Friday, January 25, 2008

Hillary I'd Keep Rezco's Name out My mouth 4-EVA!

Pictured above are then President Bill Clinton, Then First Lady Hillary Clinton , and yep as you may have guessed one, SLUMLORD TONY REZCO
Funny how when you were attacking Barack for his dealings with a slumlord you failed to mention that you yourself are actually tied to him as well. Knowingly or nor not, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, i'd say votes. Anyone supporting Hillary on the basis of her shrp debating skillz alone and how she likes to point the finger at shotty individuals in peoples past need not look any further than whats pictured above...

Lets keep'em honest fam.
Link to Drudge Report Article

MJ Releases 23rd Jordan Shoe in 23 Cities..Price???

You can take all the guesses you want at the price fam, but let me rest your brain cells now. That new joint is gonna run you $230.00 Hot Rocks! Here's where I tell you MJ lost his mind....Wait for it1.......................2..............................Who am i kidding, MJ is a genius. HE IS THE ONLY PERSON who can do this, and the only person who will still sell out in the process. I have been the proud owne of 4 of his namebrand through out my life, and if it wasnt for the fact that im a family man, I to would own a pair of this very LIMITED EDITION, hard to find, must get shoe.

MJ, you sir are a brilliant business man. To my peepz waitin at Foot Action, Champs, and Foolt Locker at 3 am in the freezin cold and rain, Let me know if it was worth it.

OSF Mike Jack Rock With You

What the hell yall know bout this......Tihs 4 me is when the love affair begin..Man the silver jump suit....Gangsta..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My thoughts on Race, Voting and The Race as I See It.

For all my people reading, Im so glad that this years vote is so crucial, that even a mere suggestion by CNN that a certain race/gender may be split on who to vote for, has outraged the masses to no end.

Lets be clear, Black Women, do have an obligation to vote, as do Evangelicals, Mormons, and any other special interest groups whom feel there needs are being met with a particaular person. What I think we need to learn from all of this is just voting in and of itself is what we need MORE of. Frankly, I dont care who it is YOU vote for, just so long as you have your voice heard. (I do care, but im not gonna sway people to either direction...B.OB.)
Since I do have a MAJORITY of Sistahs who read the Page though Im gonna touch on it a little bit. Here's the question youre essentially being asked, DO YOU STAND BY YOUR MAN, or fight for GIRL POWER? Let put the race out there first.
Black Folk and Crabs.
Never has a race hated to see each other succeed as much as black folk. If youre educated, youre hated on b/c you think youre smarter then everyone else. (at least thats what youre charged with) If you worked your way up the system and got a nice job, your own place (outta the hood) and pay your bills , youre looked at as a sellout for not keepin in the struggle. Essentially in the black community, the only way any in the majority will show love for a black man in a suit is if he's preachin, or currently on trial. Anything else, we question his blackness..(call me crazy..but its what i see) This is where GOOD SISTAHS COME IN. Sistahs who actually vote arent crabs tryin to hold us back. There in the know on issues, active in there faith, and have opionions on more then just who so and so out there sleepin with. Or the B*tch in the corner wearin the same top she is.
Sistahs know GOOD bruthas from scrubs. Now, there being asked if Barack's the guy who's gonna leave them for the white chick after being supported by them when times were rough. They (the media ) are making it alot tougher with crabs such as Bob Johnson who go out and bash Barack b/c of a past history of drug use.

