Part of me wanders if Indians had that technology way back when where would this country be today?

Sports = They say you hurt the ones you love the most. So My love for sports is about to take a serious beating now. ESPN makes a killing trying to Promote how Barry Bonds is a juiced up roid head who doesn't care about his team and is about to break a record held by another black man. We call in to agree with them, even though we know nothing about Barry. Terrell Owens is vilified by that and many more networks for the same actions. To make it worse for TO though, his drug overdose was spent as him trying to call for attention. Then the hate got right back on track and kept on chuggin. The NBA has one fight, and the next thing you know is that there nothing more then a bunch of Cornrow wearing thugs who know nothing about the true spirit of the game. The black athlete in professional sports is penalized for self expression. You don't believe me, Here's a fun game you can play when ya get bored this NFL Sunday. Take a shot every time you hear the following " We need more players like Marvin Harrison and Barry Sanders who score a touchdown and just hand the ball back to the referee" or for my Basketball fans " The NBA needs more guys who know the fundamentals of the game". I guarantee you , you'll get drunk alot faster then you think. Dont think I forgot about the World Games By the Way. Team USA Basketball Bronze Medal. No fundamentals people screamed. Sign Fred Hoyberg or J J Reddick people yelled. Team USA Baseball.Specifically the World Baseball Classic. No medal, gets but I bet you don't even remember it do you? You know how many people of color were on the Baseball team? I can bet you there were far more (POC) on the basketball team. Oh by the way, Michael Irvin said that the only reason Tony Romo was playing so well was because he had to have ancestors of African American descent. Normally I ignore such comments, but I thought about it and it hit me, if the shoe were on the other foot, we'd be calling for his job.

Society = The tragedy that happened to Sean Bell is still fresh in the minds of many New Yorkers and as well is should be. 50 shots. 50 shots to eliminate the threat of 3 young men coming out of a strip club at 3am. Every time I've left a strip club the last thing on my mind was trying to kill somebody. I cant begin to tell you how bad I felt for that mans family. The day before his wedding he's gunned down.

Going into 2007, Its my hope that we as a Country can take Bigger steps to eliminate the practices of Racism. To pretend that it doesn't exist is only an insult on the intelligence of many. I'm not pointing the finger at one race either, its a problem that every body shares. Until we can figure out that all men are created equal in this country, we can never move on from our man indiscretions.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Name was in Order

OK so I was trolling around blogs this morning and my buddies at deadspin had an update to a story I'm happy to report. Eastern Illinois Linebacker Lucious Pusey had his name changed to Lucious Seymour. I for one couldn't be happier. When I first heard this guy's name I couldn't believe it was true. So like many of you I googled it, and sure enough there it was. Talk about child abuse. His parents set him up for many an @$$ kicking. If it makes him feel any better , Mysty Hyman, Rusty Kuntz, and Dick Pole beat him out as worst sports name on Flumesday's list.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Realpeeplz Athlete of the Year


Vince Young= From the phenomenal Championship game, to hitting the NFL and taking the league by storm, he has came saw and conquered.

Dwayne Wade= Led his team to an NBA Championship drawing many comparisons to MJ for his ability to completely take over games in the late minutes.

Tiger Woods= All he did was win 6 straight Tournaments, 2 majors and earn just over 10 million dollars in win money. He did all this with the death of his father weighing heavily on his shoulders.


Tiger Woods= It was hard not to pick Tiger Given his body of work this year. Yes Vince did great things, but his story is still incomplete. Dwayne Wade, led his team to a championship, but Shaq was there. When Tiger hit the golf course, people knew it and ran. His best performance came in the PGA Championships, there he beat the runner up by 5 strokes, posting a score of
-18. That's the equivalent of scoring 50 in a championship game or throwing 4 touchdowns.

Realpeelz Executive of TheYear

Initially this was going to be Sports Executive Award but after further consideration, I've decided to add the Hip Hop Executive's to this Category as well. (Seing that I do cover music as well) Maybe its apples and oranges, maybe its not even a discussion, but on this page it is, so with that said the nominees are:

Shawn Carter CEO Def Jam Records= Young Jeezy Rick Ross NAS, Rhianna, and Himself are just a couple of successes he had this year.

Rick Mueller Director Of Player Personnel New Orleans Saints= Drafting Reggie Bush and Marques Colson, along with Signing Drew Brees in the off season has resulted in a new look team that is currently on to of its division

Jerry Colangelo Phoenix Suns GM= All this guy does is make his team competitive. They lost Amare Stoudamire last year and retooled the team with Raja Bell, Boris Diaw and Jermaine Jones. This team is always atop of the Western Conference, and with a healthy Steve Nash,
there my pick to go all the way.

Rick Meuller = The Saints are a team no one expected to be where there at. This team was 3-13 last year and headed no where. The additions to this team have rebuilt it from a joke to a serious contender. This after Hurricane Katrina came through and totally swept away all the hopes and dreams of a city. Even though this is just football, and not life, the Saints play is at least instilling hope in that city. All do to the winning product they have on the field.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sports Bad Guy of the Year

There were many nominees for Sports Bad Guy of the Year, more then any other yearly candidate on my board. In the end I had to narrow it down to the top5 guys. Tommorow Rp will hand out its Sports Executive of the Year Award.

1. Terrell Owens= Words can't express the way I felt when I was told he spit on De Angelo Hall. I mentioned it on an earlier post, this is the ultimate sign of disrespect. I don't even want to bring up the Michael Irvin interview where he called out teammates.

2. Albert Haynesworth= When you stomp on someones face, with there helmet off no less, you cross the line. To make it worse, you do it twice. The actions he took in that game, were inexcusable.

3. Albert Pujols= His complete Hate on Philadelphia Philly Ryan Howard, after being awarded MVP was totally uncalled for. What a classless act.

4. Cincinnati Bengals Organization= 8 arrest does not a championship team make. Many picked you to go to the Superbowl, but clearly the arrest have been a distraction

5. David Stern= You were my runner up last year with the barring of Street Clothes, and enforcing a dress code, but the rubber ball you implemented might have outdone that. You clearly didn't consult any of your players on it, and you stuck by your guns, up until the union forced your hand on it.

Those getting honorable mention, Carmelo Anthony, Bobby Knight, Isiah Thomas, ESPN Analyst Merrill Hodge, Santana Moss, Adam Pacman Jones and White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen. (thinking about it, some of these guys could be finalist)


Albert Haynesworth= In the end, I felt your act was the most despicable and classless one out there. You stomped on a guys face, with his helmet off twice. To make matters worse you go to the sideline and argue with your coach like you deserve vindication of some sort. You disrespected yourself and being released from your team for the 4 games you , hurt them.

Monday, December 25, 2006

DreamGirls Review

Its X-mas time in the Edward's household, and the gifts have been opened, the house has been cleaned and all thats left is to take the family out on the promised Family Movie, DreamGirls.

*Real Talk Review (Caution May contain Spolilers)*

Dream Girls is about a group named the Dreams with Effie White(Jennifer Hudson) Deena Jones (Beyonce Knowles and Lorell Robinson (Anika Rose) who try to make it in the roller coaster world that was R&B in the 60's and 70's. The group is given its big break when local Cadillac Salesman and Manager Curtis Taylor Jr. (Jaimee Fox) hires them to sing back up for James Thunder Early (Eddie Murphy). The group becomes a succesful hit putting out quality songs but there big break would come when Curtis decides to take the group solo. This move is also countered with his decision to Make Deena the featured singer vice Effie even though Effie sang lead prior to them meeting with Curtis.

