Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reminding you why we all have Obama Fever


I gotta admit listening to this again, makes it really tough for me to say his Race speech was the greatest one of my lifetime..

Obama 08

Friday, March 21, 2008

So, Hillary wants to play rough huh?

So Hillary was asked at a news conferfence yesterday to confirm or deny reports that her campaign is telling super delegates that Jeremiah Wright makes Barack Obama unelectible. Really ???? Much like with Rezco, is she aware of what it is she say and her campaign say ? Does she not know that somebody always gotta cell phone cam, or picture that they are just itchin to sell of either her, or her husband?

I present to you article B from the evidence chamber judge and jury of public opinion. If youll notice, the black man shaking former President Bill Clinton's hand is none other then Rev. Jeremiah Wright... Whats he doing there you ask? He's there for a prayer breakfast. Superdelegates, fwiw, Hillary was there to.

I guess yall already know that... Oh, and Bill Richardson...HUGE endorsement..Fam, thats the guy who I was rooting for at the beginnning of the election season.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Best Speech Ive heard in my Adult Life..

I wasn't old enough to here I have a Dream. I don't doubt that those who can remember, probably felt the same way I felt after hearing Barack deliver the speech he gave today. I would ask that when you listen to this speech, to not think about Rev. Wright, who you support, or the simple fact that this is a campaign season. Think about the reality of racism and what it is Barack is saying. I took from it that Barack has clearly pointed out that on both sides, we hurt. We as African Americans hurt from slavery. We hurt from Jim Crow laws established to keep us back. We hurt from poverty. We hurt from the 60's. We hurt from crooked cops who beat, raped, and when they got home draped there white sheets over there faces and continued with there social injustice.

My white friends hurt from that same poverty. They also hurt from being so qualified at a job, yet the only reason they don't get it is , is b/c an affirmative action hire who is at times no where near is equal, the eventual hire. They hurt b/c we live in a country that places emphasis on minorities in its social issues
and totally neglects the problems of the lower middle class white male.

We all feel pain. Yet, we choose not to heel. Instead, we chose to "go to our respective corners" and hope that we can elect some one who will speak on our pain, and totally neglect the problems of others. Thats our America. Thats in my personal opinion is where the change is needed the most.

We ALL have problems, and the biggest one out there now is the economy. Being broke is not black, white, yellow, or brown issue. Being broke is a green issue. The less green you have, the faster you'll figure out that were all equal when the lights are out.

I cant emphasize enough the power of the speech gave today by the Senator from Illinois. I don't say this as a supporter, but a person sincerely concerned about the fair and equal treatment of everyone. This had to happen and now that its out, lets move on.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gas Prices Sore ..Armageddon is Here.....

Most of yall reading this have a gas tank that at its lowest holds about 15 gallons, and at its high point, can take about 34 gallons. Well, if you live in certain parts of Southern Cali, or one of my ex-states Hawaii, welcome to a world that requires you to take a loan out, in order to fill the pump.

Quick Ghetto Maf..

4.00 x 16 Gallons = 64.00 to refill on E.

Oh, and for yall tryin to get over by buying a 4 cylinder with 22 Gallons.

4.00 x 22 Gallons = 88.00 gallons to refill when on E.

Im'a make it about as simple as I can. If I aint gotta be there, I aint going there. If you need a ride from me, fat four dollars a tank gas yep, i'm chargin you for it. Yep, we back in highschool again.
Rock the Vote peepz.. Check This Gas Drama Out

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old Skool Friday Carl Carlton.. She's a Bad Mama Jama

Blackfolk We Need to talk.... On the Real...RP Politics Special

I wanna preface what I'm about to say by first putting it out there. Not only did I A. Vote for Barack Obama, but I B. donated and C. Caucused for him in a district in San Antonio, where he essentially had no chance of gaining a single delegate. I believe in the concept of change, and unlike the typical liberal, I believe strongly in the notion that it can be accomplished with a strong work ethic, and less involvement with the Government...

Saying all of that, I wanna put my black folk on notice. You cannot go around telling people that if Barack doesnt somehow get the NOMINATION, (not the presidency mind you) that this will prompt you to either A. vote for John Mc Cain, or B. Not vote at all. Just tell me how exactly does either one of those options keep you in that nice house you just purchased, lower the soon to be 4.00 a gallon on gas , and more specifically, keep you employed. I'll tell you how, it won't, but yall would've gotten your point out right...That , if screwed over, or disenfranchised, instead of taking the high road, a road Dr. King suggested many a time we take, that we ignore his teachings, and go the hurt ex girlfriend road, and sleep with the enemy. My people this will kill the only party we have came to know and love for decades. Is this what you want??? Honestly?

Do they Hate Black Folk???

Lets get this big issue outta the way now. THE CLINTONS BILL AND HILLARY BOTH ARE NOT NOW, NOR HAVE THEY EVER BEEN RACIST! Period....The guy who came up with Affirmative Action is a racist, seriously?? The woman who tried to get everybody FREE Health insurance don't like blackfolk???Am I missing something? The guy who DID attend the annual NAACP luncheon during his election something that hasnt been done before him or after him, hates us??

The woman who was by the way, the only Presidential Candidate to attend the State of the Black Union and to a lesser note apologize for her husbands SC primary comments, don't like us huh? Blackfolk you're being deceived, AND I have no problem telling you why.

Why they've Deceived you.