Girl Power Arguement.
Much like black folk in general HATE to see us become successful, the same can be said for women. I not only have 3 sisters, but ive worked in shops where I was the only man with 5 women, and ive been put in situations where the majority rule was female in nature. Here's what ive learned. Women will always keep an eye on there competition. ALWAYZ...You can guarentee that if there's a ish hot Senator, Congresswoman, or Govenor Female type making waves, Hill will know all about her. She doesnt need anyone comparing her to the succesful b*tch everyone keeps yappin bout.
Secondly, the higher and more successful they are, the least likely they will want to work with OTHER WOMEN.. If I had a dollar everytime a woman told me I work better amongst men as a whole, I could take a yr off. Somethin about the catty issues that can arise, and being the Boss B*tch. They dont want that EVER questioned. Putting Hillary in office may be the single most Succesful thing the womens movement could ever accomplish. Sisthas , know this. They also know that its Becky...Not Condy, Becky. I know this blog is all about REALTALK. And i, will never shy away from it. But i'll say this, there are things you hate that you can tolerate, and then there are things you hate that send a shiver down your back......I say again, its Becky....

Obama Vs. The Clintons.
Since were talking voting, lets put it out there. If Barack can somehow obtain the Democratic Nomination, he will have done so by not only beating Hillary, but former President Bill Clinton as well. DO NOT KID YOURSELF IF YOU DONT THINK BILL DOESNT HAVE HIS ELBOWS KNEE DEEP IN THIS ONE.

Everytime I look up on CNN, FOX or MSNBC, like clockwork, Barack will say one thing, and BILL and Hillary both react. This is dirty pool if you ask me. You dont here Barack's wife or John Edwards wife out there on the campaign trail AT ALL, yet Bill I could swear is running for re-election. Here's what im afraid of. She eventually becomes President, and everytime she is put into a sticky situation in which we need the PRESIDENT TO MAKE THE CALL for, she's gonna let her husband do all the foot work. If it works out , she's looked at as a genius, if it fails, she closes ranks, and we all get to know the press secratary well.. For her its a win win,

If I were Barack, I swear at the next debate, that would be the very first thing I attack her with. HER "FINDING HER VOICE." Yeah she found it, turns out Bill just sounds better SPEAKING on her behalf.

Rudy...Florida or Bust.

Never have I wanted a cat to lose more then I do one Rudy Guillaini (sic) . Lemme get this straight, you totally neglect ALL the smaller primaries B/C you wanna focus on the bigger states, like FL, CA, TX etc.. Essentially skipping the appetizers and going straight for the main courses. Forgetting the fact that those small states much like an appetizer can fill you, IF you have enough of them...Screw that Just somebody, anybody pass Rudy the STEAK, and the Big Piece of Chicken. OOOOOOH I hope this cat gets mud stomped. What, do people in South Click, New Hamp, and Michigan not exist? Are all his domestic policies going to be aimed at larger states, while ignoring the needs of the little guy? Not for nothing but SEPT. 11 was a looong time ago. THIS IS ALL THIS CAT HANGS HIS HAT ON. If that day had never happened, right now, he'd e fighting Hill, for that chair in the Senate.

My personal thoughts on this years election are this. From a liberal standpoint, its important that whomever you elect as President throw out the Rulebook and just start from scratch. Nothing that went down in the past is acceptable NOW.. With an economy one bad hiccup away from recession, a war costing us TRILLIONS, and people waking around sick as dogs with no help in sight, its important that whomever they put in there from day one start his or her plans into effect ASAP.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wanna Be startin Somethin MJ Akon Remix

Score one for the African Warrior as far as im concerend..Now all my new Rp readers, Im a HUGE Mike Jack fan. This track, is hot!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Roundup MLK, Congats to the Giants and Random.

Happy MLK day!

On today, we remember the importance of patience, peace and equality amongst all men. Today we take time to acknowledge that all of us are children of God. With that said, I want to pledge to my people who read that MLK day will not be a day thrown aside as a regular holiday to me. Its a day off to reflect, not to sober up....


Giants fan, well I emailed most of yall yesterday sending my congrats, and I cant say it enough. Yall went out there and did yall thang. Probably doesnt mean much with whom yall a be facing, but for now, you guys own NY. From a fan standpoint I couldnt ask for a better Superbowl. Giants Patriots may have been the game of the year in the regular season, so I expect much of the same for the Superbowl.