So that I know longer ruin it for you, Im going to leave you with this, there's drama in it like you wouldn't believe, to answer the obvious question on every body's mind Beyonce was not the lead female actress, and Jennier Hudson Is going to blow you away. Her rendition of "And I am Telling You" by Jennifer Holliday will leave you speechless. I was in a movie theater with about 50 people and we all clapped. Its incredible ! If she doesn't receive serious Oscar Buzz, (J.Hudson) along with Jamiee Foxx , Eddie Murphy or Beyonce then the award is truly worth nothingat all .

RP Rating 4 1/2 OUT OF 5 Stars.

James Brown - Remembering a Legend Rest In Peace

Today on X-mas we say rest in peace to the true Godfather of Soul...

Rest in Peace James Brown (1933-2006)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Realpeeplz Team of The Year

As we roll along to another award, today im focusing on Team of the Year. This one, like the ones before, wont be easy. As I mentioned an a earlier award, so many teams who werent expected to win did. So with that said , let get down to it.


Pittsburgh Steelers= Them, go into Indy, and win..Yeah right..Well they did, and not only that, they took it to Denver , and beat the Seahawks to win the Superbowl.

Texas Longhorns= Wow. Yeah im going to say this one more time, I only know of one person from start to finish who gave them a chance in the National Championship Game. What a team, what a story.

St. Louis Cardinals= Another team, not given a chance, and another team that defied the odds. I can point out the Mets series, but then I'd have no room to talk about the World Series, both they were given no shot to win.

Winner= Pittsburgh Steelers. Heres why, they had to run the table to even get into the playoffs winning 6 in a row to do so. They needed every facet of the ball had to play above and beyond, and no one player elevated this team. It took all 52 players. The Longhorns had Vince, the Cardinals Had Fat Albert, the Heat had D-wade, but this team had heart.

Next week we will be doing Sports Bad Guy of the Year, Executive of the Year and finally Athlete of the Year. Rant of the Year was all but certain when Denny went off, at least until The Donald came through with his last ditch pitch.

10 Things to Ponder before NFL Sunday

10. Its gut check time in Denver. Cincinnati is coming off a huge MNF loss to the Colts, and Jake needs this if Denver has any chance of making the playoffs. The team that loses this game will not make the playoffs

9. While im on the gut check issue the Seahawks cannot afford to lose to the Chargers . The 49'ers have the Cardinals at home, so the pressure's on. I predict the NFC west will not be settled this week

8. TO loves sticking it to Jeff Garcia, but how funny would it be if not only Donovan, but Jeff, beat him twice in a year , and with the same team? I guess we'll never know, because TO and the boys should win this game.

7. Giant fan, when the saints come marching in, they'll be walking out with your playoff hopes.

6. I heard a funny rumor i just had to pass. Evidently the Lions fans are planning a walkout to show there disgust of Matt Millen. Its to bad though, I actually think they could make this game competitive. Rex is gonna keep this one close and the Griese fans will come out. With that said, I hope this works for you Lions fan, my team needs to take notes.

5. Fantasy Guys...Start I guess for some of you its championship time, Go with your guts, and start any Colts or Chiefs you have on your roster.

4. Jets people, its simple win and youre gonna be in. lose, and you biting nails until next week.

3. Probably the best game no ones talking about is Bills Titans. Both of these teams have outside shots to get in, and if im anybody in the AFC, I do not want to see the Titans.

2. Ron Mexico just needs to play it simple. He does that, the Falcons should role. Tough break Carolina fan.

1. Im actually picking Jacksonville to beat the Pats. Its simple, there at home, and once again, its another gut check game.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

d*ck in a box Funniest SNL Clip Ever

By now youve heard the rumor about this video, so I thought about it and said oh well, its funny and it works.

Anybody else get that Color Me Bad Vibe from this...

Donald Trump Rant Of the Year!

If youre like me and Cant catch "The View" then you more then likely missed Rosie O' Donnell calling The Donald "a snake charmer, who should be the last person to be the moral majority to 20 yr old girls." She called into question The Donald's marriage and financial woes.

Donald quickly responded. People this is real talk. I cant begin to tell you how much it annoys me when people in the entertainment industry hit us with whats politically correct vice saying what they want to say. The Donald said exactly whats on his mind. Donald you get my Rant Of the Year..rp

Realpeeplz Utility Man of The Year

Utility man rarely get a lot of love in the media. You know, the guys who are the glue for there team. Not necessarily Scottie Pip types, but more like the Horace Grant do everything needed to win kinda guys. Every successful team has one, and they swear by these guys.


Joel Zumaya Detroit Tigers = Fire balling closer for the Detroit Tigers Clocked Fastballs upwards to 104 mph. Though his team didnt win, he played great .

Antwaan-Randle El Pittsburgh Steelers/Washington Redskins= If he wasn't returning kicks, he was throwing Superbowl touchdowns, not to mention he served as one of the best complimentary receivers in the business. You couldn't Double Hines, b/c he'd kill you as well.

Dwight Howard Dallas Mavericks= Once Dallas got rid of Michael Finley , he immediately stepped into the number 3 scoring shoes, and didn't disappoint. He became a valuable x-factor in the Mavericks run to the NBA Finals dropping 20+ points a game against the Spurs and Suns. Dirk and Jason could get relief time on the bench while he picked up the scoring.

Winner Antwaan-Randle El = Technically he should have been the Superbowl MVP but thats another story. He played Quarterback, returned Kicks and was second in receptions on the team. The Steelers lost a quality receiver letting him go and if you don't believe me, Check Hine's Wards stats from last year to this year.
Tommorow Team Of The Year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Vince Young Walk-Off TD Run What coudlve been....

The geniuses at Youtube waist no time in breaking your heart do they? Ric, this ones for you!

Hey New Guy, Get me some more Troops while I Play this here Guitar!

Yesterday W. asked of newly appointed Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to draft up a plan for the increase of Troops specifically the Marines and Army. Talk about pressure. Let me get this straight, 5 weeks ago, the biggest thing on Mr. Gates plate prior to this was ensuring that his Aggie Fans would be patient with Francione. Can W. honestly be serious? When I was recruited back in 97 the biggest and best bargaining chip out there was getting me out of Houston. In 18 yrs prior to me leaving for the Navy, the farthest out of Houston I'd gone was New Orleans, and that wasn't much fun because I was there with my parents. I joined the Navy, got to travel and got some money for college . All in all, it was worth the 9 yrs.

Now, you can see the world with one click of a mouse, and traveling is much easier with the decrease in air fairs. What puzzles me because i've been away from it, is what kind of bargaining tool's must recruiters be using now to lure people in? I can see college benefit being put on the table, its always a draw, and most of the time its rarely ever used, so in the end, they save the money on that. But what else is there after that? Who's interested in going to Iraq? Who wants to go to Afghanistan and come home, and go back and then get transferred to Iraq? Doesn't sound to tempting if you ask me. If the polls are correct, 70% of this country is against the war and many want the troops to come home.

Draft Possibility?