My people, its politics. Geraldine Ferraro alone, does have serious issues. Her actions cannot and should not be forgiven. This is a repeat offender, (ask Jessie in 84)who as I mentioned in a previous blog shouldve gotten the axe. But, here's where the deception got juicy, and we as black folk sadly took the bait...Our golden child, got serious heat. And, rather then stand in there , and take it like a man, WE ALL, played the race card. People, do you want a president who cant be criticized? To a lesser extent, do you want a man in office whom the moment he gets criticized, chunks the race card out? If you answered yes to either of these, congrats are in order, you just confirmed to America that we are in fact nothing more then Angry black folk, whom in our own right have hidden prejudice's that we are to pride filled to except. If running for president were meant to be easy, trust me, we'd all know someone running for it close to our hearts. Barack needs to show not only us, but the rest of the world that not only can he take a punch, but, that he can punch and with a strike that leaves such a mark that the person who initially landed the first punch is to afraid to initiate further action b/c of the repercussions felt from the counter attack. He's NOT doing that. So, what we have now , are pundits, media personalities, angry call in guest, and the like serving as Big Brother coming to the rescue of lil brother, rather then letting him stand up for himself. I promise you, none of that makes him stronger.

The stance you take now, I want you to remember. This time next year, when its 2 am and your child is sick, and the ER visit alone is 500.00 (that's before you get the drugs.)remember who you voted for. I want you to remember this stance you plan to take when 2 yrs from now, your cousins, nephews, and friends are fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran b/c we voted for a guy who's sleeps with his finger firmly on the trigger. Finally, when you back on the block b/c Sprint, Frito Lay or insert said Blue Collar job here __________ or respectable White Collar Job there _____ had to make layoffs due to the recession remember that 3 yrs ago you couldve changed all this, instead, you went in the voting box and thought with your heart, and not your brain.

I say again, I'm a Barack fan, but if he gets slighted, you best believe twice today, and 3 times on Sunday I'm Voting Hillary. I do remember Bill's time in office, and despite a BJ in the oval office, those were great times for us. Id even argue the BJ had nothing to do with the way he lead us, so you can take that back to.

Yes my people, Barack presidential campaign speaks largely to the strides we've made, but please,

understand that its just the begining. The way we act now, will decide how many of us follow Barack. Dont throw away support to a party thats actually looks at everybody, and not just everybody who's got money.

I am a professional whom despite the office settings is nestled in a demographic that frankly put, has no benefit for me to vote democrat. But I do it, b/c I know they want whats best for this country for everyone , and not just a chosen few. If Barack isnt the nominee (which is slim a chance as there is) all I ask is that yall take a trip down memory lane to the 90's. If that doesn't jog your memory enough, Fast Forward to now and press the Live button on your remote.

You decide


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can someone Shut Geraldine Up!!!!!!

The only difference between us white republicans and white democrats is atleast we republicans know we racist, democrats smile in your face then go home and say the same things we do.-----seept. 2006 coworker

You know i wrestled with the redneck who I use to work with when he said this.. I just thought you know what, he's just blowin smoke. After this election though, it really makes you wander that in 2008 have we as a society still not learned anything about dealing with people?

You know what makes this worse, Hillary has yet to reject and denounce the statements of Geraldine Ferraro. She's called a monster, Samantha Power's fired. Baracks called a token candidate, oh well i think its bad, but its ok.....

The signs of a desperate candidacy couldnt be more glaring..Hillz, ya gotta let her ,go. If not, if you somehow win this election dont be surprised if catz come out and
Rush the Vote
Ya got lucky hillz, as I was gettin ready to post this she quit...still, bad ju keepin her around that long....

Monday, March 10, 2008


Ladies, dont say I dont rep for yall....

Hillary cant get a break!

I would give anything to see the look on Hillary's face the moment this story broke...Keep in mind, this cat, Eliot Spitzer, is a superdelegate..So, does she reject and denounce the endorsement of a Governor who cheated on his wife while in office.....Hmmmmmm???? The better question is, Is she bold enough to open that can?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Election Predictions, and the Slow Demise of the Democratic Party

Shhhh can you hear it? All is quiet in the Mc Cain Camp, you know why? Its b/c he knows after tomorrow, he can se his eyes on the general election b/c he'll have secured the Republican Presidential nomination..Now, that rumble tumble shake and fumble you might see over the horizon, I can guarentee you is Barack and Hillary stretchin pulling and clawing away votes from each other as the Democratic Party suffers another painful division..My people this is not good for the dems....

The absolute worse thing that can happen right now is either Barack or Hillary keepin this fight active until June. The democatic party, specifically its leadership of Howard Dean, Bill Richardson, John Kerry, Pelosi and etc. need to sit down and figure this out. Understand, 4 yrs of Mc Cain is like handing over the keys to a man with no plans of adjusting the seat. He;s just gonna hop in the car and go. Be damn the results...

Im gonna make it easy if its Barack, Hillary if he loses theres 2012....We'll know he wasnt ready..If its Hillary then we can keep the Whitehouse for the next 16 yrs..Eitherway its gotta be settled, and soon...


Ohio= Clinton 50 Barack 45 undecided5
To many blue collars support her. Barack 'll keep it close

Primary Clinton 48 Barack 46 undecided 6

Barack 52 Clinton 48

The caucus will make it look like a victory forBarack

Rhode Island

Clinton 56

Obama 44

She's gonna crush him here


Barack 62

Clinton 38

Hes gonna crush her here

The fight will continue....