Sometimes the trut hurts, so allow me to serve as the 9 inch Syringe that plunges directly into the spine of the Obama Clinton communities. Right now, right at this very moment, yall are bickering about race in a race that means nothing.


You are as hot as one can possibly be. You lose, yet you still win delegates. Your people throwin the race card, and letting this fester well into MLK day make you look like and sound like angry black guy. Keep ya head low bruh, youre 10 times better then the fodder created by this fluff. Now get ya focus on, and get ya people out there on the street, and maybe you can reclaim the Cack-a-lack. Vegas , fugetaboutit!


Just Lay Low. Look, your ace in the hole (Bill) is doing everything he can to campaign for you. Frankly all you should be doing is showing up , poppin off 5 liones or so, and letting your theme music hit. Thats it. Youve got enough loyalty in the black community that many of us support you even though its YOU and not Bill who will be sitting in the Big Chair.

I chose to speak to both of yall together b/c one of you 2 will lead the new world. In a perfect scenario both of yall mergin yall strengths will stop this STRAIGHT TALK NONSENSE. Yall already know who im talkin about to.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pacman Let it Go!

Look Bruh,

I like any red blooded man can appreciate Gods creations..All of them. But, when your career is at stake, simply b/c you cant stay out of the Bucky-Nakeds then you my friend need help. Look, on its face, you have squandered at my very unofficial count 13-14 million dollars for your failure to adress this problem.. 13-14 MILLION........Can you in life name 13 to 14 of anything that you can let go of that you wont miss, let alone Millions of dollars?

I cant homie, and frankly if we were man to man, here's a couple of things as a friend i'd tell you.

1. You are Adam Pacman Jones...Starting NFL Athlete. Do you honestly need this form of entertainment? Cant we scrap up some jock sniffers from the bar and call it a night? Dont tell me this doesnt happen, there are some oout there, who can tell you the hotel, club and food you eat every time you hit town

2. Why we cant just install a pole in the crib and have the ladies come to you? "Entertainers" as there affectionatly called are posted all in the phonebook and im sure there private show's dont end up in us gettin himmed up. You can make it rain in the crib and the only person that'll scatter for it is you and the entourage (us)

3. Travel. Bruh, it takes 56 day's to get a pssport. Thats it. Heed overseas , and get your thug dizzle own. Here's whats cool about that. No one knows you, (football athlete's arent very popular outside this country.) The women are more willing and sluttier, and frankly, while the dollar is still fighting, you can get a bargain on a lot of strip joints.

4th. Let that entourage go. Mike Vick think those dude's are no good and are holdin you back. If you payin them, fire them all, if they hangin on for free, cut bait. They have done nothing but hold you back.

Thats me coming up with idea's on 5 minutes notice. Im sure some of them catz in your circle, have came up with better ideas with more time. Here's what we dont need, you locally breaknekkin strippers, lawyers, and random women b/c youre Pacman

Fwiw Pacman,

They got you for Spittin on a broad outside of the club, Makin it rain then causing a riot in Vegas, and now punchin a female lawyer in the face. It would be one thing if one of these incidents involved a dude, but all of them involved sisters. Not only are you going punk by hittin gal's but sistahs no less. (For the record hittin any women is considered a punk move)

You lookin mroe and more like that guy who will get his ass beat by a dude, but will take his frustrations out on women.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fallin Star

Im Late to the party, but here no less....Cowboy fan, what went wrong in this game??

Ya know what, let me explain it to you, BIG HEADZ....From TO tellin catz to get they popcorn ready, Patrick Crayton TELLIN peepz that we'll see the Patriots again, and Romo takin the playbook and suntan lotion to Cancun, no one decided it would be a good idea to FOCUS!!!