You betcha! But do I support it, No way in hell. Unless you want Canada to double its population, this is a very bad idea. You want to pluck random people, from many diverse backgrounds, to fight in a war that polls show they are increasingly against. (The irony in this , is that I know homosexuals who'd have no issue joining, but theres no way in hell the military would ever let them in) Another thing the draft does is bring out the weirdos. Lets face it, are you ready to see the return of Burning Bras, we already have enough celebrities running around without underwear as it is. Could you imagine Flavor Flav protesting ? Third and finally, once they did get people in the door , the moment there told to take the Anthrax shot, you'll be ushering them right on out, so how much progress would you have really made from that?
Heres My plan For Gates
Walk up to W. and say the following. "Mr. President, with all do respect, you have got to be out of your $#^&$^# mind. If Rummy, and the Joint Chiefs couldn't bring in more troops , what makes you think I'm going to have any success. Sir, you're a helluva fella, and theres no doubt you mean well, but we need to honestly get to work on this exit strategy. I know, I know, saving Face is your #1 priority, but Mr. President, let me leave you with this; While we save face and try to convince the country that killing off there men and women is going somewhere , were getting our Asses kicked as far as public image goes world wide. And sir in the end, once you leave, it will be someone else's job to pull our FEET from the fire....RP

Realpeeplz Coach of the Year

Yesterday we revealed the game of the year was USC vs. Texas. Today we are revealing the coach of the year. This was tough because 2006 was the year of the under dog. A lot teams that had no business winning did exactly that.


Bill Cowher Pittsburgh Steelers
Pat Riley Miami Heat
Billy Donovan Florida Gators
Mack Brown Texas Longhons
Tony La Russa St. Louis Cardinals


Tony La Russa St. Louis Cardinals.

Tony's St. Louis Cardinals barely got into the playoffs and literally were the underdog in every series they played in. Beating San Diego, I kinda saw coming , but I gave'em no chance against the Mets and I was convinced Detroit was going to sweep them. All Tony did was beat possibly one of the greatest hitting lineups in the Mets , and one of the most powerful pitching combos in the Tigers.

Tommorow Utility Guy of the Year.

Steve's Got a Point. Social Commentary from the Cheap Seats

New York Knick Guard Steve Francis said of the brawl that happened between his team and the Nuggets
In other sports, there are incidents that are way worse than basketball. So
many worse things happen every game or four or five times a year, but because
there are more black players in the NBA, it's under the microscope more than
baseball or hockey.
Did you catch that last sentence. I did, and if you think that he's just an overpaid thug who's coming to the defense to one of his "homie's" let me break it down for you as best I so you can see the logic in the words he speaks.

Real Talk

Ya ever watch a Yankee Red Sox Game? Ive seen plenty. One of my fond memories of the rivalry came when Alex Rodriguez caused one of the biggest fights that rivalry has ever seen when him and Jason Varitek got into an altercation at home plate. Ya know how the media spun it? I do, it was spun as just another chapter in the storybook rivalry that is Yankees Red Sox. Nascar folk, how often is it a guy gets cutoff while racing and he decides he's going to take his frustrations out on the SOB who did it and his entire pit crew? Need a refresher, let me help you out, earlier this year didn't you guys have someone drop kick a guy through a window ? All this, and not one time was race ever brought up. Let me guess you want to bring the Palace incident up huh? Well if thats the road you wanna go down, bare in mind, I didn't even touch on hockey, I'd still be typing about Todd Bretuzzi well into next week if I did.

Heres my point. You see African Americans in Basketball, a sport we dominate and it makes you mad. You think that hip hop has ruined the sport because fundamentals have went to the way side of the Sports Center Highlight. Well in both counts you're wrong. Hip Hop has done nothing more but help promote the sport(how quickly do we forget the Black Eyed Peas ), and with the influx of world wide talent hitting the NBA each and every year, I can tell you with a straight face that the world has caught up to African Americans in this game. I'm not saying that a team led by KG and Kobe and Lebron would lose, but I am saying a close game could be had with a Yao, Dirk, and Nash opposing them.

Cornrows and Nas are not the reason Carmelo Anthony sucker punched Jared Jeffries. If this is the case, then I'm blaming Metallica and Trailer Parks as the reason AJ Peirzenski of the White Sox and Michael Barrett of the Cubs got into it at a baseball game this year. Both of whom are white. For better or worse when the competitive juices are flowing out there in any sport that is played, people get into heated altercations and fisticuffs are the only way of settling there disputes.

What Needs To Happen

Honestly to rid our society of the constant stereotypes that NBA Players are thugs and what not, my best advice is to see where that player has came from in his life to get to where he is in his life. Many an NBA, NFL and MLB player have came from some of of the most despicable surroundings you can think of, and through it all they've achieved success and invested in there communities. Denver Nugget Star Carmelo Anthony, is a regular contributor to the Family Resources Centers of America. An organization dedicated to helping underprivileged families. Its my sincere hope that the sports media specifically the Bill Walton's , Chris Bermans, and the rest of the overblown talking heads over at the hype machine realize that sports are competitive, and sometimes people come to blows. Race has nothing to do with it. ..RP

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Yeah, you read exactly what Yao said..Gone or the days of people walking over him. A tear just ran down my cheek..Beautiful, just beautiful..

Breaking News Iverson To Nuggets

Its being reported that Allen Iverson has been traded to the Denver Nuggets for Joe Smith Andre Miller and 2 First round Draft Picks. Looking at this as a fan, if Im in Denver, the moment Carmelo gets back, along with AI, I'm buying playoff tickets, cuz this team can win 45 games.

Looking at it with a skeptical glance, are there enough basketballs for Iverson and Carmelo who both average 30 shots a game. If they can somehow figure out how to share, they are going to annoy the hell out of whoever gets them in the first round
Philly fan, I havent forgot about you, the addition of Andre brings you a solid PG, and Joe Smith can still poor in 10 points a game, but with potentially 3 first round picks out there, clearly rebuilding is your goal, and I can think of a certain big man at Ohio ST. id go after....RP

Iverson Story

So You want to Party Huh? Not with THAT Tiara on you Wont! (Update Below)

Apparently one of the categories for MISS USA 2006 wasn't best Paris Hilton Impersonation. If it were there's no doubt current owner of the tiara Tara Conner wouldn't be facing the scrutiny shes receiving now. Tara (our current winner from Kentucky) had traces of Cocaine in her bloodstream as well as alcohol and is now awaiting her fate from our favorite CEO Donald Trump. In all likelihood she's going to be stripped of the crown, but it goes without saying that when you are representing this country in the Miss World and Miss Universe Pageants, the last thing people want is there representative dancing on top of tables with the current Miss Teen USA taking body shots and snorting cocaine in the lady's room.

Real Talk.

Though I am all in favor for freedom of expression, I believe once you sign that contract you get the responsibility that goes with it. You represent the USA. We need the person wearing this crown to show elegance grace and class. Not get drunk, stupid and bare ass.This is the same Donald Trump who dismissed Vanessa Williams because of a playboy spread, and fired a Miss Universe because of weight gain. If we were giving the crown of Miss USA to a party girl , don't you think Paris, Lindsay or Britney would've competed. Tara, its a prize they can never take from you because you did win it, but loosing it, will last forever. RP..

Full Story

Evidently Tara has been given a second chance. Consider yourself pretty lucky. To bad Vanessa and Oxana got hosed..RP

Update Story

Realpeeplz Yearly Awards

With the year coming to an end, I have decided to hand out some hardware to salute those who have made an impact in sports and or entertainment.

Game of The Year:



George Mason vs. UConn

Cavaliers vs Wizards Game 6 Of the Series

Colts vs. Steelers AFC Playoff Game


USC vs. Texas

This was quite possibly the best college game of all time. It had lead changes, 4th down plays, Hiesman Trophy Winners you name it. The ultimate highlight of this game is on 4th and 5 with 19 seconds to go Vince Young scampers into the end zone and scores the touchdown, followed with the 2 point conversion to put the Longhorns ahead 41-38. The Longhorns would go ahead and win the game.