Yes i SAID IT focus..From Jerry's plastic face confidence that he can hire ANYBODY TO REPLACE TUNA, to Garrett, flying back and forth interviewing for other jobz, (you to Spurrano) no one on this team, staff, or organization decided it would be a good idea to take the Giants seriously. Now you get to reap the benefits of watching the Superbowl. Many of yall headed to Honolulu need to give them tickets up. 12 at my count..You dont deserve it. How do you go 13-3 dominate a team twice and lose to them at HOME when it matters most? How do you hang the entire hope of your team's future on a secondary that to put it frankly gets burned more then sailors dockin in on a Thailand peer run.

Its just sad. Despicable, unacceptable and pathetic. Now, b/c of your petulance, I get to watch and listen to the Brett Favre Love that will spew all over the sports world. Its not like we dont get enough of that. Since Monday (when i got back , ive heard that catz name 10 times on the radio) ..

Locally in San Antonio (or Lil Dallas) the guy one the 3-6 spot keep tellin yall just focus on the game in front of you..No one listened. All of yall thought beyond the Giants...Well well #@$^@#%^ well.... Now I get to reply to hundreds of Giants fan's smackin me from everywhere.

Tell ya what, TO, ROMO, CRAYTON, AND Jerry, I dont want to here nada this entire summer. Nothin. Unless yall talkin bout winnin, the rest is just trash to me.

I got my popcorn ready, somebody tell me why??

I sure Hope the Giants Go All The Way!!!

So like many people who go on vacation , I get back home to riffle through my 53 unread emails and as you might expect I got a couple of my regulars who may have had an issue with a prediction or two that I made on the blog. No more so then all the Giants fan's that came and obliterated my inbox.

Let me set the record straight..I have alway's thought the Cowboy's were the BEST of the worst in football. By that I mean it doesnt matter who the NFC trots out there, as long as the COLTS, CHARGERS , and that team in New England who by the way has YET TO LOSE A GAME reside in the AFC, odds are , the SUPERBOWL champ would have also captured the AFC. Lets face it, thats the REAL SUPERBOWL the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP....When's the last time an NFC Team won anything before and after Tampa? Yup you guessed it, gas face.....

But, thats all besides the point. Today, I wanna reach out to the 5 of yall catz who now wanna tell me that " That Patriots game yall wasnt even playin full speed, " and " you cant beat us twice " Well, Giants fan, I sure hope yall can cash that chip in. First, though let me remind yall of who yall catchin, and where yall catchin them at.

Giants vs. Packers Preview..

Typically, I'd hold such a preview off till Friday, or maybe even Saturday for my small amount of weekenders, but what the hell, why not today.


Eli vs. Brett


Its really not even close when you think about it. Brett will be at home on Lambeau with screamin fans watching him play his last home game. Expect him to take comeplete advantage of a Giants Secondary depleted with injury. Eli's deal with the devil is about to expire real soon when faced against not only the elements of freeze, but also the Tackle happy Linebacker corpz in GB...

Running Game

Adv. Giants..

I'll take Jacobs and Bradshaw right now over Grant and whomever. But, that doesnt mean it'll matter in the end. this figures to be a low scoring affair, and if the Giants are smart, they'd keep Jacobs out there until his feet fell off. Let him bruise and you might have a chance.

WR Game

Adv Packers

These guy's have the advantage of playing on the nastiest turf in the NFL 8 times a year . There' speed is already factored in, and oh by the way, it alway's helps to be facing 3rd stringers.



Both D's have overwhelming advantages that cancel out. The weather will help both D's look like the Ravens and its gonna boil down to who wants this one more and who can avoid punishment.

The Giants have a front four you wont stop if there blitzing an additional 2 with. The Packer's have the best LB'S left in the Playoffs. They can get out and cover if needed.

Final Score

Giants 13 GB 24

In the end the Giants will have to rely on ELI..I say again, if that's what Giant fan needs to win, I dont care if Dad , Big Bro , and Cooper are in his ear with the playbook and schemes..Dont expect Eli to pull off a miracle..He aint big enough...

Friday, January 11, 2008

OSF Full Force Aint My Type of Hype

Woke up at 3 am this morining and ran up on House Party on Cinemax..Idve never thought these catz were acutally R and B types

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday APB's

Today, I plan to unviel a new segment on the show family APB'S..In this segment, I ask the question where in the Hell has this person hidden on the Earth since we last heard from them in so and so ....Now, there are tons of people I can start this segment off with. And in time, Im pretty sure I will get tons of request, but today, Ive started with TWEET, and Blu Cantrell.

Momma Named Her : Charlene Keys
Occupation :Singer
Best known for : Her Lips..I cant lie, her singing was suspect, but Im willing to bet you she coulda gave Angelina a great run for her money in the Lips Department. Her Signature track Oops Oh my was a instant hood classic, and it elevated her to BET number one atleast 3 weeks to my count.
Why There's an APB on TWEET
Well, at one time her career seemed to be on the path to instant sucess, and all of a sudden, poof she's gone, no more show's no more concerts nothin. Wilki said she's livin in the A, but thats really about it. If there's any information regarding the whereabouts of one TWEET aka Charlene Keys let her know that we miss the lips..

Blu Cantrell
Momma Named Her :Tiffany Cobb
Occupation: Singer/Model
Best Known For: Scantily clad photos and her hit single Hit em Up Style. Ive personally alway's thought Highly of Blu. Her beauty is unmatched in the R &B WORLD, and her soultry flow provided a soothing flow and relaxing comfort to those trytin to get away from the fast paced. Frankly she's one of the pioneers of Neo-Soul.

Why there's an APB on Her.
We think she's much more then a one hit wonder. Her looks, style and grace could bring a sure fire charge back into the now quiet and underground Neo Soul movement. If youve seen Tiffany Cobb aka Blu, tell her the peepz forgot all bout the pics, and just wanna hear the music.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stomp The Yard Review, Championship Summary, and Thoughs on Roger Clemens

National Championship Game

Ok , so if youre like me and picked OSU last year b/c of the strength and power of Ohio St. you gotta be feeling some sort of vendication this year when you picked against them right? Here's the biggest lesson I want all college football fans, and even those who dont watch all that often to take from last night. I dont care how good your coaches are, your scheme is, or momentum , if I can out speed you, then im theoretically in the game. Thats how LSU won last night. Never has a lack of speed and talent been more evident then last nights championship game. Well last year, as also. The South Eastern Conference (SEC) has NFL calibur talent by the droves and when you play that level of competition every Saturday, its fairly easy to take on small fries like Ohio St.

If youre Ohio ST. this one represents 2 yrs in a row of you getting out athletisized. I dont know hat that means to you, butr to me it means youre at the little table. The big piece of chicken once again eludes you. Thats for dad.

My thoughts on Roger.

Thanks for stealing my me time. (fellas you know the time im talkin about to) If you honestly thought that phone call did anything to help you, then someone is advising you in the wron direction. You know what it reminded me of, the exchange I use to have with my high school sweetheart when it was time to hang up the phone and go to bed.

Roger and Brian Mc Namee
Whadda ya want me to do
I want you to tell the truth

Me and High school sweetie
You hang up
No you hang up

Roger and McNamee
Roger I say again im tryn whadda ya want
I just..I dunno
Me and Sweetie
I love you
i love you more
no I love you more ...

This would go on for appx. 17 minutes. Now, If you had the sonava'bitch that pretty much ran your record into the mud and pissed on it when he was done, you mean to tell me lawyers or not, you dont plan on blowin up? Let me put this in lamens. If some guy is tellin people that you have an STD and you know his isnt true, you honestly plan to be civil when on the phone with him? I dont think so. You put my name out there, and im comin out gunz ablaze. NQA.
So here's where we stand., you have a man tryin to rebuild whats left of his good name. Who, alledges he knew nothing of his best friend in the whole world using, swears that he never cheated, and still engages in conversations with the man that accused him. Yeah, im calling BS.