Icing On the Cake

What makes this game even more memorable is the fact that virtually no one took Texas to win . ESPN even went as far to name that USC team one of the greatest of all time, thus making Texas one of the greatest teams of all time because they beat them. The only person I know of who remotely gave Texas a shot was my cousin Ric who to this very day reminds me of it. Tommorow, we'll be doing Coach of the Year.

MNF Recap. No Shootout Neccesary for Colts Win

I'll be the first one to admit that when asked what the combined score for a game between the Colts and the Bengals would be i reached for the sky and said 78. Well i was about 28 points off on my prediction How was I to know that the Cols Defense would hold Rudi Johnnson to 79 yards? The week before they literally turned Jacksonville's game against them into a track meet, so I like you was convinced that this one was going to be an Arial and ground attack that would have made W. current march through Iraq seem minuscule in comparison. Colt win final score 34-16
Full Story

In other news Roger Goodell and the NFL's front office waisted no time handing down there Verdict on Terrell Owens. The controversial one was hit with with a $35,000.00 fine yesterday for his spitting on Falcons DB DeAngelo Hall. If it were up to me, you'd let De Angelo have 4 good minutes with TO in a locked room .
Full Story

Monday, December 18, 2006

10 Things We Learned From NFL Sunday

10. Ladanian Tomlinson is the MVP. Drew Breeze is the Comeback player of the Year

9. The most dangerous team on either side that will get into the playoffs is the Philadelphia Eagles. Jeff Garcia is playing like the 49'er prototype of himself, and the defense is stepping up and making plays.

8. If the Jaguars don't make the playoffs, they can look back to the Titans game as the reason why. When a team can only muster 98 total yards and still beat you, you're overrated.

7. The Bears Offense is going to have to pick up the slack . Tank Johnson, Tommie Harris, and Mike Brown are all out and Rex is going to have to continue his solid play.

6. Those Damn unbettable Saints did it again. Way to F* up a sure win.

5. Dolphin fan look at this way, at least you tried. I can think of many teams who gave up after horrible starts.

4. The Giants need there whole team back. They cant win with the current lineup.

3. The best rookie no one even talks about is Marcus McNeil . To qoute my brother, He's only blocked for the following running backs, Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams, Rudi Johnson, and LT.

2. 49er fan, your team is still in it. If your team just plays its game they don't need to worry about the Hawks.

1. Without a doubt in my mind, I officially root for the worst team in Football. The Texans are pathetic.

Extra Point
Shannon Sharpe, and Tom Jackson eluded to this, and I just want to touch on it as well. TO's act is getting old. Now if you know me, you know I'll follow TO through anything. I think he's still a top5 talent and despite the off field issues Id take I'm on my team in a heartbeat. With that said, when he spit On De Angelo Hall, he crossed the line., Spitting is the ultimate disrespect you can do to someone. I don't care what DH said to you or how physical it got, you took it to a whole other level. TO you and I know that you broke the code, If DH wants to take a shot at you ala Carmelo, its vindication if you ask me. The 'boys just beat a helluva team and you're the talk. Now we know this is exactly how you want it, and frankly maybe you do deserve a little attention, (I mean ,the guy who leads the league in drops should be shown some love right) but TO you are a much better person and player then your recent behavior...RP

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Carmelo's Hood Pass gets Revoked.

If you're like me and you thought The Wire was possibly the greatest finale you've seen, then Denver's Carmelo Anthony must be making you sick right now. You see, the overall since I get from watching The Wire is that Baltimore has got some real cats that will bust your head wide open , AND WILL NEVER EVER RUN FROM A CHALLENGE.

Well watching last nights Nuggets/Knicks Brawl, Carmelo a Baltimore native really let me down. You see, I can get with him ,stealing on Jared Jeffrey's. In a brawl, whoever gets a hit in is considered someone down for the cause. But , the hood rule is, when you steal on someone you don't run, Carmelo ran. He bitched up, he punked out, and I don't care how much hood cred he gets because he was on a video talking about how snitches get handled, overall I would have taken his girl LALA in a fight after watching his performance yesterday.


In order for Carmelo to get his hood pass back, I'm going to have to see him thunder dunk on Amare, or bitch slap Ron Artest. He accomplishes one of the two things afore mentioned , and I can respect him again. Right now though, at this very moment, he makes me want to book a flight to B-more and walk up to the toughest cat there and step on his shoes..RP

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Most Entertaining Day Location

So today I'm taking the family to the River walk located in Downtown San Antonio. Officially it will be our second time going (the first time we went we had just got here) so I'm looking forward to having a good time with my wife and son. While I was thinking about what we were going to do when we got there, i asked myself,
what are the top 5 places Ive been to in the day time? If you read my profile, you know I did time in the military, that time allowed me to see a lot of the world. So, in order from OK to must see Ive ranked the top 5 locations Ive been to and hopefully when you travel it will help you.

5. Orlando, Florida. For the family man, you can take the clan to Disneyland and spend hours there and not even notice. (At least until your feet start throbbing from the constant walking) They have rides for the young at heart and for the Roller Coaster Junkie. And if its night life you're looking for, Disney even has a grown and sexy bar/night club on the grounds . For the shopper in you, they have a huge outlet located right off of I-95 so you can shop till you drop.

4. Paris, France Even though Virginia coined it, I honestly believe that Paris is for lovers. Its artsy, Historic, and they have some of the best cuisines Ive ever tasted. The nightlife is electric and for the love of god bring a camera. Everywhere you go there is a photo-op. The only know on Paris that i can remember is that if you don't speak the language, then you're pretty much S.O.L. . I convinced some friends that while in Paris we should eat like Parisians , (I mean you can get a Big Mac anywhere) so we get all did up and get a recommendation from the front desk of a really nice 4 star restaurant located near the club scene. We get in the spot and the waitress who's in charge of us rattles off the menu in French. Of course we have no idea what it was she was saying..Parlez vous francais , Parlez vous francais, she kept repeating. All we knew was, chicken please. Needless to say "Ugly American" came out, and typically this means the standard "In English" was asked by one of our friends. This prompted our waitress to say" In Francais"...At that moment, we all looked at each other, the epitome of young sexy the 5 of us were, we all got up, and left. We ended up at a pizza joint. The moral of this story is , if you go to France, brush up on your french and you'll have a blast. For my Wine lovers, out side of Italy, you wont find a better place.

3. Amsterdam Holland Never Have I been somewhere where I honestly thought to myself I'm on hell on Earth. This, by the way is meant in a good way. From the free spirited mentality to weed and Sex, to the way that many , nationalities (some of which whom cant stand each other) oogle whenever they walk the historic Red Light district, this place has it all. If its artsy you crave, they have the Rembrandt district, which has a museum as well as a theater for plays . If its nightlife, no matter what you're into, just go down near Liecstere Square( i probably butchered the name) and you can find R&B, Swing, Metal, Punk, Laid Back, Gay, you name it bars all scrunched together. If you're a history buff, the Anne Frank exhibit will leave you speechless. If you're single and want to let it all hang out the Red Light district has it all. There you can go to a coffee shop , get high, go catch a Sex Show, (live sex) and try your luck at the club scene. If by some chance your luck isn't so good, the over 1200 pieces of eye candy located up and down the street in the windows will better your odds of going to bed happy. Oh by the way, did i mention the hemp museum for my bud-heads. This place is unreal. I literally had to tell myself after 4 days its time to go. I went 3 straight days there with a grand total of 4 hours of sleep. Yes you read that correctly 4 hours in 3 days. I partied hard and when i got back home i crashed

2. London England. OK though its not quite as glamorous as Amsterdam London has that aire of History thats so Powerful that honestly, its hard not to love. Big Ben, The Castles, Trafalgar Square , all the culture make this place a mega for tourism. Shopping at Harold's alone would take my wife 6 hours to accomplish. Bring a camera, and be ready to snap it every 15 seconds. Madame Tussauds wax museum, which they constantly update with actors and famous people will take your breath away. The only know on London, is the weather. It rains quite often. And in the morning, good luck trying to drive through the fog

1. San Diego California. This was a tough choice for me, but when it was all said and done it became a no brainer. San Diego has everything for everyone. The Gas Lamp District located by the baseball stadium,m in downtown has some of the best bars Ive ever been to. You can crawl from bar to bar and stuck there for hours before you even notice. If shopping yours thing, head up to Mission Valley Mall or Fashion Valley and explore all the deals and specials . For the kid in you, sea world and the San Diego Zoo provide a very safe and happy environment for kids as well as parents to look and explore the different animals (the zoo is kinda expensive though, but well worth it) If the beach is your thing, head up to the North side, or Pacific Beach and you will not want to leave. The weather is a 85 in the day and 72 in the night. Its always gorgeous there. If there's one knock on Sn Diego, its the ares I didn't cover. National City, Chula Vista and La Mesa. The crime rates a little high in these parts so try to avoid them if possible..And despite the rumor, TJ is a blast. Mr A's is probably the most electric bar ive ever visited.

Those receiving Honorable Mention are Sydney Aus., Singapore, and Vancouver B.C..

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Actually Believe Marcus Vick

OK, so today as I'm driving in its being reported that an unidentified17 yr old girl going by Jane Doe (JD) is filling a lawsuit against Marcus Vick, (or Lil Mexico) seeking damages of upwards to 6.3 million dollars. Jane is claiming that he Sexually Battered her and caused her Emotional and Psychological Trauma.

The lawsuit states that for the better part of 2yrs Lil Mex had sex with the honor student, and offered her weed and alcohol while trying to convince her to get trained on by his buddies. It also states that she was misled into believing that she was going to bare his child and that he loved her. Her grandmother is also named as a plaintiff in the case.

*Warning, I Plan on Breaking this Down Below. If the truth Scares, you Please read my 10 Things post Directly Below this one. *

Here's My Take

Jane is suffering from a true lack of identity. You see, what she failed to realize in the 2+ years she was having sex with Lil Mex, is that she was not his main
A main is defined as the girl you take out in public, more then likely is wearing jewelery that he purchased for her, and has met the parents. Main chick is only introduced to the fellas after it is apparent she is the one, and is most certainly never propositioned to run a train. If this is to street for my readers, let me dig into the basis of her lawsuit so you can see where I'm going with this. For my lady readers, at 15 how many of you actually think that if a man tells you he wants you to bare his child, this is a wise choice? Her lawyer actually says
she maybe seeing things in a different light now

Virginia Law Code 18.2-67.10 section 3 states that in order to be sexually battered and claim that you were mentally incapacitated, you had to not know the nature of the consequences of the actions you were partaking. So let me get this straight, this plaintiff, who by the way is alleging she was an honor student, had no idea that at the age of 15, sex with a 18 yr old is not a wise choice? Or, that weed and alcohol, when consumed can impair you, and cause you to things that you wouldn't normally do? If this is the case, then I'm, wandering what exactly do they teach in the Virginia School Systems? Ever since I was 8 I've been told to stay away from drugs and alcohol, and ever since I've been 12 I've been told about the dangers of sexual intercourse at a young age.

As for Grandma jumping in to help out on the lawsuit. Though I doubt you may never read my blog here me out on this one. I'm pretty sure the lawyer you selected added you as a plaintiff, b/c you are more then likely this girls legal guardian. It may not sound nice, but it has to be said, your granddaughter knew exactly what was going on. We know the only reason that you're even involved is b/c the legal age of consent in VA. is 18, and as her guardian you can claim in her behalf she was assaulted. But Grandma, lets face it, 2 yrs is 2 yrs. Your grand baby is out there.

I don't know her, I have never met her, but I know this, she says she was offered weed and alcohol, not forced to consume it. She knew Marcus was in College, yet and there relationship continued. If he were stalking her, and she's as smart as the complaint says why not go to the local authorities or to his Head Coach. Hell, his brother is only one of the highest paid people in professional sports, merely mentioning this when it first happened would have squashed it.

Jane lets be honest here. Marcus left VA, and left you were you are didn't he? You're mad because right now he's in Miami, and you're up there in no where VA and he hasn't called you in quite sometime. Well get over it. Though I don't know if you went through with the train, I know that you at the minimum had consensual sex with him. We have all been teenagers at one point. You more then likely convinced yourself that as long as you're with him, he's gonna take care of you. He got to college and forgot all about you and that hurt. Your grades, probably slipped when he stopped calling, and you lost focus. Take personal responsibility for your actions. Don't mistake a broken heart with something so serious as a sexual battery. RP...

Full Story

10 Things to Ponder Before NFL Sunday

10. If you're in Seattle, you have a lot to ponder. I can imagine the boys at 950 KJR are roasting the Hawks right now. How do you lose to the 49'ers? I ask this question both literally and figuratively, seeing that I didn't watch the game, and had to catch the highlights.

9. Saints Fan , hey, where the party at? I ask because when you win this weekend, (and make no mistake about it you're going to ) I'm just curious as to where you're celebrating it. Seriously the Redskins have the worst pass defense out there, combined that with Drew Breeze trying to throw for a million yards this year and I expect a romp.

8. If you follow the Broncos, how important is this game. Not only are you fighting for your playoff lives , but the Cardinals are playing like certified spoilers. Oh and by the way, Edge has looked really good lately.

7. Don't look now but the Steelers are slowly creeping back to respectability. You gotta assume with Wenke starting that this is a victory for the Steelers. Panther fan, you lose this one, and I am no longer picking you guysto go to the Super bowl. Your sexy is on the line. Bring it.

6. Fantasy Guy, Here's my guys I would start without hesitation this Sunday/Monday. Rudi Johnson, Drew Breeze, and Reggie Wayne. I think Reggie will out shine them all considering he normally gets one on one coverage due to the constant double teams Marvin Harrison faces.

5. Can we safely assume that the combined score for the Bengals Colts match up may approach 90 points?

4. Think the Jaguars game planned for Vince, considering they are one of the first teams he started his professional winning streak against?

3. J-E-T-S and Viking Fans, wow. That's really all I can say. I mean, this for all intensive purposes is your playoffs. Either one of you lose, and you're not making it.

2. San Diego should win on Sunday, But as I mentioned when the Titans beat the Colts, I wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs did win. After the death of Lamar Hunt (Chiefs owner) no team will be playing with more motivation on Sunday then the Chiefs.

1. Eagles vs. Giants. Originally I would have told you this is going to be a cakewalk, but I'm not so sure now. Jeff Garcia is doing a helluva job in Donovan's absence, and I just cant bring myself to support Eli Manning.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Could Woody Have Outted The Cowboy's Snitch?