The entire era from 1988-2004 might as well as never happened if you ask this baseball fan. Its all shotty. Ther are far to many hands dirty to let the clean ones pass. I will say this though, it goes to the measure of the man if you have to cheat. Im not hear to tell you that im turning down millions of dollars if allz I gota do is hit a baseball. I am hear to tell yall that i'd man up to it. In the end, my families set up for life, and coming from where I came from that says alot. Yes my name may mean cheat, and in Websters you look up cheat and see me cheezin, but my family can eat, all of my family can. Thats what makes me happy..

Stomp the Yard Review
In case you were wandering why Megan Good is pictured above, its b/c i finally caught Stomp the Yard on BSTRZ over the Holidayz. Fam, I gotta be honest, this movie was ok, but it reminded me clip for clip like the movie Nick Cannon did. (My computer is freezing now, but the one with the dueling bands) Kid with troubled past yet gifted talent goes on to stomp and help the guys who lose consistently win. In doing so, he gets the girl , and gets kicked off the team, only to get back on due to a last minute decision. I crave originality from my black folk. Frankly I didnt get it here. Now the good thing is im a HUGE Megan Good fan, and that allowed for the additional star...Thats about it though.
2 stars (based on a 5pt scale)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Dude' Fillet's Wife, Obama Leads, and The Roundup


Apparently my wife wasnt the only one who thought Rihanna got jobbed on my annual awards. Umbrella was a chart topping track, that im sure would give this current A. Key's track a solid run. Its just when put up against Upgrade Ya' I dont know. And Rehab, dont even get me started ..Still Ri, did her thang...

If you need further proof that crazy has no Color, peep the BRUTHA WHO KILLED his girlfriend in Tyler Texas, then decided he was going to start eating her..Literally...Dude apparently started to Fillet her and started boling body parts on the stove. Its waaayy to early for man of the year, but welcome to the canidate section homie...

If you caught the debate over the weekend, you saw Hillary do her best mud slinging in quite a while. I personally am not a fan of it, but you gotta do what you gotta do when youre trailing. To quote, John Edwards, "when you (Hillary) was in the lead, it was about the politics and not personal attacks. Now, that youre trailing, its about the mud."


Jamie Lynn, im guessing you dont want Big Sis to be the God mother to your baby huh? Big sis was at it again on Thursday getting her kid's snatched up from her and being rushed to the ER, for what looks like an incident involving alcohol. Damn, there went the shared baby photo.

The Wire made its Season Premiere last night, and damn if I spoil it for you. Lemme just give you the tone of the show. It appears city hall is broke. DEAD BROKE, so much so that they are cutting cost everywhere in the Police Dept. Baltimore Police Dept. (BPD) is the most undermanned and overworked in the country, and now there not earning OT, so tensions are high. Mayor Carcetti will not deal with the feds to shave spending, and Im willing to bet you all that soon Dirt will appear on alot of the BPD's hands. Hey, we all gotta eat. As far as the streets go, Marlow is at it again. The east side is open for grabs, and Marlow does not seem intersted in sitting on his hands and letting old skool types come up on a very popular B-more area.
I almost forgot, the Lie Detector at the begining, laugh if you wanna, but Cops do indeed do that, and brutha's fall for it every single time.
4 Star Premiere. (based on 5 pt. scale)

Desperate Housewives was back as well from the holidays, and I dont intend to spoil it for you either. Here's my very naked rundown. The tornado didnt take as many lives as we thought, Carlos may be seeing things alot more differently then he use to, and someone's on the move off Wysteria Lane.

Roider was apparently a guest of Wallaces on 60 minutes last night. I caught none of it. Its simple to me,
when your Best Friends admits to it, the guy who started all this say's he's had open conversations with you about it, and your trainer who admits he doped up all the people Radmonski, and Bonds Trainer didnt get to, well that to me spells guilt.