Today on Around The Horn, Denver Post columnist WoodyPaige all but said flat out that the person leaking all the Terrell Owens drama is none other then another fellow receiver who is doing it out of jealousy. Now, because the geniuses at the World Wide Leader didn't want the oft buffoonish Woody Paige to reveal what could be one helluva source his deep throat was bleeped out and thus one can only assume who he was talking about.

But were not that dumb. Breaking down what Woody said, (combined with a somewhat uncanny gift for reading lips ) we have concluded that person whom Woody had to be talking about was none other then Big Tuna's favorite Kinda Gal Now, because we can't confirm the person to whom he alleged we won't reveal his name , but going inside Woody rant, this person is
a jealous receiver who is upset that TO is approaching 1000 yards and getting media publicity

Well, lets see, it, cant be Crayton, he barely touches the field. It cant be Whitten, because ever since Romo was inserted into the lineup, his productivity has increased. I won't even entertain a Sam Hurd or Miles Austin argument. So it really only leaves 2 other people , Fasano, the rookie tight end, and Terry Glenn...This is a developing story..

Guess Who I Found While Channel Surfing? SWV's Coko

So I got home early yesterday b/c i needed some repairs done on my garage. No big deal, I can catch up on some much needed sleep , and finally fold the clothes my wife has been begging me to get to for the longest time. Well b/c of the beautiful San Antonio weather sleep was a luxury I wouldn't get and, there were a lot more clothes then I had bargained for. So, with that said, I found myself parked in front of the TV channel surfing. This was a very long and boring journey that lead no where. (BY THE WAY, DO WE HAVE ENOUGH JUDGES ON DAYTIME TV?) Eventually, while surfing I landed on the EWTN Channel. (The Christian Channel normally on 14 or 22)

Well, the last time I visited this channel, I saw the likes of Deion Sanders, and MC Hammer, but this time a familiar person was there that I couldn't quite put a face on. She was cute and somewhat of a thick sistha' not fat but not skinny (you know fellas, that size where she may be one or 2 more donuts or burgers away from no longer being thick but plump) . I had a problem placing her, until the hook of the song came and that nasaly yet sultry voice singing Grateful took me back almost 13 yrs. I knew then and there who it was, SWV'S Coko.
Growing up, I was a huge SWV fan. Tracks like Youre the One , Weak, and Im So Into You , I could listen to for days on end. There sensual beauty along with that clockwise pistol dance that to this very day I still don't know the name for, made SWV a fierce girl group to be reckoned with.

These days, you can find Coko singing Songs like Look at Me, Mighty God, and I Get Joy , as Coko has left the R&B circle and went Gospel. If you know anything about Coko, you know she has always been rooted in the church, like many R&B singers, its just know she "wants to inspire people to live a better life and know the Jesus she sings about"

Listening to some of the songs, I gotta say, I was really impressed with her CD. A lot of Gospel CD's I listen to lack Balance. Either they're to busy trying to convince me that R&B and Gospel can mesh, or they're heavily packed down with Ballads. Coko's CD has a nice solid balance that makes for great family listening. Personally, as a parent who has a 3yr old who chants He's got Money in the Bank, I plan on buying this CD so that my son can know what a Sweet Woman's Voice sounds like. I give it an 8.5 on the scale. Very solid CD.

Coko's Webpage

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bush vs. Beyonce

Just when you thought you heard and seen all the George W. jokes that were out there, up comes this. Thanks to the guys at for noticing this..RP

Nip/Tuck Didnt Wow Me

So as many of you know, I'm absolutely in love with my television. My wife is convinced that secretly, me and the television are having a late night affair and one day she'll wake up , and we'll both be gone. Well, last night, me and the TV had somewhat of a falling out. Last night , one of my guilty pleasure show really disappointed me. I mean, I was at the point of tears.

Nip/Tuck concluded its 4th season yesterday, and honestly, when it was done, I felt no better then I did when i was watching Every body Love's Raymond repeats earlier in the day.

*Warning Spoiler Below*

Last night, we saw Escobar basically threaten the entire staff in one way or the other to get someone to preform surgery on his wife Gala Gallardo (played by Idalis DeLeon ) Of course with Esco holding no leverage on the guys they simply deny him his request and go about there way. This doesnt slow down our freakishly faced mobster. His new target Christian's Fiancee Michelle (played by Sanaa Lathan)is now bullied into doing the procedure b/c of her link to Jane (who by the way use to work for Escobar). She offers to do the surgery, even though she has no experience at all and is clearly rattled holding a 10 blade. Christian surprises her and shows up in the surgery room to bring her to her senses.

Michelle opens up and reveals the Jane/Escobar fiasco to Christian and now he's unsure that Michelle can be the woman in him and Wiburs life like he thought she could. He and Sean in up doing the surgery, despite there better judgement, and this does not go over well with Liz.

Liz as you remember is the Nurse whom works with Christian and Sean who had a kidney stolen and was shot in the leg by Escobar. The previews lead you to believe that she is the one who kills off Escobar, but after her fiery exchange with him she hands the gun to Gala who then executes her husband and thus puts in end to his devilish and psyshcotic ways.

Sean is prompted to leave Miami to go to LA where he can just be plain ole' Sean and not be a prominent member of McNamara/Troy/Landau. He starts tying up lose ends, and the biggest one on his plate is Matty, the oft troubled son who's found Scientology and Kimber to change his life. Matty revealed to dad that he's fearful Kimber only married him to get back at Christian, probably one of the biggest no-brainers in television history. Sean informs him to hang in there, and then tells Kimber privately , to step up her love for his son.

I actually enjoyed this exchange, b/c Sean was taking up for his son and ensuring he wouldn't go through what him and his ex-wife went through. I mean, do you really want to bring a child into that tangled mess of a love triangle?

The show would conclude with Christian dumping Michelle, and hopping a flight to LA to join Sean. He would join Sean in the surgery room and they would agree to set up shop there. There goes Sean's hope's of trying to find himself.

I wasn't to impressed with the ending because I saw most of it coming. Last year when they teased us with the Carver, that was great television. I mean, I literally had no clue who the Carver was, and I most certainly didn't know that he was linked to the detective. Maybe I'm still buzzing from the Wire Finale . I wont even spoil that for you, its just that good. Overall I'm going to have to give it a 5

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One of my Pet Peeves

So today I had to go a conference at our other location and the coffee I drank earlier in the day had finally gotten the best of me. I make it to the Stall (the corner one by the way) and wouldn't you know it, someone comes walking in right behind me. I pay it no mind, because the building has 2000 people in it, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who had to use the restroom.

Well mystery guy strolls in , and decides he needs to piss, and the only place he can piss is in the middle urinal. (bare in mind this restroom has 3 empty urinals). I try to stay focused, b/c even though I'm pissed, I dint want this guy thinking that he made me this way. All of a sudden he wants to strike up a conversation. In my head I'm yelling "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHATS THIS SON OF BITCH'S PROBLEM"
Clearly this guy doesn't know the code. You do not pee in the middle urinal when the corner is open , and you definitely don't talk to another man when both of you are doing your business. So know you know one of my pet peeves. This blog allows me to vent and thank goodness for it, b/c I originally thought about turning to the guy and pissing on the floor. Am I crazy or did this guy break a Man Code?

So know I've vented, anybody else have a pet peeve that annoys you to no end?