Video Games
Simple John Madden question, If the Patriots run the table, on the 09 Madden should he lock them up? I mean running the table should g et you a 100 rating right? The last team to do so is locked, and can only be unlocked with a special code. It would only be fair John

Friday, January 04, 2008

Beyonce, J-Hud, and Whitney, Meet Charice....

Can you imagine walkin up in Church bowin your head, hearing this voice, lookin up and seeing this????? Gooooood Night! People for those of you slow on this like me, meet Charice Pempengco

Now before my head is cut off , and carried down Main Street and piked in Central Square, LISTEN to this little girls rendition of I am Telling You, then when youre done, Directly below this post check out her remake of Listen....If you need further proof of her gangsta, Youtube her name Charice Pempengco and check out some more of her gully..After youve done all that and LISTENED, tell me that im not the only one who just witnessed what my ears cant speak the truth to say....Oh, and she's barely 12..My goodness...Flip world, stand up....Rep ya gal....

If ya ask me, her doing Whitney Is probably the best of the bunch, but what do i know...

Old Skool Friday , My Playoff Take, and More Confiramtion of the Filipina Star!

For my New Readers, Friday's typically are old skool Friday, Today I chose Guy...Ladie's I told Yall , ya boy would come through in the clutch....Dont tell me Aaron, Teddy, and Damon dont do it for ya... Goodbye love, is one of those tracks that you know word for word...The door I cried.

With that said, Lets roll into the Roundup.....

Congrats to Barrack Obama, Now all you gotta do is run through New Hampshire, and convince them you the real ish and South Cack a lack will be a breeze..Dont sleep on Huckabee though, that cat is the Vegas Underdog they pray you bet against....


The Playoffs start this weekend, and well, if youre watching these teams, I gotta be honest, you MUST livc in there cities. None of them have a chance of getting past Dallas or New England...Excuse me while I spend my Saturday passed out somewhere...


Uh....Yeah, Ima just say this now, there's a Filipina Girl,(Charice Pempengco) that well.... Im not here to tell you what to like or who to listen to, but ID BUY HER CD NOW!!!!! If you thought the link above was a fluke, well, check out her doing Beyonce's listen..Big ups to 01LT for the find for both of these! Peepz on the Real, this girl WILL BLOW YOU THE EFFF AWAY! eric.....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year Run Down!

Happy New Year !

Peepz welcome back to the Big Blog! Kiddin, seriously, I cant begin to tell yall how much Ive been looking forward to bloggin for yall. New Years, I was pretty much clamped down on my couch watching TV, and I had a couple of deadlines I had to stay ahead of at work. Done with those peepz.
For the Fellas, Above is a photo of Christina Millian recently finishing a photoshoot in MIA..For the ladies, dont worry, i plan on postin the male equivillant soon....Im fair.....

Here's the Rundown for yall..

It appears Ya boy was Dead on about the celtics 27-3, yeah thats Gangsta! Oh and Rocket fan, I said this before, and I 'll say it again, Trade Yao or TMAC or go no where..

College Football
Hawaii, until you can schedule grown men, you get to remain at the Kiddy table. No big piece of chicken for you, thats for daddy. You get the drumstick.


The Wire
Only 4 More days till The Wire. I cant stress it enough, the best show on TV.

Law and Order and SVU
Both made there returns, and both are suffering from the Writers Strike Bad! They made me really appreciate the Bowl season.


Caught I am Legend. Here's the rundown, It starts off about as suspensful as any movie ive seen, but ut fizzles out towards the end, and the finale is way to predictable. Will Smith stars as a Scientist who is the only Human remaining from an outbreak of rabies that takes 80% humanity.
Unfortunatly, he's hunted by zombies who want his healthy blood.
3 out of 5 stars.