Summing up the Texans Front Office

Monday, December 11, 2006

Vinstant Classic Special 10 Things Dedicated to the Texans

10. When Vince Beat you and thats exactly what he did, how'd that make you feel? You werent outdone by there defense, or special teams, one man, a man who is from Houston, and wanted to play for Houston came in and nailed you to the ground.

9. Mario, you might break the sack record someday, hell you may even make Julius Peppers look average, but right now, you look pathetic. Irregardless your so-called injury. You need to get up and make a statement to the city. David's getting lambasted and you get a skip card , I dont think so. If you are dominating the front line like youre supposed to, then right now we are talking about how you stepped it up. But you didnt, and so you know, youre on notice. YOU MUST PLAY GREAT VS. THE TITANS. We dont care how pathetic you are normally, VS THE TITANS YOU MUST BRING IT.

8. GaryKubiak. You made the decision to stick with David Carr despite the fact that no one wanted him. He's not a winner, he gets rattled in the clutch, and he's not the fit your offense needs. You sir are starting your coaching career with one serious black mark.

7. Bob McNair, we know you were asking all the coaching prospects if they could change Carr. We know you had every intent to resign him. My question to you is, why? What is it you see in him that makes you stay loyal? You charge way to much for tickets, and parking for your team to consistently suck so bad. The Bidwells of Arizona think you lack good judgement.

6. Merrill Hodge, hows that feel? You bash Vince like a Drummer at a rock concert. Oh his mechanics this, his wonderlic that, well, Merrill, your opinion means about as much to me as the company you work for. And those who know me, know how I feel about ESPN . Hey Merrill, if youre reading this JUST SHUT UP ! PS. Charlie Casserly , I had better not ever see you in public. You make a top 10 QB list of the future and leave Vince off of it. Youre worthless. You go to CBS and try to mascara your mistakes, but your day is coming. You are the Worst GM ever. Whenever you name is mentioned for a GM job I will make it a point to remind that fan base of your track record. Burn in hell Many-Faces!

5. Texan Fan, we could have done a better job blowing up the airwaves, media outlets, and whatever trying to convince the free world to Bring Vince in. He's our hometown guy, and we let him down. All you Carr backers out there, I dont want to here it. Your boy has been given every thing to win and has produced nothing. He's a coach killer and to quote my brother, whatever team he goes to will NEVER WIN

4. Hey Defense, just think, if he were on your team, you wouldnt have to chase him around.

3. Titan fan, rub this one in. Everytime you get a chance remind Texan fan that his team hasnt beat you in 2 yrs and you have there goldenboy

2. Texan Brass Congratulations, Not only is Kirk Herbstreit, and Al Michaels clowning you, but the entire National Media wants to take Jabs at your front office. I just did a google search for Vince Young and every bodies major writer took a shot at you. I got bored and did a Reggie Bush google search , same thing. Making Houston a laughing stock took a lot of effort. I mean, we are a prideful city, we do not like being made fun of. This off season, you better right this ship.

1. David Freaking Carr. Hows it going? Hows your breakfast, mine's great i just had a cup of coffee, and pancakes. You do know what pancakes are, the things that happen to you every Sunday are often called that. YOU SUCK!

Question for you Ocho, were you like us in awe of the magnificence of Vince? You shoudlve been, you see, what you witnessed yesterday was TRUE QUARTERBACK PLAY. You saw a guy who against all odds laid it out on the line and did what it took to lead his team to victory. You saw how the position is SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED. If its unfamiliar to you how this is done, just keep rewinding this game. You had a great seat to it. You may play well on another team, and I honestly think youre capable of doing so, but you are NOT THE QUATERBACK OF MY TEAM. I can point out numerous errors in your game but you know them, I can say many things about the 5 years that you waisted, but I wont. Heres what I want you to know from me today.

David, your time is up. You HAD TO PLAY BIG, YOU HAD TO BEAT THE TITANS, AND YOU HAD TO LOOK GREAT IN DOING SO. BEING OUTPLAYED BY THE LOCAL LEGEND HAS PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN YOUR COFFIN. Good Luck in Chicago, Miami, Tampa, or whomever else is interested in you. At this point, i'd take a fifth round pick for you. Im done.

Extra Point. Vince you did it , and when I close my eyes I can still see you scoring. I just want you to know that many of us wanted you here. However, we as fans could only do so much. Dont get mad at us if we get Troy Smith, its not a slap in your face, its just were trying our best to make this thing right. Stay up , and know this, you just increased the number of Vince Young jersey's sold in the City of Houston...RP

10 Things we Learned From NFL Sunday

Before I go into the 10 things, TEXANS Fans, I plan on making a special 10 things dedicated to you and the front office.

10 . Boy the Colts suck on Defense. Talk about a liability, 375 yard rushing to Maurice Drew(MJD) and a washed up Fred Taylor. Even Bears fan thinks you have a problem that will stop you from getting to the superbowl

9. Ravens Fanbase, That was a good win over a good team. It made me believe that despite the hype given to the other teams , you guys are flying right under that radar you flew under when you won the Superbowl

8. Cowboy backer, this one hurt. It didnt make it better that the Saints, came into this game tied with you for 2nd best record. And the wart's exposed, oh my, the deep pass game is a killer for this team. Roy you do know how to play safety right? Somewhere my boy Langston, is mocking you.

7. Speaking of the Saints, ok , I'll admit it, you guys are the TEAM TO BEAT IN THE NFC. I know its early, but you guys are playing some the best inspired football in the NFC. For those who back Drew Breez, can you imagine him facing the Chargers in the Superbowl, oh what a storyline.

6. Ladnanian Tomlinson is the MVP. Period. I don't want to hear anything about Drew, (though he is playing great,) Payton, Romo, or whomever. LT is doing all of this with a rookie running back and a sub par receiving cast (this does not include Antonio Gates)

5. Boy that AFC wildcard picture is ugly. And I can say this much, The Broncos changing QB'S midway through the season hurt there chances. You needed that win yesterday, and I honestly think, that Plummer would have made you more competitive.

4. Im going to touch on this once here, (and once again, be on the lookout for the post following this one, ) Vince Young is Super Human. What a colossal mistake the Texans made in passing up on him. I wanna type so much more on this, and i will.

3. Cleveland Brown Fan, please dont be as Dumb as the Texans. If your hometown hero is available, (and im pretty sure Troy Smith will be) you draft him. QB, is a definite problem with your team, fix it now. Charlie Frye, and that guy they got from the local Flag Football team is not the answer. Check Hiesman.

2. Philly Fan, what a must win. You mean to tell me your team plays better when Donovan is not on the field. That just crazy. You guys are killing me. I do know this, I'll give you guys all the kudos you deserve for not giving up, but you have to keep this thing going. You play NY next week. Both of you need the win. Put 'em on the table boys.

1. I don't touch on you guys normally but J-E-T-S , JETS JETS JETS supporter, how this one hurt. The hype was there, every time I turned to ESPN they had your coach on, and what, nothing. Willis Mc Gahee came in and ran it down your throat. You guys are a good story, don't get me wrong, but you're not going to the playoffs.

Extra Point. This is a new segment, and I dedicate the first one to the Patriots. Your decision to scrap the guys who know how to win b/c your system works is finally starting to eat at you. Tom could have used Patton, Branch, and Givens. He could have really benefited from having people who know the system around him. Now you can say this works, and show me your rings, but the bottom line is, people see you guys coming. Welcome to the middle of the pack. RP

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Realpeeplz Hiesman Trophy Winner Darren Mc Fadden

We know we don't have a vote, nor can we simply anoint him, but if we could Arkansas running back Darren Mc Fadden would have won the Hiesman Trophy hands down. You dont have to look at his numbers to measure him, but in case you do he stockpiled over 1500 yards rushing with 14 touchdowns and he even even played a little quarterback tossing 3 touchdowns.

The fact that he even finished second(which by the way surprised the hell out of us) should have told you how good this guy is. For my Ohio St. fans reading, don't take this as a slap in the face to your guy, Hiesman Winner Troy Smith, (in fact, we hope the Texans snag him if they have any common since,) but lets be honest, your guy won b/c he was the best guy on the best team, and nothing less. It kinda reminds me of the time Eric Crouch won win he played for Nebraska. Troy did many great things, but if you subtract him from that team, they're still gonna go 8-3. You take Darren of his team, and they're the laughing stock of the SEC.

Darren Mcfadden Fans, rest assured baring a major injury, this trophy should sit firmly on his mantle this time next year, he's already the early front runner for next year in a pole heal by the the World Wide Leader .

For those who held out hope against hope for Brady Quinn, you weren't serious were you? Was he good? Yes. Was he deserving ? Yes. Did he lead his team to victory over teams that were credible? NO!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A. I. to Sixer President, I Want Out!

Last night when i got home from work i was feeling a little excited. I was coming home to a basketball game that would involve the Philadelphia 76'ers vs. those score happy Washington Wizards. Something didn't feel right when I sat on my couch though. You see while I was channel surfing I kept seeing pictures of Allen Iverson on various stations, I thought it wasn't a big deal with the game coming on so id get a full explanation then. Oh did I.

You see, Allen didn't play last night and he's likely not going to be playing any more nights in Philadelphia if he has it his way.
Speaking as someone who's been in Allen's situation, let me express this to you Sixer' fan, Let him go! You do not want a guy in your organization who does not want to be there. I don't care how many years its been ,I don't care about all the coaches that came and went because of him, he and you are better off.
When it was clear that my time was done in the NAVY, all that was required of them from me was starting the paperwork. But they didn't, they toyed with the notion of keeping me, they put outrageous stress on me and my family and this forced me to lash back in work productivity and moral. You see, If I wasn't happy, I wasn't going to pretend that I was just to please someone. I decided I would come to work late, slack off on training , and leave as early as possible. It wasn't until a loophole they discovered regarding my pay until I was ultimately released. Now that's just a snip let of what AI puts on the table . He's the cog that makes your team go, if he dogs it, even a little, you lose. You already know how he feels about practice, so how long do you think it is before he gives up all together? I will say this Philly fan, I am concerned about the fair market value AI brings to the table. Based on some of the rumor out there, its looking like Billy's gonna just get rid of him and irregardless of what he may get back in return.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Nino Brown Pleads Not Guilty

I know , I know his name is Wesley Snipes, but the last time I can ever remember Wesley wearing handcuffs was in the movies, and Nino was the best character he's ever played. Today Wesley posted bond and plead Not guilty to federal tax charges.

Now occasionally , we may be a little guilty for rooting for the little guy , but in this case, here us out. Why would Wesley come back if he were guilty? He's an actor, he can do his profession anywhere. Secondly, he's never been in any major trouble before. Generally you get repeat offenders doing tax crimes, or any other major crimes, Wesley other then playing one of the Baddest mo'fo's on the planet has generally been lo-pro.

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10 Things to Ponder before NFL Sunday

10. Theres a real good chance the winner of New Orleans v. Dallas will represent the NFC in the Superbowl

9. If the Jaguars lose to the Colts, they can forget about the wildcard

8. Fantasy Guys, I know its been hit or miss lately with my picks, but im gonna go out on a limb here , in hopes of ending my woeful streak. Start Andre Johnson, Rudi Johnson, and Shawn Alexander.

7. Did anybody see what Willie Parker did? Seriously , I dont have the network , so i'm asking did anyone see what Willie Parker did? Congrats FWP

6. Talk about baptism by fire, First Jake Cutler gets told he's starting against the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks, now he gets Shawne Merriman. I always love the welcome to the NFL rookie Quarterbacks get. My money is on Mr. Lights Out to deliver one.

5. Lions Fans, You now have competition for most pissed offf fan. Houston Fans actually plan
to show up to Reliant and cheer for Vince Young. (If this game weren't sold out i'd be there right along with them)

4. Rex, it seems like we have this conversation with you every week. You know what, were not even gonna say it anymore. Lovie, if you're reading this, he's (Rex) killing your team.

3. Mike, If you're reading this, theres a huge game in Carolina. You have got to beat the Buccaneers, b/c its the only way you can get the Falcons atop the wildcard. The loser of Carolina v. Giants knows this.

2. Redskin fan , Jason is good, and this game against the Eagles will be one of his many breakthrough games .

1. Rams Fan, we havent forgot about you. Kudos To Marc Bulger for calling out teammates who quit. Marc, that shows guts and hopefully after Rex throws a couple of int's, youll do what it takes to lead your team to victory. In the NFC 9-7 can still get you in the playoffs

Thursday, December 07, 2006

CariDee is America's Next Top Model

Last night CariDee English overcame a horrible Runway performance to beat out Melrose and become America's Next Top Model. For those of you who may not have caught the show, CariDee took some of the most flawless photos in the show history , and had a very bubbly personality. Every now and again though, she would fall victim to Foot in Mouth Disease. Unlike Melrose, CariDee was a House fav. and came to Anchal's defense (our original favorite) when the other girls sit in the Hot tub berading her. Eugena finished in the Top 3 as well but she was eliminated earlier in the show.

CariDee Photo Gallery

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fellas, Take her to Denny's Taco Bell Has E.Coli Scare

We've all been there. Its 3am the club's closing you and that special someone agree to continue the good times by taking it back to your place. On the way home , she hints around the fact that shes hungry. You just spent 40 dollars on drinks and entrance fees , plus you need to fill your tank in order to get to work in the morning, so now you're on the lookout for the best bargain, and can still guarantee you she will still be in the mood upon completion of the meal.

Denny's and Waffle House take to long to cook the food, are a little pricey for someone you just met, and by the time they come back with your plates, its been 20 minutes, and she just wants to eat and pass out. Jack in the Box has way to long a line, and its on the other side of town.

Then it hits you , "Ahh yes, the fallback, Taco Bell." There, you can spend 6 bucks, and drive off with 2 grocery bags filled with food that took only 5 minutes to prepare. She can eat it on the way home, and its not to filling so she want get stuffed.

Well fellas, if this is your plan , be advised, that you're better off taking her home b/c the moment she bites into that Chalupa, or Grilled Stuff Burrito and gets the bubble guts from the E.Coli its lights out for you anyway. Its now being reported that Taco Bell aka the ol' stanback has infected upwards to 60 people nationwide with its infected Green Onions.
Fellas here's my advice to you.
When and if you are fortunate enough to leave the club with the lady of choice, prepare to hit at a minimum Denny's. Besides, how much respect do you think she's going to have for you making a run for the border anyway? If it means buying less drinks for you, and having to sit in a restaurant so be it. Look at it this way, while at the restaurant you can talk , and get to know each other. Plus, you get to see her in average light settings. You ever notice how good someone looks in the club, then the lights come on, or you get them in a setting with lights and you're wandering if you just spent 3 hours flirting with 2FACE?
Whatever the case, for the time being , avoid Taco Bell. We all know its pros, but the cons are far to severe. Rp